Over the past few years, TikTok has exploded in popularity, becoming one of the most influential social platforms for short-from video content. In this post we’ll be giving you some TikTok video editing tips – this app makes it easy for anyone to become a filmmaker and video editor! It is, however, a known fact that the most successful TikTok creators are those who use engaging editing techniques to make their videos more fun and compelling.

TikTok video editing can transform basic clips into viral sensations on the platform. With strategic use of popular music and audio, visual effects and filters, text, and more. The TikTok video editing tools that exist within the platform enable your videos to stand out amongst the crowd.

So, in this blog, we’ll be breaking down our top TikTok video editing tips to get your videos going viral! From textures and transitions to text guides and trendy tunes, we’ll be covering how to keep your audience hooked while showcasing your brand’s uniqueness.

An integral part of TikTok video editing is the audio – this influences the mood, sets the pace and amplifies the impact of the content. By choosing the right sounds and music, TikTok creators can enhance their videos and attract a wider audience. Here are some audio tips:

  • Embrace trending sounds and original music It almost feels like every day there is a new sound trending on this platform. One of our TikTok video editing tips is to keep a watch on these trending sounds (you can find these on the TikTok music charts), see what’s popular and incorporate them into your videos. By embracing these trending sounds within your TikTok videos, you can tap into trends, increase your visibility, and connect with a broader audience. TikTok’s integrations with major music platforms like SoundCloud allow creators to access emerging songs before they go mega-viral. Keep your soundtrack options fresh by checking back regularly for new music. Original music is great too because it adds a sense of uniqueness and can set your videos apart from the crowd. 
  • Leverage Audio Effects and Voice Modulation If you’re a business or TikTok creator who is perhaps a little nervous speaking in your videos, you can use TokTok’s voice modulation tools to choose a particular voice you want to have speak over your videos. These voices have different pitches, speeds, tones, and they can help add a playful or dramatic element to your TikTok videos.
  • Align Audio with Visuals – When doing some TikTok video editing, you should always look to align your video elements with your audio elements to create a really consistent and professional looking video. 
  • Volume – When you’re working on TikTok video editing, you’ll want to make sure your volume levels are perfect. For example, if you choose to have a voiceover with some background music, ensure that you can hear the voiceover loud and clear, and that the background music is not too distracting.

Compelling Video Structure

By crafting the flow of clips and transitions, creators can maintain viewer engagement and drive virality. One of our TikTok video editing tips is that, as a creator, you have seconds to grab viewers’ attention before they swipe up. 

Image of TikTok's user profile on the TikTok App (TikTok video editing)

You should start your video off with an eye-catching first frame whether this be a hook in a text format, close-ups, humour, or a surprise. Follow these techniques with sequenced shots that build intrigue and lead viewers on a focused editing journey tailored for scrolling feeds.

In the fast-paced world of TikTok, quick cuts and dynamic transitions are essential for maintaining viewer interest. Short clips and smooth transitions between them create a sense of excitement and keep the video engaging. 

Just like a narrative, a TikTok video can follow a storytelling arc, with a clear beginning, middle, and end. This structure provides a sense of purpose and keeps viewers invested in the video’s progression.

Using these TikTok video editing tips will improve the engagement of your video from viewers and keep them wanting to watch on. 

Image of TikTok's user profile on the TikTok App (TikTok video editing)
Adopt a compelling video structure to help grab audiences’ attention

Adding Visual Flair with Effects and Transitions

Visual effects and transitions are the TikTok video editing tools that can take your videos to the next level. Businesses and TikTok creators alike can add creativity, personality and visual appeal to their content through adopting these techniques.

TikTok offers its creators a range of different effects, from colour grading effects to filters and animated elements. Experiment with different effects and adopt those that complement your video’s theme and enhance the overall visual style and message. 

Transitions are another important visual element for use within TikTok video editing. Experiment with the many different transitions that TikTok offers within its app; this can make your video more appealing and engaging to audiences as it helps it to stand out from others in their feeds and makes your video more unique. Tip: faster videos tend to perform better, so modernise your editing pace and punctuation with engaging movement between frames.

Augmented reality (AR) filters can add a touch of interactivity and realism to TikTok videos. They can transform the environment, overlay objects or characters, and even interact with users’ movements.

It’s not necessary to adopt every single one of these elements in every single video you edit on TikTok, but by leveraging the many TikTok video editing tools available in-app, you can create videos that will attract viewer attention and engagement.

Image of TikTok video editing screen from phone
Use different transitions to create a sense of uniqueness to your TikTok videos

Typography and Text for Enhanced Communication

Text is becoming a more important part within TikTok video editing. By carefully crafting the use of text, businesses and creators on TikTok can enhance their storytelling and convey messages effectively, connecting with their audience on a deeper level. Here’s some of our TikTok video editing tips for text:

  • Clear and Consistent Font Choices: It’s crucial when using text within your TikTok video editing, to choose a font that is easy to read whilst also matching the aesthetic of your video and your branding overall. Avoid using different fonts as this creates visual clutter.
  • Use Colour and Placement Effectively to Enhance Text Visibility: Similarly to font choices, it’s important to choose a colour for your text that will be readable, help it to stand out, while still maintaining your brand identity and image. Avoid using colours that are too close to the background or that blend with other visual elements. The placement of text is crucial for ensuring that it is visible and impactful. Avoid placing text over visual elements or in areas that are easily missed.
  • Integrate Text with Audio and Video for Compelling Storytelling: Text can play a powerful role in augmenting the storytelling of your TikTok videos. Use text to introduce key elements, provide captions, or highlight important takeaways. Align the text with the audio and video to create a cohesive and engaging narrative. It’s important to use text as captions in videos with voiceover to enhance accessibility for all TikTok users.
  • Use Text to Drive Engagement and Calls to Action: Strategically placed text can encourage viewers to interact with your videos, follow you, or visit your website. Use text to ask questions, provide instructions, or offer calls to action that align with your video’s purpose.
Someone listening to audio from their phone wearing headphones
Integrate text with the audio and video elements within your TikTok video

Key Takeaways on TikTok Video Editing

In terms of TikTok video editing, the platform offers a lot of opportunities for amateur to skilled video editors to create engaging and compelling content. A few simple tweaks can transform basic video clips into captivating viral content.

By harnessing popular sounds, music, effects, text, transitions and more during your TikTok video editing, creators and businesses alike can shape videos that grab attention fast. Compelling structure keeps viewers glued to screens even during quick cuts between short scenes. While visual enhancements layered through text, filters and AR build intriguing video style.

While TikTok video editing is user-friendly, understanding key features that perform well can help you upgrade any video. Balancing trends with originality and purpose helps to build connection with viewers. Test which editing combos best showcase your niche, brand and content goals through analytics.

With these TikTok video editing tips, adding professional polish and personality to videos is simple. Unleash engaging videos that viewers want to like, share and remember.

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