How to Create a Culture of Innovation? Thinking Bigger with Cris Beswick

How to create a culture of innovation? Innovation specialist, author and speaker Cris Beswick joined ProfileTree, using a Zoom video link, to share some valuable insights.

Cris explained that his career has moved from being a product designer in the nineties to advising CEOs, directors and large organisations on the subject of innovation.



He explained importance of innovation for a company and the importance of looking at innovation itself in a new way.

“The challenge with innovation is that we’ve traditionally looked at innovation through a narrow lens and have only looked at innovation through product innovation.

“Innovation now has a larger importance than ever before as it is about a much wider spectrum of things. It’s not just about products, we now have experience, business models and even leadership as a concept. And another big challenge would be how do we attract and retain the next generation of talent.

“Any organisation and everything it does has to change and adapt. We now live in a world were we’ve to change and adapt, quickly. We have the macro-strategy that organisations would like to achieve over several years but the micro-activity of an organisation done which is done on a daily basis can be done differently, more creatively, more efficiently and better. So all of that in a way is innovation.

“This should all be focused on when exploring innovation. Why just focus on a product, if your delivery and infrastructure in terrible or your customer experience is terrible. This will help build systems of organisations, so it’s not just about a product but the experience.”

Cris gave one very familiar example to illustrate his insights.

“Take Apple for instance. It’s not just a product that is great, it is every part of the organisation that is great. The packaging, the experience, the store, the logistics, the whole system has been designed to win.

“That’s what me and my team do now, through innovation we help organisations design themselves to win.

“We get organisations to understand that innovation is an outcome of many things. We get them to understand how to spot problems and opportunities and how to capitalise on those.

“For organisations, we help spot these problems and we build a solution. This solution will make customers say ‘wow’ and that this company is so great due to what this company has done. That’s the result you want and that’s the outcome we should all be striving for as organisations.”

To explore business innovation watch the full Cris Beswick video interview.

Cris Beswick –


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