What is a logo? If you’ve set up a business you’ll know that telling customers who you are what you’re all about is vital. A logo could be your first, and most important, way of doing this.
The big question: how to make a logo work harder for your business?
Read on….

Why is a Logo Important?

A logo is important for your company for several reasons:. Firstly, it’s a direct and easy way to understand what your company’s idea or identity is. Secondly, it allows your company to stand out. A memorable logo can put you ahead of the competition in the minds of consumers.

Lastly, a logo can create brand loyalty between a company and it’s customers. A loyal customer is one you can count on for years.

After all, a great logo is a part of creating that kind of loyalty.

What is a Logo’s Purpose?

The purpose of a logo to grab the customers attention. That’s because people have a lot of information to take in every day.

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In fact, there’s so much going on in the average person’s life, a lot of the information around them is ignored and simply becomes background noise.

A striking logo encourages people to tune in and start engaging with a product or service, while a memorable logo removes you from the background noise into a topic a customer is now interested in exploring.

How is a Logo Made?

When making a logo there are several design elements to keep in mind:

Look At Your Competitors

Take a look at how the competition is presenting themselves. Are their logos bright and flashy or more understated? Do they use a flat design or more 3D elements? When looking at competitors, you can get an idea of what you should do to stand out

Your Message

Your logo should communicate a message about your company. Consider your target market and what they respond to, along with your own company’s culture


Your logo should be functional, no matter how it’s used. It should work on billboards or business cards, in both colour or black and white. A good logo can be scaled for a variety of formats

Avoid Clip Art

Clip art is unoriginal and generic. You want your logo to be one of a kind, that sets you apart from everyone else in your industry

Don’t Be Too Trendy

A good logo should last a long time. A logo lasting 10 or 20 years isn’t unheard. You shouldn’t rush to redesign your logo just because of some new design trend. Besides trends can quickly change and your new trendy logo can quickly become outdated.

What is a Slogan?

In addition to a logo, a  great slogan can also help define your company’s brand. In the simplest terms a slogan is a catchy or memorable phrase associated with your business. To write a good slogan keep these tips in mind

It Should Work With Your Logo. A slogan should be created after the logo and be partly based on it. The two should work together and have a common theme or element

A slogan should be quick, easy to read, and easy to understand. It shouldn’t be more than a sentence long.

If you can make your slogan witty without it coming across as cheesy or lame, do that. People remember jokes and witty phrases. So if humour plays well with your company image and branding, don’t be afraid to use it.

Be Honest. Don’t oversell yourself. A slogan shouldn’t be dishonest or something you couldn’t really do in the first place. Also, avoid slogans you can’t prove, such as saying you’re the ‘absolute best’ in your industry. Statements like that are vague and vary depending on the data used.

Types of Logo

Logos allow for a wide range of different designs. Here are some of the most common examples:


If your company has a long name, a logo based on your initials can work as a memorable logo. Think of government agencies or IBM, just two examples to explore


Simply the company name with a flashy design. Use of colours and typing settings, can make a simple company name into something memorable

A Picture Logo

A company logo can be a simple picture. For example, Twitter use a bird….a clever play on their name and what they do


Blend a picture logo with a wordmark or letter mark to create a complete logo. Combination logos can communicate a lot of information in a simple image. Fast food chains are a common example of logos like this.

Summary: How to Create a Logo

Logos aren’t something you should have done in a few hours or by someone inexperienced. They are an important part of your company brand and, if well made, can become an easily identifiable part of the wider culture.

When designing your logo, hire a professional designer with a record of success to create something people won’t forget. Good luck!

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