Have you ever wondered how web pages are made? It is a long process that involves using HTML, a markup language that specifies how a web page should look and how developers present content using elements. In other words, it creates the structure of the web page.

HTML website templates are pre-built websites that contain HTML pages with integrated media, written content, and support files for JavaScript and font styles. They may be built using HTML or XHTML and may also include CSS and JavaScript codes. In this article, let’s explore four website builders that you can download free and paid HTML website templates from.


We should have heard about the advantages of HTML and how it is an independent platform that can work on all operating systems. It is easy to learn as it needs no setup and installation. You simply save your file with the .html extension, open it in the browser, and that is it. So, before we move on to the website builders, let’s explore the top uses of HTML.

1. Creation of Web Pages

Famously, web pages on the internet are created with HTML. Each web page has a collection of HTML tags and hyperlinks that are used to link pages together.

2. Internet Navigation

Without HTML, browsing the internet would have been a very time-consuming process. HTML’s anchor tags make linking pages together simpler. Anchor tags also make navigation easier by hyperlinking. Accordingly, traffic and user activity on the website will be increased.

HTML Website Templates

3. Incorporation of Pictures and Videos

HTML gives you options to change height, position, and even rendering type, making it simple to integrate images and videos. For videos, it allows you to change the controls, thumbnails, timestamps, and much more. Earlier, Flash was used for this process, but HTML’s video tag has made it easier.

4. Storage on the Console

With the help of localStorage and IndexedDB, HTML5 has made user-side storage possible to stop relying on cookies. Each of these strategies has its own set of rules.

LocalStorage offers string-based hash-table storage. The setItem, getItem, and removeItem functions are readily available to developers thanks to its simple API. However, IndexedDB is a more powerful and expansive user-side data storage. The user’s authorisation is required in order to expand the IndexedDB database.

5. Game Creation

Although HTML cannot be used to construct sophisticated high-end video games, it can be used to create 2D and 3D browser-based games utilising CSS and JavaScript and using the HTML <canvas> element.

6. Data Entry Assistance

Data entry is another important feature supported by HTML. Developers may easily add tags for drop-down boxes, required fields, lists, data formats, etc. and obtain data thanks to the use of the new HTML5 standards in all the most recent browsers. Several new characteristics for data entry and validation are now available in HTML5.

7. Use of Native APIs

As a developer, you can communicate easily with your operating system using HTML. HTML allows the use of Native APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), which allows you to do custom controls and functions without affecting page performance. So, you can effortlessly drag files into a web page to upload them, make a video full-screen, and many other things.

Website Builders to Get HTML Website Templates From

Now, let’s go through the different HTML website templates. Choosing an HTML website template can be tricky and overwhelming, especially if you’re using one of the website builders or creating one from scratch using visual code.

Right now, the best thing to do is to search for some of the readily available HTML website templates. Using any website builder, you may have a template as a plugin for WordPress or export the theme onto WordPress. Here are the best website builders that allow you to get free and paid HTML website templates.


Nicepage is an HTML5 builder that showcases a couple of different designs and features. It provides various website themes and covers all expected categories. On top of that, it provides various free website template block designs, some of which have a full-width slider. It also has an “About Us” page and other pages that you may need for your website.

Nicepage offers at least more than 10,000 free HTML website templates and is constantly updated. You can download any template for Windows or Mac. With it, you can design some beautiful websites using WordPress, Joomla, or HTML5 website builders.

Nicepage requires no coding at all and supports easy drag and drop. It is a mobile-friendly and responsive website. It is one of the websites where you may obtain free or paid templates. Thus, it is a nice one to work with.


Let’s check out another website where you can grab several HTML templates. This one is called webflow.com. It has products so that you can go for e-commerce, CMS, design, editor, or other options.

Webflow has a good number of free templates created by Weblow themselves or other people. You can choose from them depending on whether you’re creating an e-commerce or non-e-commerce website. If you click on one, you can download or use it for free. You may also preview any template in the browser for free. However, you need to sign into the account first.

Webflow provides you with an overview of the available features, including certain web fonts, symbols, responsive navigation, responsive design, and content management system (CMS) platforms. If you’re stuck and need some support, it offers you personalised help.


The next one on the list is Colorlib which offers HTML and CSS website templates, and that’s a little bit better. It has free and paid themes for WordPress.

Colorlib has various categories you could use for your HTML templates. They include Bootstrap 5, Business, Fashion, and Nonprofit. There are some distinct website templates, like Hosthub, Glint, and Kroos.

Choose the template you like the most. For example, we’ll preview the Glint. Once you click on it, you can see a brief glimpse and some description. Additionally, you can preview it from the website, download it, and get its theme documentation. The HTML template appears just as described. You can also see how modern the template is as it uses animation that pops off as long as you scroll down.

Colorlib is easy to navigate your way around. Additionally, you get access to several free and paid themes and website templates. Whatever category you choose, you can locate what you’re looking for. There are many distinct templates from which you can choose the one you need.

Overall, Colorlib has a perfect design. You can proceed to pay for that. It has three pricing plans: single, membership, and lifetime. The price is roughly $349 for the lifetime plan. However, it costs $129 if you want to access all templates for one year, get support and receive updates. If you want to only access all templates for one year, you can go for the single plan and pay $19 only.


Let’s move on to the next one, which is uiCookies. It has several free, responsive HTML website templates and Bootstrap themes that you can use for personal, professional, or commercial purposes.

Now, the simplest method to get started is to click on the blue icon “Browse all Items.” There are many possibilities available for you to choose from, either by category or through searching. You can search for something on the entire site or in a specific category. Then, you will get a list of various HTML website templates.

If you search for a specific template in the business and services category, you will get some free HTML website templates. You will get different free HTML templates if you choose the marketing category. However, remember to click on “Free Templates” at the top of the page to get only free HTML website templates.

To use the free HTML templates, just keep the credits in the footer. In other words, you can use the template as long as you provide some copyright. Using the copyright allows you to take the HTML website template for free.

uiCookies offers paid HTML website templates as well. If you look through the commercials, you could do a single template for $15 or all templates for $59, depending on your preference. All templates include the home, features, revisions, pricing, FAQ, and other elements. You can demo it as well to see how it will look. You would also pay for the one-page template, and it appears modern and nice.

uiCookies uses HTML5 and CSS3. It also allows you to optimise the HTML website templates for mobile, tablet, and desktop. Then, you can go and download any if you need. Additionally, you can choose different products for the same developer.

All in All

We have defined HTML and explored how it allows developers to create websites, build games, store data, facilitate data entry, navigate the internet, and more. Then, we went through the best website builders that provide free or paid HTML website templates. If you have any questions or comments, just leave them in the comments section below.

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