LinkedIn Collaborative articles are a relatively new feature within the platform of LinkedIn, having launched in March 2023. Unlike regular articles, collaborative articles on LinkedIn allow you to create content in collaboration with other users on the platform. 

You might be asking yourself, why would I make use of this feature? Within this blog we will dive into consider the full potential of this feature, inclusive of some tips and tricks to get you started on your journey of creation. 

Why Should I Consider Creating LinkedIn Collaborative Articles?

LinkedIn collaborative articles

As LinkedIn is primarily a professional networking platform, it makes sense that its creators would establish a space in which users can collaborate on content, both to strengthen business relationships and also to encourage and foster content that is strong and has input from a wide range of industry professionals. 

In a world where AI is thriving, this feature is arguably a way for LinkedIn to stand out from the crowd and nurture a space in which human, industry expertise can shine. 

Collaborative articles also allows LinkedIn as a platform to grow its content bank, showcasing it almost as a search engine, full of knowledge. 

What Are The Benefits Of LinkedIn Collaborative Articles?

An opportunity to expand your page’s potential reach and visibility to other content creators.

Collaborative articles have the potential to be viewed by a much broader audience than just your immediate network. This is an opportunity then to increase being viewed as an expert in your field, by a much wider range of people. Building a stronger reputation and establishing yourself as a knowledgeable figure in your industry, is exactly what the platform gives users the opportunity to do and has explosive potential for the future of your LinkedIn page and its reach.

A chance to gain some valuable insights and perspectives from other industry professionals.

By collaborating with others, you can gain understanding of a diverse range of experiences and perspectives and learn new things. This can lead to enrichment and further your understanding of a particular topic or challenge in your relevant industry, or other industries. This cross-pollination of ideas can lead to more creative and well-rounded solutions and encourages a continuous evolution of knowledge.  

LinkedIn collaborative articles: A video explaining how to deactivate an old LinkedIn account.

A digital way to build relationships and network with other like-minded industry professionals.

Collaborative Articles provide a platform to connect with individuals who share your interests and expertise. You can engage with fellow contributors, exchange ideas, and build meaningful relationships that can foster professional growth.

You may also come across business pages or users that are relevant to your industry and that you could potentially add to your own network. LinkedIn collaborative articles give you the chance to establish an understanding of other users skill-set and how you potentially collaborate or work together.

Boosting your validation by earning recognition and badges.

LinkedIn acknowledges top contributors to Collaborative Articles by awarding them Community Top Voices badges. These badges can serve as a validation of your skills, expertise and knowledge and looks impressive on your profile. 

Increase your future engagement and attract potential clients.

Collaborative Articles can help you attract new followers, clients, and potential employers who are interested in you and your industry expertise. This can open up new opportunities for collaborations, partnerships, and career advancement, as users scroll through collaborative articles. When they see your added content they may then connect with you and hope to collaborate in the future. 

Other professionals may also share collaborative articles to their network. This produces potential to expose your content and your expertise to a wider audience who may then choose to follow you. This wider network may also consider sharing the collaborative article, pushing your profile to a wider audience.

Collaborative Articles often discuss emerging trends and best practices in various fields. Grabbing the opportunity to engage with these discussions can keep you informed about the latest developments in your industry. This can really help you stay ahead of the curve and have knowledge of relevant issues or concerns.

Conducting in depth research.

LinkedIn collaborative articles
Creating a Search Engine Within The LinkedIn Platform

LinkedIn collaborative articles are slowly but surely, creating a search engine within the LinkedIn platform. This collection of expertise advice provides a space in which users can seek out content that is relevant and written by industry experts.

How To Create LinkedIn Collaborative Article

  1. Go to to access collaborative articles. These articles are categorised by topic headlines. 
  2. Choose a relevant topic: Before you start writing your own LinkedIn Collaborative article or adding to someone else’s, take the time to consider what topics are currently relevant to you and your industry. Conversation starters are powered by AI, so take time to do your research. As multiple users contribute to the articles, it’s important to consider if the subject matter is interesting and in depth enough to encourage others to add to it. 
  3. If you are the initial owner of the article you are the primary author and therefore have control over the content. You will also have control over the final editing of the article so you approve the article additions. 
  4. Read the article in its entirety and then consider if it is worth adding your own insights to the article. 
  5. Note that your additions have similar engagement options as a post on LinkedIn. Other users can ‘like’ your additions. 
  6. Share the article to show not only your own expertise but also develop strong relationships with others in your industry. This will perhaps generate engagement and grow your network. 

LinkedIn Collaborative Articles: Expanding Your Potential Within The Platform

LinkedIn collaborative articles present a great opportunity to share your knowledge with a wide network of industry professionals. Each addition or contribution to someone else’s article, or starting your own, generates a range of potential future collaborations.

It’s evident that there are a wide range of possibilities within the feature. LinkedIn collaborative articles not only enhance the depth and breadth of content available but also provides a valuable opportunity for networking and professional growth.

So, whether you’re hoping to establish thought leadership, engage in industry-specific discussions, or simply expand your professional network, LinkedIn collaborative articles really offer extensive dynamic and interactive ways to achieve your goals and put your LinkedIn page on the map.

By leveraging the potential of LinkedIn collaborative articles users can significantly increase their visibility, influence, and connectivity on the platform, potentially unleashing new avenues for professional development and collaboration.

So what are your thoughts? Are you already adding content to LinkedIn collaborative articles? Has this blog inspired you to do so? Let us know in the comments below.

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