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How to start an online business from home? A great first step is to learn from the experts and use their experience to create the best possible foundations for your new home business.

That’s why ProfileTree invited Phil Carrick of to take part in a Business Leaders video interview.

During a valuable and insightful discussion, Phil outlined how even complete beginners can make money using just a few hours of work per week.

The marketing specialist, who also runs Carrick Digital Marketing, explained the concept behind and how the blog and its membership area was born.

“I was in corporate for 20 years, had one job and one interview so I was very lucky. Then tragedy hit the family and I became a single parent of four-year-old twins.

“I didn’t want to put them into creche, so I started to Google ‘how to make money online’. I found some scammers, complete rascals.

“I wanted to not so much shake up the industry as inject a bit of honesty and transparency as at the time it had a bit of a bad name. It’s a lot better now thankfully.

“I started creating businesses, and sold a business, then started to train people. I’ve been asked to speak on stage in London and a few other places. It’s been a whirlwind.

“What we’re doing now is creating a community of like-minded individuals who really want to create their own economy. People who want to learn to create their own online assets.”

Phil warned, however, against hoping for overnight success.

“You see people even now saying ‘making money online within 20 or 30 days’ but, like any business, it takes time to create.

“People think because they can do it from home it’s just a hobby, but as soon as you look at it like that you get hobbyist returns not business returns.”

He emphasised that only being available to work on a business part-time isn’t a barrier to success.

“There are more opportunities than ever. People think the internet is saturated but absolutely not. There’s a reason why the likes of Facebook and Instagram are still growing.

“With an online business you can absolutely work in your spare time. If you have a 9-5 job, if there is such a thing, you can do it when you get home. You have to have discipline and you have to have a strategy as well.

“That’s where I come in, I give people strategies. I say: ‘right, this is what we need to do, if you only have five hours per week let’s manage those five hours productively’.”

This approach has given Phil a USP of being able to take beginners and help them to start to see income being produced from their efforts online.

“If you start at a foundation level and make your first commissions online then you can scale. I show people how to scale.

“Most of my members already have a job and want to create a second income with the goal of replacing their first income. But you have to start somewhere, you don’t just go into it and think ‘right, I’m going to sack my boss!’.

“Learn the basics of building a business online, make your first commission and think about scaling that.”

A warning, however, from the marketing specialist: “You have to have a passion”.

“If you don’t have a passion it becomes a chore.

“If you have a passion you can build a business in anything. I know some people I have mentored who have some really obscure niches you would never believe.

“There’s lot of opportunities but you have to start with that passion, you have to get off that thing you’re sitting on and just have to do it.”

Find out more about starting an online business from home, and much more, in our full Business Leaders video interview.

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