How to Get a Better Job? Career Tips with Mark McCracken

How to get a better job? ProfileTree spoke to career specialist Mark McCracken about upgrading to a new role, entrepreneurship and much more.

Mark, who is Managing Consultant at ThinkCV and also Creative Lead at Honest Inspiration, explained that he uses his two businesses respectively to “help people get better jobs, and to inspire people to get better jobs and live a better life”.

“ThinkCV was a business I started in 2016, really what that job is about is helping people get better jobs. We do that through CV writing, coaching, and we’ve dipped into recruitment as well.”

He outlined that the services of the two companies “all relate well to one another” and “have been a natural progression”.

“It has taken a lot of learning, maybe a lot of things haven’t worked out well and maybe I have fallen out with clients based one something I’ve done that I’ve had to say sorry for and learn from.

“Thankfully three years on we’re reasonably well established and it is going ok.”

Mark referred to the business start-up journey as needing one key thing from an entrepreneur to be a success.

“You think you’re going to go one way, then it goes another way, then you take a short cut, then you go back a bit…I think you have to be adaptable, regardless of what you do in business.

“And sometimes that can be easier said than done.

“I think the biggest misconception I had was to think it would take less time than it did to get established, I thought maybe three to six months and I’ll be flying. But with any real business, and real brand and even your image and even what you say…it took me over two years to do that, even to work out myself what I was offering.

“I think with any business as you go on you refine your products and you refine your service, it has been a really interesting journey.”

The career coach was asked by ProfileTree’s Ciaran Connolly about his Honest Inspiration speaker events.

“It’s extremely interesting because we really didn’t see it coming, and is so different from my main day job. It started as an idea last Christmas and we already have a full 2019 planned.

“It’s an avenue to inspire people to follow their passion, if they have an idea in business or a hobby or a career or even just want to be a certain type of person.

“We’ve had people on board to share their story of how they have overcome things or walked through journeys or started a business or went this way in their career. At the start of it I wanted to hear their stories myself, and I figured that other people would too. It’s been amazing.”

He also passed on some business start-up advice he, in hindsight, would consider to be start-up essentials.

“There are a few things that have helped me massively. The first one relates to your environment: you need to have the right people around you…with the same values and ambitions, who will reflect on you.

“I think you have to believe in yourself, and for a lot of people that is easier said than done. That’s been a journey for me too…and I would say that has taken me three years, to improve on my own beliefs and mindset.

“I keep a screenshot of my bank account on my phone from the early days,  I think it was 34p. And I always think ‘you got through that, you made that work’ and hopefully not go back there!”

Mark McCracken – LinkedIn


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