How Can Business Startup Support Help You?

Business Startup Support with John Ferris

John Ferris Explains Ulster Bank Accelerator   Thinking of setting up a business? In the early days of your company? Discover inspiration, advice and startup support know-how through our interview with Ulster Bank business specialist John Ferris. John, who is the bank’s Entrepreneur Development Manager, works with newer businesses to help “open doors” for owners […]

Lessons from Ecotourism Marketing?

Tourism Marketing with Jude Franks

Insights from Consultant Jude Franks An Australian consultant with a diverse range of experience across tourism and marketing has shared a range of fascinating insights covering both disciplines. Jude Franks began by outlining her substantial professional expertise in the tourism sector. “I’ve been involved in the tourism industry for 35 years, predominantly here in Australia […]

What is Compliance Technology?

Compliance Technology with Emily Hill

Talking Governance With Emily Hill, Qualsys What is compliance technology? And how can innovation be used to deliver good governance? A representative of the software company Qualsys, providers of a business management solution with governance, risk and compliance (GRC) at its core, has explored these topics and many more. Marketing Manager Emily Hill, speaking during […]

Could Executive Coaching Help Your Business? Life Coaching With Fiona Molloy

Life Coaching with Fiona Molloy

How could executive coaching help you, and your business, to grow? How can transformational change be achieved through the right life coaching? Specialist Fiona Molloy of FM Coaching explored these topics, and more, during a ProfileTree Business Leaders video interview. She began by introducing her own expertise and the reasons why she launched her own […]

Benefits of a Mastermind Group?

Miceál O'kane- Mastermind group

Talking Peer Support With Miceál O’Kane Business mastermind group specialist Miceál O’Kane has given a powerful insight into the benefits of setting up, and taking part in, a mastermind group. Miceál, of 7th Venture Consulting, pointed out that peer support has been used through history to help individuals achieve more together. “Mastermind group is just […]

A Guide to Your First WordPress Blog

Computer wordpress youtube

When it comes to choosing which platform you should use as your Blogging forum, there’s a mass of different options. WordPress has been a popular choice among many as it powers 32% of the entire internet. In fact more than 75 million sites are currently depending solely on it. So, how are you going to become […]

What Does KPI Mean? Different Industries and Businesses

What is a KPI? Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicator or KPI has become a universally accepted method in determining a company’s success in achieving its business objectives. Regardless of the field or industry, KPIs can help maintain tracking company goals and targets. Simply put, it is a versatile tool that can measure any type of organisational performance, once paid attributes to the […]

Starting a Food Business? Tips for Food Producers With Oonagh Monahan

Food Business Development with Oonagh Monahan

Starting a food business? An experienced food business development consultant has revealed a number of essential insights for food producers. Oonagh Monahan, of Ireland-based Alpha Omega Consultants, uses her knowledge of areas including food science and quality management to help food companies achieve success. Oonagh introduced herself and her work by outlining the range of […]

How to Achieve Networking Success? Business and Events Insights With Sinead Norton

Company Insight with Sinead Norton

Lessons from the Success of Mums at Work Network – Video Interview   How can networking be used to grow your business? Company director and Mums at Work Founder Sinead Norton has passed on advice for networking success and much more. During a visit to the ProfileTree studio for a Business Leaders video interview, Sinead […]

How Important is a Publicity Management Strategy? Publicity Expertise With Tina Calder

Publicity Management Strategy with Tina Calder

A Northern Ireland-based journalist, publicist and content creator has shared a range of essential business tips including insights into the benefits of publicity management and why long-form content is still important. Excalibur Press owner Tina Calder also discussed the growth of her own company during a ProfileTree Business Leaders interview. Tina introduced herself and her […]

What is ACT Training? Behavioural Change Tools With Julie Allen

Better Life Tools with Julie Allen

Want to live a more fulfilled life? Learn how tools like ACT Training can be used to unlock powerful behavioural change. Specialist Julie Allen helps people to “live the life they want to live” through methods such as Acceptance and Commitment Training, the ProSocial Matrix, emotional intelligence awareness and more. Julie, a business improvement consultant […]

What is Data Digitalisation?

Company Digitisation with Ann Marie-McSorley

Smarter Compliance With Ann-Marie McSorley A specialist who helps companies with digitalisation of their compliance and quality data visited the ProfileTree studio to explain the benefits of a smarter approach to data governance. Ann-Marie McSorley, who is Founder and CEO of Veri, also outlined how better use of the data involved in the likes of […]

Could You Improve Your Cyber Security? Talking Secure Communications With John Bailie

Cyber Security with John Bailie

Does your company have sensitive communications or data to protect? Could a secure communications method reduce your risks? We discussed these business essentials, and much more, with John Bailie of Northern Ireland-based SaltDNA. John’s company offers a solution for secure enterprise communications (including voice, text and file) between mobile devices and desktop computers. He explained […]

How to Use Innovation in App Development? Discussing Entrepreneurship with Conor McCarthy

Business Innovation with Conor McCarthy

Discover how a Dublin business owner has used innovation and app development know-how to build a unique service designed to revolutionise the food delivery market. In our ProfileTree video interview, Conor McCarthy of Flipdish explains the thinking behind his app, explores entrepreneurship and discusses innovation through coding. He began by outlining how the concept behind […]

Future of the Car Industry? Talking Electric Vehicles With Paul McGuire

The Cars of the Future with Paul McGuire

An expert who helps drivers find and fund the right car, van or fleet for their needs visited the ProfileTree studio to explore the future of the car industry as well as discuss vehicle leasing, vehicle technology, cross-border business and much more. Traction Finance Director Paul McGuire also gave his insights into the highly topical […]

Where to Find Support for Businesses? Education/Industry Integration with Nuala Kilmartin

Business Support with Nuala Kilmartin

An essential business topic was explored by a visitor to the ProfileTree studio; support for businesses to help deliver upskilling and growth. Economic Development Manager Nuala Kilmartin of Belfast Metropolitan College discussed access to funding and explored the integration of education and industry. She introduced her own career path and outlined the work of her colleagues by […]

Better Collaboration Using Google? Cloud Computing Insights from Fintan Murphy

Cloud Computing with Fintan Murphy

Could greater collaboration and innovation help your business? A tech specialist who helps companies use Google’s Cloud computing tools to unlock their potential has shared some essential insights. Fintan Murphy, CEO of Damson Cloud, began by explaining how the evolution of his Dublin-based company has reflected changes in the tech world. “My own background is IT, I […]