Over the past years, brand image has become more important than ever. Your brand needs to be instantly recognisable within your website, social media, adverts online and offline such as posters and also if you own a store online or offline.

An instantly recognisable brand helps to build trust with customers who will then help grow your brand by creating a strong impression on customers. Therefore, it is also important to have a well designed and recognisable logo for your business.

Both WIX and Squarespace offer a logo maker ideal for branding and if you’re on a budget, although if you can afford it, it may be worth going the extra mile and get the help of a designer to create a logo for your brand.

Today, we’ll compare the WIX Logo Maker against its Squarespace counterpart. Both logo makers work in very similar ways. Specifically, they are both quite limited in terms of editing and design.

Instead, they’re aimed at people who want to make professional looking logos, without studying for years to become a graphic designer.

Let’s take a closer look.

The Squarespace Logo Maker

Overall the Squarespace Logo Maker is a very limited maker. There are primarily three things in which you can edit on the Squarespace logo editor, which include the business/brand name, tagline and also the shape that is included within the logo.

This is the basics of a logo, which means that Squarespace might not be the logo maker for you if you want to include more details within the logo such as the established date of a brand, which you see on a lot of logos of older brands and brands with a more luxury style and shape.

Examples of this kind of logo include a lot of restaurants, food and drink brands, family-run businesses and sports teams. When it comes to web and technology logos, it is rare to see this style.

Overall the logo maker gives the user a limited freedom which may put potential users off using the service. This leads to many logos looking similar to others, so that unique touch you’re wanting might be missing from the logo.

We would estimate that for every 100 logos created using Squarespace, at least two would look almost identical except for the shape being used.

Squarespace Logo Maker: Ease of Use

One positive of the logo maker would be for individuals looking to create a quick and easy logo for the likes of a portfolio. Otherwise we would recommend using other logo makers or a designer to create a more striking and brand appealing logo.

Another positive of the logo maker would be its gallery of shapes. There are hundreds to choose from, so finding the right shape for your logo shouldn’t be too hard. An example of this would be tree shapes. Overall the maker has around thirty different tree shapes. This variety is evident when you search for other shapes. If you need a controller shape, there are almost fifty controller designs available and over thirty Zebra designs.

In terms of editing options, there is a small range of fonts to choose from and you can also choose the exact colour you need. You can move all elements of the logo around. A negative of these options is that you can’t adjust the spacing of the font such as the distance between each letter.

The WIX Logo Maker

Unlike Squarespace, the WIX logo maker asks questions about your brand before it creates a logo for you as well as the logo title and tagline. This is a massive positive as it can generate logos based on your industry, name and brand even before you need to edit.

Therefore in some rare cases WIX can generate a great looking logo without you needing to put your editing skills to use, apart from maybe the colour to match your brand.

When asking questions it also asks for the style of logo you’re aiming for. Options include luxury, fun, techy and hipster. This helps the maker again in helping to create a logo targeted towards your brand or business.

Whenever you answer all the questions, WIX will generate logo templates ideal for a brand like yours. One thing to note is that this is not your final template, so don’t worry if you want to edit the style later on in the design process.

WIX Logo Maker: Editing Options

These templates may seem very generic, but the main difference between WIX and Squarespace in their individual editors is that WIX has a lot more editing options, albeit it still is quite limited.

Within the WIX logo editor the elements of the logo you can edit are similar to Squarespace.

These are the name, tagline and icons of the logo. WIX also allows users to edit the shape of the logo and the background. WIX also has a vast icon gallery in which a user can search for a certain icon. It will generate the same kind of results as Squarespace.

The WIX logo maker has a lot more edit options compared to Squarespace including letter spacing, alignment of elements and sizes of the elements. It also has a larger font gallery compared to Squarespace.

The main negative of WIX is that you need to pay for the logo created. This is a real downside, especially if you don’t already have a WIX subscription of some kind. This will make WIX’s offering an unattractive option for many people.

Squarespace vs WIX Logo Maker: Which is Best?

Which logo maker is best for you will depend on a number of factors. These include budget, technical skills and even personal preferences. Additionally, if you’re already using either Squarespace or WIX for your website hosting, this is a clear selling point for their respective logo makers.

The purpose of this guide is to help you to decide which is best for you, by uncovering the key factors which separate these two logo making tools.

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