What Is BuzzSumo?

What is BuzzSumo? Once you get to grips with BuzzSumo, you’ll have access to a powerful social media tool with a real benefit to your business. How? Read on!

BuzzSumo allows you to analyse the most popular terms and phrases on social media AND examine who is using these terms and phrases. 

Imagine having this kind of insight into your potential customers.

Let’s take a closer look…

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BuzzSumo Social Media Content

With BuzzSumo, you’ll find out who is saying what, how often and when on social media, with no need to guess of speculate.

The analysis performed by Buzzsumo will give you actual relevant trends for your search by allowing you to quickly and efficiently search for the number of mentions, who made the mention, through which social media platform, from what domain name and how the information was shared.

Try it here.

Content Discovery

You already know there’s a vast amount of content online, so your challenge is how to sift through to find content that resonates with your particular audience.

BuzzSumo not only allows you to quickly find the trending content, but also to view rising content.  Your content discovery may even be carried out over time period in order to discover trends over time.

Whether you search last week, last year, or yesterday, BuzzSumo social media content discovery allows you to analyse and compare trends.  You can search content by content type whether through videos, list posts, how to posts, or infographics.

Search for Trends

BuzzSumo social media content discovery allows searches by length of content to help determine whether long or short form content is better suited for your target audience.  Before you design that great attention grabbing headline, search currently trending headlines through BuzzSumo to improve your ability to grab the attention of your intended audience.

You can even use BuzzSumo to effectively determine which days of the week are best suited to market your content on each of the social media outlets!

Also, search by specific domain name, content author, or singular social media platform.  No matter which, BuzzSumo social media content discovery will help you refine your search to gain the most relevant information possible to effectively connect with your target audience.

BuzzSumo Social Media Influencers

Using BuzzSumo, social media influencers can be followed an assessed,  including through searches by topic and/or geographic location.

You’ll learn what content influencers share most often, the domains these influencers share, and tailor your marketing to take advantage of this information.

What’s more, you can search and filter these key influencers by reach, authority, influence and engagement as, once you have identified the key influencers, you may follow them directly through BuzzSumo and add them your own Twitter lists.

Exporting Data

BuzzSumo allows you to export data as an Excel spreadsheets or text file for your analysis.

Tip: when considering how to use BuzzSumo, the ability to set up emailed alerts is a prime feature.  BuzzSumo allows alerts for brand monitoring, domain alerts, author alert and alerts for specific links.

With BuzzSumo competitor shares can also be examined to see what your competitors are doing well, and what they aren’t doing so well, to help you stay ahead.

BuzzSumo competitor comparison reports can also be used whether you are looking back one day or one year! It alsos allows for a deep dive into content, whether using BuzzSumo competitors comparison, domain comparisons, content frequency, length, or type analysis.

How Much Does BuzzSumo cost?

BuzzSumo pricing has been designed to take into account not only the size of your business, but also the convenience of whether you prefer to pay monthly or yearly.

The cost is segmented into four categories: Pro, Plus, Large, and Enterprise.  The Pro level is for 1-5 users, Plus is up to 10 users, Large is designed for up to fifteen users and Enterprise covers everything above fifteen users.

Pricing Plans

Each and every BuzzSumo pricing plan allows for a seven day BuzzSumo trial period.  If you aren’t certain of the level of use you may need, you are not only are entitled to a free seven day trial, but you may change pricing plans at any time during or after the trial period.  You may also cancel your BuzzSumo pricing plan at any time.  However, there is no refund for the remaining unused time of your plan.

Summary: Unlock Social Media for Your Business Today

Clearly, BuzzSumo makes for a powerful and practical resource you can use to benefit your business.

And with a free trial available, there’s no reason not to take a smarter approach to social media using this impressive tool.


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