How to Get a Lot of Views on Youtube

How to Get a Lot of Views on Youtube

Globally there are over one billion YouTube users. The vast majority (80%) are not from the United States. YouTube is available in 76 languages and local versions exist in 88 countries. More than half of the YouTube users are accessing the content using a mobile device. The daily viewership of YouTube videos exceeds the viewership of the most popular global cable television channels.

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Cheaters Do Not Prosper (well maybe not)

There are ways to cheat and how to get a lot of views on YouTube using fake methods. Having a bunch of fake YouTube views is meaningless. Some disagree with this philosophy, because of the “sheep” principle.

The sheep principle is that viewers of YouTube videos are more interested in those videos already viewed by many others. It is possible to pay about $12,000 to get one million fake YouTube video views. According to this concept, when an average YouTube user sees that a video on YouTube has over one million views, they are more likely to watch it.

We do not believe in using cheating methods to get views. Instead, there are many great ways to get real views from real people.

The Top Rated YouTube Channels

SocialBlade ranks the top YouTube channels based on the number of channel subscribers and the number of video views. SocialBlade also looks at the activity on Twitter and Instagram. In order to reduce the impact of cheating on the statistics, SocialBlade also considers the average view counts per subscriber and the inclusion of a YouTube channel in other channel widgets to get a better understanding of the actual true influence of a specific YouTube Channel.

Here are the top ten YouTube Channels as ranked by SocialBlade for May 2016:

Rank    YouTube User  Category  Subscribers  Views 
10 PewDiePie people 43,675,950 11,940,087,315
9 Get Movies films 6,638,146 8,397,590,166
8 BuzzFeedVideo people 9,640,730 6,686,972,573
7 Маша и Медведь shows 6,112,307 7,735,859,773
6 LittleBabyBum® education 6,217,845 7,581,464,222
5 Family Fun Pack people 2,344,392 4,746,589,276
4 netd müzik music 2,862,497 6,674,003,279
3 JustinBieberVEVO music 21,183,323 10,661,537,576
2 T-Series music 10,284,975 8,148,165,910
1 WWE sports 11,089,276 8,910,522,488

Here are the estimated earnings made by SocialBlade for the top ten YouTube Channels:

Rank  YouTube User  Monthly  Annual
10 PewDiePie $72.3K – $1.2M $867.3K – $13.9M
9 Get Movies $81.3K – $1.3M $975.5K – $15.6M
8 BuzzFeedVideo $82.2K – $1.3M $986.3K – $15.8M
7 Маша и Медведь $88.5K – $1.4M $1.1M – $17M
6 LittleBabyBum ® $101.6K – $1.6M $1.2M – $19.5M
5 Family Fun Pack $119.1K – $1.9M $1.4M – $22.9M
4 netd müzik $122.3K – $2M $1.5M – $23.5M
3 JustinBieberVEVO $119.1K – $1.9M $1.4M – $22.9M
2 T-Series $137K – $2.2M $1.6M – $26.3M
1 WWE $145K – $2.3M $1.7M – $27.8M

Understanding Viral Characteristics

There is a lot of attention up for grabs and money to make by having videos go viral and then creating a popular YouTube video channel.

Social Times and WikiHow give some great technical and practical tips on how to get a lot of views on YouTube, which we summarize here as well as add a few tips of our own:

Tip#1 – Use Fame and/or Create It

YouTube videos go viral when made by famous/infamous people or when they make use of famous people. Another way to generate fame is to show a special news event, something hilarious, or something charming and beautiful.

Here are some examples:

Tip #2 – Associate With Another Popular Video

Find an already extremely popular video in the niche that matches a new video to be promoted (this can only be done once per video), then post a video response in the comments of the popular YouTube video. The owner of the popular video has to approve the video post so the video response needs to be relevant to the niche content.

Tip #3 – Use Annotations

YouTube has a feature that allows the video producer to use annotations, which are clickable comments that appear on the screen. These annotations can request a viewer to subscribe to the video channel or give links to other videos made by the same YouTube video producer.

Using annotations properly creates more video viewing activity and more video channel subscribers.

Tip #4 – Create Playlists

By including a new video in a playlist of related videos that are already popular, the new video will get exposure along with the other popular videos that are already attracting lots of attention. The videos on the playlist playback automatically and this means the new video is going to be seen.

Playlists show up in the search results separately from individual videos. Playlists typically have higher rankings for relevance in the search results on YouTube. Embedding playlists on other websites and blogs increase their popularity.

Tip #5 – Focus on Subscribers

Attracting subscribers to a YouTube channel builds up the viewer audience over time. Every time a new video posts to the channel, the existing subscribers receive a notification. Post new video content on the channel on a regular basis and always ask for subscribers in the video annotations and comments.

Tip #6 – Use Bulletins

YouTube has a feature that allows a video channel producer to send bulletins to channel subscribers when new video content posts to the channel. The information, link, and a thumbnail image of the video appear on the home page of YouTube when a subscriber logs in to YouTube.

Tip #7 – Join Other Channels and Participate in Commentary

Finding like-minded YouTube users that are interested in similar things and communicating with them on other YouTube channels is a great way to introduce new videos to the community and increase their popularity.

Tip #8 – Use Social Media

Link YouTube channels to promotional information on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media/blogs to increase interest in the YouTube videos.

Tip #9 – Follow Popular Trends

Create new video content that relates to popular trends and includes the keyword of the trend in the title of the new video content. In this way, when YouTube users search for popular topics, the new videos will show up in the search results and in the YouTube recommendations.

Tip #10 – Use Good Titles, Descriptions, and Tags

Be sure to include in the title of the YouTube video an indication of the content. In the few paragraphs, YouTube allows for a description, give an accurate and interesting description that makes users curious and want to watch the video. Make sure the tags are relevant and interesting. Post videos in the category that has the fewest number of viewers needed to be a video with the most popular amount of views.

Tip #11 – Create Great Content

Make the videos as compelling to watch as possible. Use a high-quality audio track that makes it easy to understand any narrative and has a nice-sounding music track. Edit the video to make sure the presentation moves forward at a good pace and does not have stumbling areas or long pauses.

Tip #12 – Release Videos at the Best Times and Share Early

In general, to attract the most viral attention, it is best to release videos in the evenings and just before weekends. This is because more viewers are using YouTube in the evenings and on weekends. Be sure to share new videos right after posting them. Everyone is more interested in the newest content and more likely to share new content with others.

Tip #13 – Link Videos to Websites, Blogs, and Offer an Email Subscription Service

YouTube views are enhanced by cross-promotional efforts on the Internet using other websites, blogs, and offering visitors an easy way to sign up and opt-in for an email subscription service to keep them informed about new video content and related materials.

Tip #14 – Have Credits at the End of Videos

Use credits at the end of YouTube videos to show how viewers can contact the video producer, join the video channel, and get information on the new releases.

Tip #15 – Find and Befriend Influencers

Influencers are video producers on YouTube that already have a substantial following. It is good to make friend with as many influencers as possible. Some of them will collaborate with other YouTube video producers to promote new videos together.


By following these tips and doing follow up promotion after a video post on YouTube as recommended by Forbes; it is possible to create significant YouTube views and a subscriber base for a YouTube channel. Quality content that is funny, intriguing, and mixed with a message promoted properly using both on-channel and off-channel ways, is how to get a lot of views on YouTube.

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