What Is PPC? Pay-Per Click

What is PPC? Pay-per-click is a form of internet marketing which involves a cost each time an ad is clicked. These ads are strategically placed across Google as well as the web and are designed to effectively attract and engage new customers and visitors.

PPC is essentially a way to buy visits to your site or blog, as opposed to earning those visits organically. 

How can this work for your business? Read on…

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What is PPC Affiliate Marketing?

As a form of affiliate marketing, PPC plays a vital role in any online marketing or digital advertising campaign. Similarly, PPC correlates with search engine advertising and continues to soar in global and digital popularity. Here are the essentials of PPC affiliate marketing and advertising:

  • Advertisers bid for ad placement in search sponsored links.
  • These links are “triggered” when someone searches for keywords related to a business’s products or services.
  • The ultimate goal of PPC is to secure higher brand visibility and awareness for your company. However, PPC also utilizes clickable banners that link back to a certain business site, store or even blog. These are a form of inbound links, while outbound links are placed on business pages and link to other related sites and services.
  • Pay-per-click advertising can account for nearly 30% of lead, income and revenue generation. However, this number varies based on how many high-performing PPC ads you have placed across the Internet.
  • PPC is also used for increasing website traffic, as well as converting leads into payable and recurring customers.

The Benefits of PPC Marketing

There are several benefits of PPC affiliate marketing. In fact, you can secure substantial profits based on ads that are performing well, as well as connecting your products and services to interested customers and visitors.

Remember, every time your ad is clicked and a visitor is routed to your site – you have to pay Google a small fee. However, when PPC is implemented correctly, this fee is small compared to the visitors that are visiting your pages. For example: if you are paying £3 for a click – but the click converts into a £350 sale, you are earning profits and revenue. With this in mind, we can create PPC ad packages that are guaranteed to achieve all your desired results. Here are some more essentials of incorporating PPC into your online marketing and digital campaigns:

  • Ensuring a winning PPC campaign requires a seasoned and professional approach
  • PPC landing pages and ad groups are equally as important in optimising leads into conversions.
  • Google and other search engines reward advertisers who create high-quality, relevant and industry-specific PPC campaigns. These platforms intelligently target core, niche, geo-specific or mass audiences with paid advertisements to procure leads.
  • If your ads and landing pages satisfy users, Google will charge you less per click. This means higher profits for your brands and business.
  • PPC marketing requires experts to propel your brands to new heights.

Why is PPC So Important?

PPC is important for a myriad of reasons. For one, it allows advertisers and/or business owners to place their respective ads on different sites.

While hosting sites do assess fees for ad listings, business owners more than make up every time their ads are clicked.

In addition to promoting products and services, PPC helps establish brand validity, visibility and awareness.

This results in higher leads, revenue and conversion rates across the board. Similarly, PPC ad campaigns are simply and easy; traffic is generated as soon as your business ads go live.

PPC network affiliate marketing also takes advantage of metrics. This means  measurable results, which allow you to see which ads are performing well – and which need improvement or better placement.

You also get to see the number of viewers seeing your ads, along with the number of clicks and responses received. As an integral part of SEO online marketing campaigns, PPC gives you complete control over what content appears on your ads.

This may include strategic keyword for link-building purposes, along with keyword-rich content and optimization for mobile platforms and networks. Similarly, we at Profile Tree are able to modify, customized and personalized ads based on your specific requests.

Summary: A Boost for Your Business

The core purpose of PPC is, of course, help your business grow and flourish, while helping establish your brands as viable competitors in any industry, sector or niche.

PPC can be a truly cost-effective way to promote your brands, products and services to the right audience, meaning a great boost for your business.

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What is PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

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