Why is FDI Important? Foreign Direct Investment Expertise with David Gray

Why is FDI important? ProfileTree welcomed WAVTEQ Marketing Manager David Gray to not just explain the type of results achieved through this vital aspect of international business, but to outline his company’s global work in this area.

David also discussed his marketing experience and passed on some essential advice.

He began by explaining WAVTEQ’s specialism and their worldwide expertise.

“WAVTEQ is the biggest FDI consultancy, data and technology company in the world currently. We have 80 full-time FDI consultants and 16 offices all over the globe. We have offices in the US, Europe, South Korea, India and our technology hub is in Cork.

“These offices are strategically placed, so we can target companies who’re interested in expanding overseas.

“Our main clients are government clients, who we work with to try and attract more foreign investment. We have worked with over 300 government clients from around the globe and have helped them secure over fifty billion worth of Greenfeild investment projects since 2014.”

David went on to describe Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): “Basically it’s when a company wants to invest in a foreign location, has business interest in a foreign location and wants to open up there. For example, Baker McKenzie expanded their office here [Northern Ireland] to 150 people.”

David explained how WAVTEQ deliver successful campaigns for clients around the world, pointing out that their 16 offices around the world are all strategic locations. This means WAVTEQ can meet with clients easily and deliver their FDI services more easily.

“We’re the leading provider in FDI products, we have a multitude of different products focused around FDI. One of our biggest products would be the incentives monitor as this allows companies to see what incentive packages are being awarded across the globe. They’re able to compare different incentives from different regions.

“We also have FDI accounting software and are also rolling out a CRM tool for investment promotion agencies.

“We created a new tool after the aftermath of Brexit. We created a new tool called UK investment monitor, which tracks where UK companies are expanding domestically. This helps Government agencies and local enterprise partnerships within the UK to see which domestic companies are investing and in which regions.”

He also outlined some tips and tricks for future marketers and for marketing in 2019.

“Any tips I would give to online marketers to succeed would be to be realistic and to set goals and objectives. I think you need to look at throughout the year, are there any big events happening?  You can then tailor your marketing efforts around these, make SMART objectives and plan effectively.”

To discover much more about these subjects see our full video interview.


WAVTEQ – https://www.wavteq.com/


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