What is Augmented and Virtual Reality?

Exploring Virtual Reality with Brendan McCourt

What is Augmented Reality? Virtual and augmented reality expert Brendan McCourt visited the ProfileTree studio to explain more about this fascinating tech trend.

Brendan, who also detailed his incredible career spanning print, broadcast and digital media, shared a range of insights during a Business Leaders video interview.


Brendan began his working as a journalist for major newspapers, such as the Belfast Telegraph, and has also worked as a freelance writer for a number of London-based newspapers. He then joined the BBC as a content producer for both the BBC radio and TV, learning the skills to become a virtual storyteller and producer of content including documentaries.

He has since ventured into the world of virtual reality and augmented reality.

“There are two types of VR, one has a more documentary type feel as it is filmed in a real environment with real people, who are telling you a real story. You’re completely immersed in a 360 environment but it is passive, you can’t manipulate that environment.

“Then there is virtual reality using CGI and that’s when you take the real environment, and using CGI, you can manipulate that environment. So it’s more engaging and interactive. For instance you can create a game out of it.

“We’re applying this kind of technology to other environments, it could be for training, fun or education.

“Augmented reality is something totally different. AR manipulates the reality you’re in right now…it will show you information and other graphics about the environment you’re in.

“Businesses are now looking at both these technologies to help train people more quickly and efficiently.

“The AR glasses are a bit ahead of their time, because AR is seen mostly on smartphones, such as Pokemon Go. The disadvantage with Pokemon Go is that you have to hold the phone up, all the time and it can be tiring. That’s where the glasses are great.

“These type of technologies are now coming down in price, it first started out very expensive. The starting price for VR headsets a few years ago was around £400-£500 and now you can get some for around £200. AR headsets cost around £1200, so are more applicable to large scale enterprises, but when Apple and Google bring their interpretation of this technology out they’ll drive down the price.”

To find out more about augmented reality and virtual reality watch Brendan’s full video interview.

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