The Best Ways To Promote Your Blog

The Best Ways To Promote Your Blog

Getting started in blogging is so easy. All you need is an idea, a keyboard, and an internet connection. Whether you aim to share your ideas with the world or are seeking financial freedom, you can begin your blog with little investment other than your time. You hear about those chosen few whose blogs have gone viral, and you think “that could be me”. You begin your blog with high hopes and big dreams, but what happens then? 

Sadly, for the majority of bloggers, nothing. People don’t flock to their blog no matter how well written, interesting, or witty it is. 95% of blogs become abandoned. The majority of them were abandoned because the bloggers couldn’t find an audience. The blogosphere is full of lonely abandoned dreams that failed to come true. People who put their voice out there to be heard, only to find that no one was listening. This is why knowing how to promote your blog is so important. It isn’t enough to just put it out there. To gain readers, you must let people know it is out there and what it is about.

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Simple Ways To Boost Your Blog Traffic

Email collection is an excellent way to promote your blog. All you need is the hello bar, which will ask visitors to your site if they would like to give you their email address. Each time you write a new post, send an email to everyone on your list letting them know what it is about. Be sure to include at least one link so they can go straight to your content. You can also send out newsletters or bonus content in your emails.

Detailed content is much more unique. With so much information out there on the web, this is a great way to set yourself apart. It also allows you to take advantage of long tail keywords. The competition is much smaller for long tail keywords, so it can be a great way to get search engine bringing readers to your digital door. Google also ranks posts over 2,000 words higher than shorter posts. One study looked at over 1 million blog posts. They discovered that posts between 3,000 and 10,000 words get twice as many shares as shorter content.

Responding to comments and emails from your readers will help you build a loyal fan base. Make your readers feel heard and appreciated, and they will continue to come back. Hopefully, they will also tell some friends about your blog. They can also offer their opinions and give you fresh ideas if you keep them engaged.

Writing more content usually brings more people to your blog. Most experts suggest two articles a week to keep your readers interested in your blog. This is proven to bring you more readers. You should also make sure that your blog offers value to the reader. You want them to find your blog interesting and informative. This will keep them coming back.


The Big Four

When it comes to promoting your blog, there are four social media sites that get all the attention. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and LinkedIn are most often used to promote blogs. Whether you use one or all four of these, there are some tips to follow.  You want to have your social media and your blog linked. Buttons for Facebook and Twitter can be very beneficial because it allows your blog readers to follow you on other sites. When you are posting blog updates, you will want to provide a teaser as to what the post is about and an interesting title. You want them to see your post and be overwhelmed by curiosity, so they just can’t resist clicking on your link to find out more. A picture or short video is also more likely to catch readers attention than simple text.

Infographics can also have a huge impact on your blog traffic. Infographics on Twitter are shown to get over 800% more shares and retweets than posts with text and pictures. This is a huge gain.


Consider Your Audience

Consider who you are targeting with your blog. There are many social media sites other than the big four and they usually cater to a specific audience. Tumblr, Instagram and Vine are usually used by young people. Many business professionals use LinkedIn. Women and moms are most likely to be found on Pinterest and Facebook. Once you decide on your specific niche and audience, do a quick search to find social media networks that cater to those you would most like to reach. Whatever social media networks you choose, you should be active and consistent on them. Be an active member of the community, and focus on building relationships with potential readers.

You shouldn’t just share new content on social media. Share older posts that are still relevant. This will give you more to post about, and your new readers may not know about your old blog posts.


Reach Out To Other Bloggers

Connecting with other bloggers can be beneficial for everyone involved. You can post comments on blogs you like and share their posts. Hopefully, they will notice and will share your blog as well. This is a great way to gain new readers, especially if you are in the same niche. You can also guest post on others’ blogs. This gives you access to an entirely new audience. Allow them to guest blog for you as well.

Doing interviews is an excellent way to promote your blog. Consider doing interviews for someone else’s blog, website, or podcasts. This can give you access to an audience you wouldn’t normally be able to reach.


Making Headlines

Blogging about a famous person is one way to increase your reach. It will bring people searching for their name to your blog. If the star you are blogging about happens to find out and share it, your blog will be promoted in a way that it would be hard for you to achieve on your own.

In a similar way tying a major news event to your blog can boost your traffic. Headline generating news also results in lots of search traffic, and those keywords can bring people to your blog.

You can also blog about controversial topics. Whether people agree or disagree, everyone loves a good controversy. People are also passionate about controversial topics, and this passion can easily translate into a love for your blog. Readers are also more likely to share things that they strongly agree or disagree with, which allows you to reach more people.

Much of being successful at promoting your blog is about creativity. No matter what your blog is about, you can find ways to tie the subject of your blog to these topics. “What the Upcoming Election Can Teach Us About Marketing” is one example. While the two subjects are vastly different, you can draw many comparisons between the two.


Have a Contest or Viral Giveaway

Having a blogging contest is a fun way to promote your blog without a lot of work on your part. Choose a prize that ties in with the theme and audience of your blog. Then announce your contest on your blog and all your social media sites. To enter the contest, participants must blog about your blog or share something on their social media relating to your blog. People are happy to enter the contest, and you will promote your blog without a lot of legwork.

A viral giveaway is similar to a blogging contest. Your readers get entered in the giveaway by sharing your blog. You can also set it up so that they get an entry for providing you with their email address. You may want to allow your readers to get entered each time they share one of your posts or tweets.

Figuring out how to promote your blog takes some patience and creativity. It can be quite a bit of work, but if you ask any successful blogger they will tell you that it is well worth it. Focus on being creative and building relationships instead of a pushy hard sell approach, and your blog is sure to grow.

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