Readability: An Easy Boost for Content ROI

Readability might not be your first thought when drawing up content. But this means you could be missing out on a simple, easy way to ‘tune up’ your ROI.

How? Let’s take a closer look at some essential questions: What is readability? How does it improve the SEO of my website? What can I do to improve my own readability? What are the best tools to help me improve my readability?

Our QUICK READ guide explains all you need to know…


Readability Check- Traffic light systems with traffic lights

What is Readability?

What does readability actually mean? It’s simply the combination of sentence structure, the language you use, the length of your sentences and much more.
It all adds up to the one question: is it easy to read or hard to read?
Some of the factors that influence your readability include: sentence structure, the language/tone used, the length of your sentence, grammar used, the length of the the paragraphs, headings used  and transition words used.

Why is Readability Important?

There are many reasons why readability is important. First and foremost, and the most important reason, is the headline factor of users being able to read your content. If users can’t read your content then  why publish it at all! Unless your content only exists for SEO, clicks and links. But, don’t do that!

The format of (remember: interesting and useful) content also is important to the pverall readability of your content. If your content doesn’t flow nicely it can become very difficult to read. Similarly, if your images don’t flow with your content it can become difficult to read.

To help with images throughout your content, always make them consistent. Similar size images and images be placed in similar ares of the page can also make your content easier to read.

The flow of your content can also allow you to get your message across much easier. Weather you are doing a review or writing a recipe, the flow of the content is vital.


So, What Can I do to Improve my Readability?

To help improve your own readability, there are many techniques and tools you can use. Many of the techniques even relate back to what you were taught back in school! That’s because many time-served sentence structure, grammar and spelling techniques come to life when you want to increase your readability. For example: don’t have too long sentences.
All of these techniques would make your writing a better read for your users. A better read means better readability.

Using images within your content is also a great way to increase your readability. It allows content to be spread apart making it much easier to read. Users can then scan over content and then take the main points from the content much easier.

Online tools and plugins are also help your readability. You can apply content to many of these tools and they will score the content using algorithms.

Read on to discover some of the best online tools…

The Best Readability Tools

On the web there are numerous readability tools to help your content perform at its best. There are also different individual tools that can be applied to web builders, such as Yoast. This means you don’t have to go anywhere else off your web builder to check your articles readability. logo

Readable is one of the leading online readability checkers. Its uses the two best algorithms to determine the score of a document. These algorithms are the Flesch score algorithm and the Gunning Fox Index algorithm.

Some of the best features of this tool is that it will score any document including PDF’s word documents, websites/pages and much more. It can also analysis the readability of a site in  few minutes.

ProfileTree would recommend Readable to make improvements to your content. It is a highly-regarded way to find pieces of content you might reconsider to improve. Definitely worth a trial!

Readability Test Tool

Another great web tool is ‘Readability Test Tool‘. This tool works very similarly to the Readable tool, as it uses algorithms to determine the readability. It is a quick and easy tool, which allows users to test there already published content. All you need is a URL.

The one downfall to the tool, is that it only offers statistics of your site and your pages on the sites. It does not highlight your pages like the readable tool does. This makes it tough to help improve the readability of your pages and articles, if you don’t know which parts of content that you need to improve.

Grammarly Grammarly Logo

You may have heard of Grammarly, as it is widely advertised online on platforms such as YouTube. So, it may be surprising to see this tool within this small list of readability tools.

The reason it is in this list? It helps with spelling, grammar and sentence structure, which is a great big part of readability. Not only does this tool check within documents, it also checks your spelling, grammar and sentence structure online, within emails, social media and web builders.

It is a free web tool, which can added to your extensions on chrome. Get it here for free…

Yoast Yoast Logo

Yoast is a Plugin for WordPress. This tool is build for WordPress SEO. So what does this have to do with readability? Well, the readability of the content helps out the SEO of the content. This tool implements a readability tool alongside some other SEO tools, to help your site/pages rank online.

The readability check is free with both the free and premium version of the plugin. It uses the Flesch score algorithm to determine the readability of the content within your site and pages. It also has a highlighter tool like readable, which shows which content could be improved.

If you use WordPress for your website, we highly recommend the use of Yoast, as it not only helps with your sites readability but also the SEO of your site.


Summary: Make Your Content Work Harder for You

The VERY good news about improving your content readability? Since you’re already writing the content, an awareness of readability means you can make improvements as you go along.

So, there’s no extra work. Your readers will appreciate it and the search engines will love you for it.

A win-win! Good luck!

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