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Internet Training: A Glossary for Beginners Online

Thinking it is too late to go online? We don’t think so. It’s never too late to start. It might seem discouraging to start now, since almost everything has gone digital already, and it feels like you have missed the train. This is where internet training can help Technically, the Internet is a relatively new […]

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What Is Gmail? Google’s Own Competing Email Service

Google’s Gmail is one of the world’s leading email providers. It competes with the likes of Microsoft’s Outlook and Yahoo’s Yahoo Mail, as well as countless others. Gmail can be configured for personal, professional and enterprise level users. Today, Gmail is one of the most widely used email clients around the world, with almost a […]

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How to Use WordPress Themes? An Essential Guide

WordPress is the most popular way to build and manage a website. In large part, this is because it’s so easy to make a professional looking site. This is due to what are known as WordPress themes. These make it easy for even the worst techno-phobe to host a stunning website for their business. They’ve […]

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Advertising with Augmented Reality: A Revolution?

What is augmented reality? Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment. Usually, objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information. Sounds a little complicated…but when done right, the results are simple to interpret. Why consider advertising with augmented reality? So far, only a small number of […]

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What is Augmented Reality? AR Benefits for Businesses

AR is one of the most talked about new technologies in the world, but it’s also quite widely misunderstood. So what is augmented reality? More importantly, how can AR benefit businesses, especially small or local ones? These are exactly the questions we’ll consider today. Specifically, we’ll look at how AR works, as well as some […]

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Vero App: Could It Still Become The New Facebook?

If you haven’t heard of the Vero app you’ll have heard about the reasons why it suddenly went from under 150,000 downloads to almost 3 million. That recipe for Vero success? The Facebook privacy scandal and user frustration with Instagram came just in time for a new social media platform with a difference. Simply, Vero […]

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Must-Have Digital Tools: The DEFINITIVE GUIDE

These days, digital tools are more important than ever if you run a business. However, not every business owner has a great grasp of technology. With that in mind, it’s important to seek out advice from experts Over the years, we’ve compiled a selection of free guides to a range of essential digital tools. These […]

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Yoast Academy: The Easy Way to Learn SEO?

Yoast Academy is a series of online training courses made by Yoast. It could be the ideal way to build SEO expertise quickly and easily in one place. Yes, there’s a downside: the courses come at a price. BUT they offer hands-on, interactive learning from a world leader in SEO expertise. Is it right for you? […]

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Digital Basics: What Is SEMRush?

SEMRush is one of the most popular SEO and website management tools around. It’s used by individual marketers and agencies alike to get the most possible value out of their site. Deep down though, what is SEMRush? That is, you might not have a complete grasp of what’s on offer in this monster of a […]

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Password Security Tips: What You Need to Know

Online security has never been more important, but many small businesses continue to overlook it. Today, we’re going to explore some simple password tips, which can save massive headaches for business owners. Security breaches cause all kinds of serious problems for businesses. These range from reputational damage, to legal damages and fines. Could you imagine […]

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What Is Android? And How Can You Leverage it?

What is Android? Google’s open-source offering is by far the most popular mobile operating systems in the world. In fact, it has a much larger market share than Apple’s proprietary mobile operating system, iOS: You’ve probably heard of Android, but you might not have a clear picture of everything it has to offer. Let’s take […]

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Web Design for Complete Beginners: What Is A Breadcrumb?

What is a breadcrumb? A small but very very helpful feature of a website showing how you found your way to the page you’re viewing. We’ll explain how and why in our QUICK READ guide… Breadcrumbs leave a visual trail of which pages a user has visited. Image source ProfileTree.com What is a Breadcrumb? A […]

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What Is A Social Aggregator?

What is a social aggregator? A social aggregator is a tool used by companies and individuals alike to monitor or use many social media accounts they own in one place. An essential time-saver! Many companies use an aggregator – like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck – to monitor their social medias with ease. Or to share posts, […]

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What Is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is a paid YouTube membership that gives its user’s enhanced features. These include ad-free viewing on the platform, offline viewing and great access to other YouTube services such as YouTube Gaming and Kids. One of the only disadvantages of YouTube Premium is the fact that it is not available worldwide. The countries that […]

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Top Social Media Sites: Essential Social Platforms

The top social media sites are now worth billions, meaning there’s never been a better time to make sure you’re making the most of the countless social media platforms competing for your online attention! But which are the very biggest social media platforms and how can they make life – and work – even easier […]

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Social Media Guide: COMPLETE One-Stop Essentials

Why have we compiled a FREE social media guide? Well, we’ve been publishing social media expertise for years and want to bring a complete archive of expertise into a one-stop library. Social media changes fast…so we’ll cover the basic essentials AND a deeper dive too. Of course, nothing can replace bringing in digital specialists skilled […]

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Understanding Google: Ultimate Guide for YOUR Business

What is Google and how can we understand everything Google offers today? Simply this: Google is your essential source of free tools to grow your business, work smarter, keep organised, talk to your customers and much, much more.

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Business Analytics Tools: Beginner’s Guide to Harnessing Data

Business analytics tools are used to help industries of all kinds reach ever higher levels of productivity, revenue, and success. This works by helping businesses to use their time and resources more effectively. Analytics brings new insights to the table which can make or break a business. In retail and distribution, for example, analytics has […]

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What Is Alexa? Amazon’s Incredible Virtual Voice Assistant

What is Alexa? Smart speakers have exploded in popularity in recent years. This fact has opened up countless new possibilities for consumers and businesses alike. But how can you get the most out of Alexa? Read on for our essential overview!.. What is Alexa? Similar to Apple’s Siri, Alexa is the female virtual voice assistant […]

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What Is WordPress?

What is WordPress? WordPress is an online content management system offering a powerful web platform for everyone from businesses to hobbyists. This open source ‘PHP’ based tool offers an easy, simple and most popular website creation option for non-technical users.   That’s why WordPress ranks at the top of all Content Management Systems and powers 29 […]

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TweetDeck User Guide – Unlock the Full Potential of TweetDeck

Because TweetDeck is an essential addition to the bank of Twitter tools you can use to make Twitter work harder for you and your business, we’ve created FREE TweetDeck User Guide to outline all you need to know. With many people not using the social network to its full potential we’ve put together our one-stop ‘How to […]

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Should My Company Use TweetDeck?

Should my company use TweetDeck? Our specialist reviewer James takes a closer look at how it can help your business. TweetDeck is a social media dashboard application tool that allows users to manage multiple Twitter accounts easily. Users can easily manage their followers, messages and following easily from this dashboard by the use of columns. […]

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What Is Google Maps?

What is Google Maps? And, most of all, why is it an essential tool for your business? Well, with the help of Google Maps you can make sure your customer can not only find where your business is located but how to travel to your shop or office. Read on for our essential QUICK READ […]

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What Is The Best Blogging Platform?

What is the best blogging platform? Which one has the best experience for your readers and is the best to work with? Read on and we’ll explore how to achieve both! If you don’t like your blogging platform or it’s too hard to work with, you aren’t going to be getting your message across to […]

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Tools and Equipment Insight

For anyone in the marketing field, embracing the continuous usage of digital enhancements tools or equipment is necessary. Every single move must be pre-planned and useful in order to determine the type of audience and their needs to develop campaigns and tactics that work. There are a number of digital marketing tools on the market designed to assist the marketing team in organisations of every size. You must consider why you need the tool and how it will be used.

Having a clear vision of what these planner tools and project management represent is a must. First and foremost, you need to understand how these tools can be used to help give your website a boost in the search engine rankings and generally SEO. However, this isn’t the only thing the planner and management tools can be used for.

Websites rely on the traffic generated by the search engines to bring prospective clients in and increase the chances of a conversion. Using an effective tool is necessary to help you determine which parts will be easier to rank for and which ones will bring the amount of qualified traffic you need to increase your sales.

These tools are often free and are designed to make the job of ‘research and tracking’ much easier to manage, especially if you are unable to hire someone dedicated to your content marketing plan, which is the case for many smaller businesses with limited marketing budgets. Instead, you will be able to handle it on your own so you can get the results you need to survive in a competitive business world.