What Is Online Advertising?

What is online adverting? Simple…advertising online has become one of the most popular methods for marketers, allowing professionals to maximise their reach across websites, search engines, and today’s most popular search engines.

Understanding online advertising examples and how to make various marketing techniques work for you is a way to appeal to any target audience or demographic you have in mind. Whether you are new to advertising and marketing or if you are simply looking for new ways to expand your online reach, learning about online advertising and what it has to offer is a must.


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What is Online Advertising

Online advertising is a method of appealing to potential customers or clients via banners, text ads, videos, or even content marketing. With a multitude of options. With online advertising, you are not limited to only placing advertisements on specific websites of your choice. Instead, there are platforms and services to help facilitate the process of reaching as many users as possible with the budget you have set for specific campaigns you intend to launch. With a thorough understanding of the most popular and prominent methods of advertising, ensure you are always reaching your target audience to drastically increase your chance of gaining new leads or generating new sales and revenue.

What is Online Banner Advertising

Online banner advertising allows you to place static or animated graphics (along with Flash files) as banners on various websites. With banner advertising, it is possible to reach out directly to websites or online communities you wish you advertise on. Alternatively, using ad managing services and platforms allows you to enter specifications of the audience and demographic you wish to reach. Target individuals based on age, gender, location, and even specific hobbies or interests that users have to minimize your advertising budget while making the most out of each individual campaign you run.

What is an Impression in Online Advertising

Anytime you launch a new campaign online (regardless of the ad service you are utilizing), it is possible to track live results. Impressions in online advertising refer to the number of times your text, banner, or interactive advertisement has appeared to users online. Impressions are not the same as “hits” or “clicks”, and instead, simply share how frequently your banner or advertisement has been viewed. Comparing your “CTR” (click-through rate) and your impressions is a way to determine just how effective each specific campaign you are running is for the users who view them. The higher your CTR is for each campaign, the more successful your ad placement and visual appeal is to your target audience

Examples of Online Advertising

There are millions of new advertisements launched each day online throughout the world. Whether you are reading a blog you follow, scrolling through social media, or enjoying a video on a massive platform such as YouTube, you are likely to see plenty of ads. Before social media, online advertising was much more restricted; keeping marketers limited to pinpointing specific websites or networks where ads would appear (also taking much more time to run successful campaigns).

Some of the most common types of online advertising that you are likely to run into each day include:

  • Social Media Ads: Often in the form of “sponsored posts”, content marketing has drastically skyrocketed with the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Additionally, it is also possible to “boost” posts that you have shared to your company’s page to expand your reach and maximize the number of users who view your content.
  • Individual Ad Campaigns: Running your own individual advertising campaign is possible if you have a thorough and in-depth understanding of your niche, market, and the type of users you want to appeal to with your products, content, or services. While running individual ad campaigns can provide serious benefits, they also require more time, effort, and the ability to monitor and track the results of each ad placement manually. Individual ad campaigns are no longer as popular as they once were due to the advent of social media and the ability to work with ad hosting services and management companies.
  • Third-Party Campaigns: Third-party ad campaigns are easily managed with various services including Google Adwords. Simplify the process of launching a campaign when using an ad service. Manage and track each campaign individually to gain additional insight into the effectiveness of each banner, text ad, or piece of content you have shared. Easily access and tweak ads to quickly improve the performance of your campaigns, ultimately allowing you to save on your marketing budget.

Advantages of Online Advertising

Online advertising provides you with more opportunity than traditional print advertising today. With the explosion of social media and mobile smartphones, advertising online allows you to garner as much support and loyalty as possible from anywhere in the world. When you choose to advertise only offline and in the print world, you limit your ability to generate new leads, followers, loyal customers, and revenue. Using online advertising is also beneficial to learn more about your prospective customers and clients regarding what they want and need from your company or brand.

The more familiar you become with online advertising, the easier it is to jump into the realm of marketing to users around the world. Whether you prefer content marketing or traditional text ads, understanding all of the tools and resources you have available is essential to get started on the right path to success.

Good luck!

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