How to Create Digital Products? Insights from Kairos Founder Gareth Quinn

How to create digital products? A visit to the ProfileTree studio from Gareth Quinn, founder of Kairos and Digital DNA, meant a crash course in this modern business essential.

Gareth, whose businesses are leading lights of the local tech scene and beyond, explained how his career path had brought him from the public sector to studying a business qualification to establishing his two companies:  Kairos, who have developed a digital tool for pro sports teams and Digital DNA, a facilitating company providing a platform for many companies and organisations.


“The idea was a one-off event, which spiralled. We ended up getting some lucky breaks, we got a sponsor from NYSE Technologies, who are the company who provided the trading software for the New York stock exchange. They wanted their COO to come and speak at this event, which raised the profile and then other sponsors wanted to get involved.

“Then all of a sudden this little event has turned into something bigger.”

After founding Digital DNA, Gareth established Kairos alongside the then Ulster rugby player Andrew Trimble.

“This has been on the go for around two years now. Andrew approached me and said: ‘at the minute all of our scheduling and planning is done through the team and on a whiteboard at the Kingspan Stadium. Players come in and hand write in which slot they want for different activities’.

“Andrew couldn’t help but think that this scheduling could be done better digitally and could it help players be able to perform better come match day.

“What we wanted to do was to work out how to empower and enable an elite athlete to own their plan.

“We started a process of engaging quite intensely with the market, such as Ulster and Ireland rugby through Andrew. We also engaged the football market. We went to the Etihad campus, which is Manchester City’s training grounds, and we were able to see how they operate.

“Over that period of two years we’ve done a lot of market engagement and tried to get a good understanding of what the market wanted. In January 2018 we started to build the solution.

“We’ve now got the solution in market and it is now used by a couple of professional sport clubs and the feedback has all been very positive.”

To find out more watch Gareth’s full Business Leaders series video interview.


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