How to Create a Logo Online

How to Create a Logo Online

Every organisation should have a brand element that helps them stand out from the competition. This is usually the logo. Logos can stand alone as a mark or image, or add text to help explain what the brand is, what they do and what it stands for. It helps identify products and services and is designed for quick recognition.

Why does a company need a logo?

It is very important for a company to have a logo. When audiences can immediately identify who you are based on your logo, you have international appeal. People usually need an image to see in order to fully connect with your brand. Here are a few reasons why it’s needed:

  • Establishes a unique identity

Your logo is what gives you a space in the world. It signifies who you are and your intentions to make a statement.

  • Helps build brand equity

A logo helps a corporation look established and in some cases, bigger than what they really are. Every marketing piece with a well-designed logo on it gives the impression of an organisation that is going places and doing big things.

  • To get more clients

With so many people turning to online information whenever they come across a new brand, having a presence with a logo gives you credibility and helps them make purchasing decisions.

  • For expansion

Any business considering venture capital or selling their business has to have a complete marketing package in place. This includes a logo and other elements that suggest the brand is worth investing in or buying.

  • Stability

If you take the time to create a logo and brand image, you have invested time and money that needs to have some type of ROI. This also demonstrates to your customers that you are in it for the long haul and are here to stay.

  • Top-of-mind awareness

40% of individuals remember what they see. They may not remember a name, but they can associate your logo with your brand. When they are seeking services, they will look for your logo as a starting point.

  • To explain the business

Many corporations use logos to visually explain what they do. For harder to remember names, this is a great way to showcase your services without having to spell it out.

  • To meet expectations

As a business owner, having a logo is a given. Without one, you lack credibility. Your customers and the competition may not take you seriously. A logo helps you stand out to the masses, setting the stage for you to tell your story to the world.

  • Commitment

Having a logo brings a sense of satisfaction and commitment to any organisation. It demonstrates the challenge of what is, and the excitement of what’s to come. It welcomes a pride and belonging to everyone associated with the brand.

How to create a logo

A logo should be used on a consistent basis to ensure it becomes a part of your brand identity. It should be on every marketing tool and element of your organisation that will be presented to the public. That includes business cards, letterhead, signage, websites and digital marketing elements. Before creating a logo, it is important to understand what a good logo should contain:

  • Clear and readable text

If text will be included into the logo, it should be clear and free from distraction. The fonts used should always convey professionalism at the highest standards.

  • Simple colours

The colours of your brand should be simple, but impactful enough to make a statement. Depending on your industry, the colours should convey what your brand is, and how you will stand out amongst the competition.

  • Memorable imagery

If you are using imagery in the logo, it should be strong enough to tell a story and memorable enough to have a lasting impact in the minds of everyone who sees it.

  • It should be unique

The logo should be able to draw the attention of others and make a statement. It should be able to stand out among a crowd of logos. This can be accomplished by doing something different and straying away from frequently used icons or symbols.

  • Adaptability

The logo should be used across a number of elements. It is important to make sure it is scalable and adaptable to any size or use.

  • Timelessness

Your logo should be timeless and can be used in a variety of ways throughout the years. While it is always standard practice to update your logo after a certain time period, those original elements should still be present moving into the future.

  • Appropriate for the industry

There are certain industries where your design should reflect the professionalism associated with the culture. An attorney would not have a neon green logo with a race car on it, and vice versa. Some logos do not need to be fun or playful, and should convey what your industry stands for. Researching colours and how they convey meaning is a good step to take when designing logos for international appeal.

If you are just getting started, you may not have the resources to hire a professional designer to create a logo for you. In those cases, using an online logo creator may be the best option. There are a number of online logo tools that can help create a logo online. These tools will walk you through the process and help establish your brand. Create logo online software is very popular and can be found with a simple search. Here are a few options to consider:

This program allows individuals to create and design a logo for free using icons located in their database. It helps you decide what colours, shapes and text you like to create a professional logo.

This software has two versions – free and premium. With a straightforward interface, it has a large font selection, different templates to choose, and allows you to save and return to complete the project.

Shopify helps businesses brand themselves with their online logo maker. It’s free and helps those business owners who are getting started with Shopify present a more professional image.

Touted as the easiest and fastest way to design a logo for your business, companies can also use this platform for website design and other services. They also offer custom design if you feel as if you need assistance with your logo design.

What do you need to create a logo online?

Using the suggestions for creating a good logo, a good online logo creation tool, and your imagination are all the elements needed to design a logo that will resound within your organisation and your audiences. Having goals and objectives, and the strategic vision of the company in mind makes the difference.

Getting advice from a designer prior to starting to create your logo can provide insight and tips on the process, how different shapes can add value, or whether or not your colour scheme may be too much for the type of industry you are in. While you are not hiring them to create the logo, their assistance from a consultant level can make the difference between a subpar logo, and a professional logo that will make an impact on your audiences.

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