Ecommerce Website and Digital Marketing for Online Furniture Retailer

The Challenge – Ecommerce website, digital marketing and strategy

When it comes to furniture and interior design, TRND Furniture are masters of their art. The company was conceived with the objective of offering all of the skills and qualities of a traditional furniture store, with the convenience and usability of digital. For our client, eCommerce represented the path to success, meaning that a strong and stable digital presence was essential.

Whilst the company’s business plans were solid, a lack of branding, including logos and tone of voice, meant that our client struggled to articulate their message in a saturated market.

Without a flowing and visually appealing website, the team at TRND Furniture felt that their potential to reach thousands of customers was severely limited. Furthermore, the lack of a social media strategy or a content marketing plan meant that TRND Furniture’s message wasn’t reaching their target audiences.

With strong business ideas, skilled staff and beautiful products, our clients in TRND Furniture were well placed to succeed. However, a lack of digital strategy capped their potential.

That’s where ProfileTree came in.

Our Approach

Creating a digital presence

With a focus on creating a flowing and user-friendly eCommerce platform, the expert team at ProfileTree set about constructing a website engineered for growth and sales. With a sleek logo designed, the website’s design incorporated TRND Furniture’s branding along with a clean, minimalist theme. Dark on white contrasting brought out the very best of our client’s assets, and served as an excellent showcase for their huge range of dining chairs, arm chairs and bar stools. Calls to action were included throughout each page, driving sales and engagement between the business and its web visitors.

TRND Furniture were keen to establish themselves as an authoritative voice on high quality furniture. ProfileTree were able to assist our client in achieving this by creating a blog page with a number of articles around their area of business. This allowed TRND to boost their credentials whilst providing the client with engaging, shareable and lead-focussed content. Content was optimised, eloquent and sales-driven.

Beyond TRND Furniture’s website, ProfileTree assisted our client in spearheading a presence on social media. An extensive social content plan ensured that TRND Furniture’s branded message reached the right target audiences on the devices they prefer. With a digital and social strategy working in correlation with eachother, ProfileTree were able to give our client the prominence they truly deserved.


Organised and resourced digital strategy

A flowing, secure and visually appealing website, engineered to achieve ideal user experience and search engine recognition.

An engaging and shareable social media strategy designed to increase sales and business growth.

Optimised, eloquent and informative written content and blog posts engineered to highlight credentials and boost search engine rankings.

A well researched, organised and resourced digital strategy to ensure the client’s success in the present and into the future.