Digital Strategy, Website and Content Marketing for Southern Spain’s Leading Estate Agent

Dream Spanish Homes

The Challenge

As experts in the Spanish property market, Dream Spanish Homes have excelled in providing amazing insights and guidance to property buyers predominantly from the British and Irish markets. Catering to a range of budgets, DSH offers a huge range of properties, from beachside apartments to large seaside villas. With such a broad portfolio of properties, Dream Spanish Homes required an extensive website composed of dozens of pages, highlighting several services as well as an extensive number of properties. Without a digital showcase for the properties, our client faced obstacles in achieving their potential.

Given the property markets’ saturated nature, it was vital that our client was able to demonstrate their expertise to prospective property buyers around several areas of southern Spain. However, a lack of content strategy and social media strategy limited their engagement.

Beautiful properties require beautiful presentation. Dream Spanish Home’s lack of video marketing content around their properties also meant that they weren’t promoted in an engaging, lead-focussed way.

With no digital strategy, content plan or marketing techniques, our client had plenty of room for improvement.

That’s where ProfileTree came in.

Our Approach

Focus on Increasing Sales

Following consultation with Dream Spanish Homes, the expert team at ProfileTree developed an extensive website for the company, incorporating all branding across its digital presence. This included a large collection of graphics and interactive buttons, as well as calls to action on each and every landing page. At ProfileTree, we believe that websites should serve as an extension of the business-customer relationship: and that is just what we achieved with Dream Spanish Homes.

Significant elements of our client’s digital transformation centred around video marketing. ProfileTree worked with the client to fly over to Los Alcázares, Murcia to meet with the client, prioritising properties and conducting filming and photography shoots at dozens of sites across the region. This footage was cut, edited and dispersed throughout the site, highlighting the site’s properties in a way that was engaging, visually appealing and most importantly, shareable.

In the digital marketplace, content is king. That’s why ProfileTree crafted optimised digital content across the site, from a flowing and compelling ‘About Us’ page through to property descriptions and service pages. Following a well-organised content strategy also allowed the client to demonstrate their expertise through a series of expertly-written blogs on a specially built page.

Overarching all of Dream Spanish Home’s digital transformation was an extensive social media strategy. ProfileTree consulted with our client, identifying a target market and crafting social content to engage, inspire and inform, sharing properties, announcements and other information with a focus on increasing sales.


Increase in monthly visitors

A flowing, secure and visually appealing website, leading to a 150% increase in monthly visitors.

Expertly recorded and edited video content, showcasing the client’s properties and locations.

Optimised, eloquent and informative written content and blog posts, increasing high performance keywords from 428 to 750.

A well researched, organised and resourced digital strategy to ensure the client’s success in the present and into the future.

Digital strategy for estate agents – what to consider? 

Designing and delivering a digital strategy for estate agents is absolutely necessary in this current digital age. There has been a major shift in how estate agents perform their services, instead of taking clients on property viewings that they have recommended, it is now the clients who are requesting to view particular properties. 

This is due to this exceptional growth of the online property market. Available properties are now at the fingertips of potential buyers and renters, they know what is out there and they know what they are looking for. As an estate agent, you need to be competing fiercely online by providing detailed information and quality content on the properties you have listed.  

Creating content for estate agents 

Due to the investment in property sales and rentals, the content needs to be incredibly high quality and expertly captured. Think about it, if you’re going to commit to a 30 year mortgage for that dream home, it had better be worth it, so why would you waste your time looking at a property that looks dreadful, tired or dated? 

We have said it before and we’ll say it again – content is king when it comes to delivering a successful digital strategy. This is particularly relevant for estate agents as they are selling a tangible product and most likely, they are selling one of the biggest purchases someone will make in their lifetime. 

Check out these types of content that are particularly useful for assisting estate agents with their digital strategy: 

Image content

Ever heard the saying a picture says a thousand words? Well this couldn’t be more true in the case of online estate agents. No matter how well you describe the property, the image is going to be the thing that piques your audience’s interests and increases the impact of your digital strategy. 

Images are the hook that has potential buyers and renters imagining themselves living there, how they would decorate it and who would stay where and in what room. Even if the property is dated and in need of a refurb, you still need to provide quality images in order to reel clients in. 

Because property sales and rentals are such a high purchase product, you really need to invest in taking some quality images. Images should be taken by a professional using a wide angle lens, in order to capture the scalability of the interior and exterior of the property. 

If you want your images to stand out from other estate agent competitors though, then it’s also worth looking into 360° images. These images provide a kind of virtual tour, where audiences can literally position themselves as standing in the middle of the room and looking around. 

Video content

Video is the most widely consumed form of media, it dominates social media platforms and has the potential to rank highly on search engine results. If you are seeking to deliver a successful digital strategy for your estate agent business, then video is most definitely a form of content that you want to explore and invest in. 

Video content allows for estate agents to promote properties in all of their glory. It communicates the size and scalability of a property and lends itself well to providing clients with a virtual tour before they undertake a physical viewing. 

What’s good about video content for estate agents, is that it almost provides a narrative for viewers, in that they can imagine themselves opening that front door, climbing those stairs and sitting out that back garden. It is the closest way possible of delivering a tour virtually to potential buyers and renters. 

Another advantage of video content for estate agents is that footage can be edited in post production, creating a bespoke piece of content that showcases the property in the best possible way. With transitions, music and a range of different angles, there is a real opportunity to create content that is impactful and able to generate audience interest. 

Blog content for estate agents 

Blogs are a great way for promoting certain areas that your estate agent business is selling properties in. They also have the ability to attract attention to your website or social media platform, which in turn increases your brand visibility and digital presence. 

10 blog ideas for estate agents 

  1. Everything you need to know about buying a property.
  2. What you should know before renting a property.
  3. How to go about selling your property? 
  4. How to apply for a mortgage?
  5. How to fix minor repair issues as a homeowner?
  6. How to start renting your property? 
  7. Predictions of the property market in 2023. 
  8. Places to eat in the local community.
  9. Places to visit in the local community.
  10. General house prices for these areas. 

Blogs give you the opportunity to be more personable with audiences and connect with them. They also offer an insight into what life is like in the local community or they can provide information in relation to property acquiring processes. Blogs are an ideal way to show off your expertise as a property agent and establish your brand as an industry expert in property management.  

Social media management for estate agents 

Social media management is another great tactic to use in a digital marketing strategy for estate agents. Social media is more conversational and you can adopt a casual tone with audiences in order to connect with them.

Social media also offers you the opportunity to present particular properties that you think clients will be interested in. Some estate agents include taglines such as “perfect for a first time buyer” or “would make a great family home” in order to garner interest from social media users. 

Even expensive properties that you think only a select number of people would be able to purchase, make for great social media posts. The extravagance of the property and the fact that it’s in a local area, usually results in locals tagging their friends and family to view the property and appreciate it. This is all good exposure and it subsequently raises your digital profile and increases brand awareness.

Website design for estate agents 

The website is the digital home of your online estate agent activities, it’s the place clients will visit if they want to view properties, schedule a viewing or book an appointment with one of your estate agents. As a general rule of thumb, the website design for estate agents should have clearly defined web pages for commercial properties, residential sales or residential lettings. 

What to include on a property agent website

Property agent websites should be centred around the properties themselves, they are the main product and should have a dedicated space on the website to present them. However, there are some other things that you may wish to include on a property website including: 

  • About us page
  • Filters for residential sales / residential lettings / commercial lettings
  • Details of property – space in m2, energy rating, facilities, etc 
  • Location / postcode filters
  • Blog page

A property agent website is an online space where you advertise properties to potential buyers and renters. The property aspect is the main focus and as such, content should be structured around that.

ProfileTree – experts in creating a digital strategy for estate agents

Here at ProfileTree, we have extensive experience in helping estate agents cultivate an online presence within the property market. If you would like to avail of our services, you can do so by getting in touch here.