Have a website? Then you can only make it right with an SEO company. So, how can you choose a reliable and trusted one?

Finding a GREAT SEO agency might require more time than you might expect. First, you have to check out ratings and read reviews while looking for the best choice. 

The first challenge is finding an agency with a record of achievements in your industry to ensure that the marketing team will understand your vision suggesting the best fit for your objectives.

Second, you need to see actual results aligned with what you’re looking to attain.  

That’s why we listed all SEO companies so you can start working with them now.

SEO Companies in the UK

If you type on Google “Best SEO companies in the UK” and start browsing them by client reviews, budget, expertise, and rates, you will get overwhelmed quickly with more than 100000 results, all having similar and different service offerings within the main thing you want: optimise your website to search engines. 

We’ve made it easy for you. Here is a list of the top-rated SEO companies in the United Kingdom with links to check out their case studies, previous works, and other services they offer. Then, you can compare top-performing agencies to make an informed decision meeting your business goals.  

Let’s see what we have for you!

Best SEO Companies in the UK

What does it take to hire the best search engine optimisation company? What makes this one the best for you, and what criteria do you use to choose a company that meets your needs?

Keep reading to explore what to do before inking a deal with an SEO company. 


TOP 9 SEO Companies in the UK: Your Full Guide Before Hiring Anyone 1

YES, WE ARE! (However, don’t take our word for it. You can check out testimonials from our HAPPY clients here)

So, is your marketing and sales team equipped for the online buying process to guide the customer to your desired action?

No matter what you answer, we can take your brand to new heights by cutting fluff marketing and focusing on results-driven activities. 

Not just have an SEO plan to generate organic growth; we aim to deliver sensibility with unsurpassed ROI through a professional industry-expert SEO consultation for all companies’ sizes and verticals.  

We have invested aggressively in our team since 2010 to help you set yourself apart from any competition. As a result, we’re proud to be one of the best SEO companies in Ireland and the UK. 

Let’s discuss the process of how we can help you achieve incredible results from organic SEO activities:

  • Book your consultation: It starts with a consulting call to learn from you about your objectives, your problems, and the optimal outcome you’re thriving. This call is to ensure we’re a good match with each other.
  • Keyword research: We implement keyword research to discover any opportunities to enhance your rank over search engines, what rank top-ranked keywords are, how your competitors are performing, and how you can overperform them.
  • SEO content: We believe SEO content can do the magic for your website. That’s why a content strategy will be ready within a few days, and once we receive the green light from you, we will start creating well-targeted pieces that will resonate with your audience.  
  • Off-page SEO: It doesn’t stop here! Your website still needs some support from outside, and it’s time to handle off-page SEO practices by connecting your online assets with outreach professionals to propel your website to the top over Google results.       

Your website needs to deliver high performance, cutting-edge design, and custom strategies to help you sell. That’s what we master! Get your company the chance to be found online by people searching for your solution. Schedule your call NOW!


TOP 9 SEO Companies in the UK: Your Full Guide Before Hiring Anyone 2

Is SEO a mystery to you?

No worries, Gripped is here to help your business. Based in London, it is one of the best SEO companies in the UK, focusing purely on B2B. The agency works purely for SaaS, Tech & IT brands.

The company helps you grow your business by understanding your audience and the intent behind each search. That’s how you can provide your customers with content that will hit differently and leave a great impact driving potential customers to get back to your website. 

Their SEO plan includes different scopes to build a unique B2B website, such as content marketing and technical optimisation.  


TOP 9 SEO Companies in the UK: Your Full Guide Before Hiring Anyone 3

If you’re wondering, “What are the best SEO companies to work with in the UK?” put your question to rest and let this agency do what your business need.

It’s a digital marketing company that will help you with what they do best by offering a bunch of SEO services to bridge between you and your potential customers.

Because they understand that your customers are most likely to only search for the first page on search engines, you need to book your position in a good place on Google or Bing. 

The company introduces itself as a small, dedicated digital agency, making it a perfect choice for startups and small businesses.    


TOP 9 SEO Companies in the UK: Your Full Guide Before Hiring Anyone 4

It’s one of the best B2B SEO companies in the UK, with a team have more than 10 years of experience in bringing customers to you. They will help boost your brand’s exposure and put you in front of qualified leads.

They have a holistic strategy to align your website with a well-laid, proven-to-buy process. In addition, your brand will get found easily online as they offer many services, including technical SEO, onsite SEO, and content marketing services


TOP 9 SEO Companies in the UK: Your Full Guide Before Hiring Anyone 5

It’s an arduous task to choose from tons of agencies offering almost the same services. Ceek is a digital marketing company specialising in conducting keyword research and analysis to help you find the best chances to overperform your competitors.

Their skilful team can run a Search Engine Marketing campaign to obtain results on SERPs, increase your brand awareness and generate quality traffic to magnify the volume of interest to buy from you.

However, the company needs to gain experience with local SEO. If your objective is to reach a specific audience within your geographic region, this may not be the perfect match for your business extent.      


TOP 9 SEO Companies in the UK: Your Full Guide Before Hiring Anyone 6

Based in Nottingham and London, Hallam is an SEO marketing agency with a robust track record that qualifies them to win several SEO industry awards.

Their strategy goes through 4 different types of optimising your website from international SEO to local SEO, technical SEO, and ecommerce SEO. 

Their team will help you bring traffic from the closest city to establish a global reputation to thrive in a digital world.

This small agency admitted that they have little to barge about, but they are obsessed with details to bring tangible results to your business.   

Their lead-generation strategy builds to help you decide to invest in a digital marketing agency with confidence.  

The SEO Works 

TOP 9 SEO Companies in the UK: Your Full Guide Before Hiring Anyone 7

The SEO Works gives you a full-integrated SEO package, including paid search engine marketing and enhancing website ranking to get more customers online and maximise your business online potential. 

Investing in a unique team, you will work closely with link builders, content marketing specialists, product developers, and brand managers to deliver outstanding results. 

The award-winning search marketing agency offers other online marketing services in SEO, web development and design, and ad campaigns to hit your KPIs to increase your sales year after year.  

Most importantly, the SEO company proudly announced that they’re a Google Partner Specialist for SEO and gained a Bing Ad badge.     

Undoubtedly, their marketing experts know how to increase organic and quality leads without taking any shortcuts.  


TOP 9 SEO Companies in the UK: Your Full Guide Before Hiring Anyone 8

Specialised in SEO and SEM, Delante’s background in ecommerce, SEO consulting, and link building means they have a KPI-oriented process powered by a data-driven SEO powerhouse. 

They provide hands-on solutions to increase organic search traffic and power up your company’s digital strategy exceptionally crafted for your company. 

It’s the best way for online optimisation, thanks to a talented team of content creators, strategists, and SEO experts. 

They will collaborate to take your business to the next level based on a proven and technical SEO strategy for constantly increasing revenues and turning your business objectives into reality. Delante’s SEO experts take an ethical approach to push your website’s rankings and fulfil your customers’ needs by optimising your website for their search intent. 


TOP 9 SEO Companies in the UK: Your Full Guide Before Hiring Anyone 9

Conjuring up their combined decades of expertise and experience, Breakline has its insights-driven approach to improving your search rankings and ultimately building your brand awareness locally and internationally.

Their SEO services are broken down into these critical scopes:

  • Technical SEO: set up a foundation to drive more sales.
  • Ecommerce SEO: increase clicks and decrease paid ad spend.
  • Local SEO: increase visibility and interest in the eyes of those qualified to make a purchase.  

Their team offers a full suit optimising service, making it one of the top SEO companies in the UK.  

What Does an SEO Company Do?

Why do we design websites, create content, publish articles or use a content management system (CMS)? 
To help our audience know more about us, our industry, and how we can help them.
How can we help them see our website without assisting the search engines to understand who we are and what topics we’re discussing? 
The end goal for search engines is to offer relevant results for users’ queries. They use algorithms to break down your website and review the content to find the best possible relatable for a search.
That said, the SEO process has one big aim: to make your website visible throughout search engines by turning it into an appealing space for users.  
It’s about more than just establishing high-quality content. You need to optimise each element of your website (URLs, page structures, loading speed, and easily navigated categories) to increase your website value to your users and search engines.
As a result, when your website passes all search engine filters and tests, they become sure that your content offers helpful information for your audience. So, they identify and feature your website pages on the result page for anyone who asks for relevant search words or terms. 
So, SEO companies will provide you with a strategy to enhance your website viability through search engines to drive organic traffic, which boosts your website authority. Then, you can use it for your business by increasing conversion rate and strengthening your brand image.

Is it Worth it to Hire an SEO Company?

Of course, it is! Search engine optimisation is indispensable for your company’s success. For many businesses, SEO helps them grow long-term through an ongoing plan to drive more traffic and turn them into leads or loyal customers.
Hiring an SEO company will go a long way with your website authority, positing yourself as an industry expert who will encourage your customers to trust you, listen to your offering, and buy from you.  
What if I need to watch quick results?
Then there are better approaches than SEO strategy! However, you can make it done through search engine marketing (SEM) which will help you reach your audience, whatever they are, as long as they’re looking for something like what you’re offering. 

What Company is The Best at SEO?

The company is the best at SEO is the company that will can:
Have a clearly defined process
Before hiring an SEO company, you need to make sure they have the necessary expertise to give a push to your website over your competitors. 
They need to have a defined process through an SEO strategy and how they can implement it. Many SEO companies can make wild claims and promise satisfactory results that they like. But you need to see these results. 
So, before even booking any calls with them. Make a simple test. Scroll their website searching for case studies. Then, you can go to Google and search for the services they offer in the specific region. If they show up organically, that means they will do an excellent job for your website, too. 
A great rule of thumb is that a good SEO company is a company that has implemented best SEO practices for itself first. That’s when you can trust it. 
However, it’s not the only criterion.  
Check Client Examples 
What if you’ve found an SEO agency with a great website and long experience and no proven case studies showcasing their results?
You can always ask them to provide you with websites they have worked on and the keywords rankings they have achieved.
The most important thing is to check out current projects with real progress right now, not for long years, because you know SEO trends are constantly changing, and you need to make sure that this company is updated with the current practices.
Focus on a client that has objectives similar to you (get a high rank on Google, enhance the URL authority, increase conversion, and so)
So, if you’re an eCommerce company, ask the SEO company to provide you with eCommerce case studies, preferably with the same company size. If you target governmental organisations, find a company with the same scope. 
Have an open channel for communication.
One of the most important aspects of hiring an SEO company is communicating with you effectively.
Let’s face it; with handy tools and tons of AI applications, you can help your website a little bit by implementing some practices according to data you generated from websites such as SEMRush, and Google Search Console. But you most likely don’t have time to read reports and measure your KPIs.
So, you decide to pay for an SEO company to make it easy for you. So, before inking any agreement, keep in mind that the communication process should be smooth, the specialist team should be accessible, and they’re open to holding meetings with you to discuss the project progress and suggest new alternative routes for the best outcome.     
The last and significant indicator that this company will be a good match is that they’re welcoming to educate you about what they’re doing and how to guarantee the desirable SEO results in the long run. 
It wasn’t hard to find us, right? That’s BRILLIANT! That means our SEO services work! And you should take advantage of it to generate conversion without traditional advertisement. 

 Let’s talk. Let us transform your website into a powerful lead generator!

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