Have you ever found yourself quite captivated by a specific website and pondered over the exact WordPress theme they’ve utilised? We all do; it’s a common curiosity! With an astonishing array of over 11,000 WordPress themes, pinpointing the precise theme that has sparked your interest could feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

After thorough explorations and numerous trials, we’ve collated several user-friendly WordPress theme detectors and methods for your convenience. These will make unveiling this information as easy as pie. Fancy embarking on an enlightening journey into uncovering the secrets of WordPress theme detectors? Let’s hop to it, then!

Ways to Find Which WordPress Theme a Website Is Using

As a business owner or marketer, you get inspired when you know which WordPress theme a website is using. There are several ways to find this out. One method is to utilise online WordPress theme detectors. These tools can analyse the website and tell you which theme is being used.

Another way is to look at the website’s source code for references to the theme or stylesheet. This can involve viewing the page source and searching for keywords related to themes. Otherwise, you can contact the website owner directly about their theme.

Once you’ve identified the WordPress theme, you can customise it further. You can change the design and layout using built-in customisation options in your WordPress dashboard or using WordPress plugins to enhance its functionality.

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How to Manually Find A WordPress Theme

To manually find the WordPress theme used on a website, you can inspect the page source of a website. This will show you a lot of codes. Don’t worry! You only need to find “style.css” and look for the name or identifier of the theme being used. You may also look within the themes directory and wp-content subfolder to find such information.

Sometimes, the theme information is hidden or uses a particular stylesheet made just for that website. If this happens, use a WordPress theme detector to help you spot the theme.

Top 6 WordPress Theme Detectors

To quickly and accurately identify the WordPress theme used on a website, you can use WordPress theme detectors. Here are six of the most popular ones:

1. IsItWP

IsItWP is your go-to tool for finding the names of website themes. It’s free and easy to use, as you don’t need coding skills to nail it. Just put in a website’s link, and in no time, you get to know the theme and plugins this website uses. It does all this work online. So, wherever you are, whatever time it is, IsItWP comes in handy for quick WordPress theme detection.

2. What WordPress Theme Is That?

Another handy tool for figuring out the theme of a WordPress site is “What WordPress Theme Is That?”. This WordPress theme detector works well. You need to put the website’s link into it, and it tells you what theme the website uses. It can expose even those themes that are not from WordPress.

Not only does this tool find out about themes, but also plugins. Now, discovering what plugins your favourite websites use becomes easy. With this information, you can make your website even better. So, why wait? Try this WordPress theme detector today and uncover great ideas for your website.

3. WP Theme Detector

WPThemeDetector is a great WordPress theme detector to use often. It’s online, and it helps you find out what WordPress theme a website uses. It also tells you about the plugins used on this website. The best part is that it’s free!

WPThemeDetector helps in your website theme analysis journey. It gives detailed info on the theme and plugins used on any website. This makes picking a theme easier for anyone who works in business or marketing.

4. Sartori Studio’s WordPress Theme Detector

Sartori Studio’s WordPress Theme Detector also helps you find the name of a theme used on any WordPress website. With this tool, there’s no need to inspect source code manually. It saves you the time and effort you spend hunting down details about other sites’ themes and plugins.

Sartori Studio’s WordPress Theme Detector is easy to use. You type in the URL of the website you like, and it shows information about the used theme and plugins. When you know which theme and plugins this website uses, you get inspiration to improve your website.

5. Scan WP

Scan WP is another WordPress theme detector. It does not only share the theme’s name and URL. It also provides additional information, such as the theme price, percentage of use, screenshots, and even active plugins. It also has a cool feature that provides page insights in no time.

6. WordPress Theme and Plugins Detector

Unlike the abovementioned web-based tools, WordPress Theme and Plugins Detector is a browser extension that helps detect the theme and plugins used on any WordPress website. It also provides a comprehensive overview of this website in real-time.

This browser extension has an installable version in different operating systems, including Chrome and Firefox. It activates itself automatically when you access a WordPress website. Once you see its icon beside the jigsaw puzzle lit up, click on it, and you will find a pop-up message that shows the theme name and the WordPress plugins used on this website.

Tips for Customising the Theme

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Making changes in the WordPress Customiser or through CSS Code.

To customise the theme, you can make changes directly in the WordPress Customiser or through CSS code. You can also use plugins to enhance the theme’s functionality and add features like contact forms, sliders, or social media integration.

Making Changes to the Theme

Changing the design of a WordPress theme isn’t too hard. Taking small steps helps keep everything working smoothly while you create a fresh style for your website. The first step is to make sure your content stays safe. So, before making any changes, save your work just in case something goes wrong.

The second step is to start modifying the parts of the theme you want to change. For example, altering colours and fonts can help set a new tone for your website. If needed, plugins can give you more ways to shape your website’s look and function.

Plugins to Enhance the Theme’s Functionality

WordPress has a broad range of plugins that can enhance the functionality of your website. With these plugins, you can easily customise your theme and add new features without any coding knowledge.

Whether you want to improve the design, optimise your website to rank higher on search engines, or add e-commerce capabilities, there’s a plugin available for almost anything you can think of. By using these plugins, your website becomes more powerful and tailored to meet your specific needs.

Some popular plugins include:

There are plugins available that can enhance your chosen theme’s functionality even more. Remember that finding and customising themes is an essential aspect of managing an online presence effectively.

With these tips and methods in mind, you’ll be able to easily find out which WordPress theme a website is using and optimise it for your own business needs without any hassle. This will help business owners, marketing managers, and marketers easily understand the process without any confusion or additional information.


Finding out which WordPress theme a website is using can be a straightforward process. By utilising WordPress theme detectors or inspecting the source code, you can quickly uncover the information you need.
However, it’s important to remember that not all websites will have readily accessible theme information, especially if they’ve customised or modified their themes. In these cases, contacting the site owner for clarification may be necessary.


1. How can I find out which WordPress theme a website is using?

You can use online tools like “What WordPress Theme Is That” or Chrome extensions like “WPSniffer” to detect and identify the WordPress theme used by a website.

2. Can I find out the WordPress theme by viewing the website’s source code?

Yes, you can view the source code of a website and look for hints about the theme in HTML comments or CSS class names. However, this method may not always provide accurate results.

3. Are there any other ways to determine the WordPress theme used on a website?

Another way is to reach out to the site owner or web developer directly and ask them about their chosen WordPress theme.

4. Why would someone want to know which WordPress theme is being used on a website?

Knowing the WordPress theme of a successful or visually appealing site can help individuals gain inspiration for their own websites, replicate certain design elements, or understand how different themes work.

5. Do all websites use WordPress themes?

No, not all websites use WordPress as their content management system (CMS) or rely on pre-designed themes. There are many other CMS platforms and custom-built websites that do not utilise specific themes developed for systems like WordPress.

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