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Copyright vs Trademark: The Crucial Differences Every Creator Needs to Know in 2024

ProfileTreeProfileTree // 18th February 2024

Copyright covers intellectual property and artistic works. Image credit: AmazonAWS

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Product Liability – A Complete Guide to Insurance for Small Businesses in 2024

ProfileTreeProfileTree // 14th February 2024

Any business can suffer product liability claims, which is more likely in some industries than others. Image credit: Buckfirelaw.com

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Why Should Your Business Have a Social Media Policy?

ProfileTreeProfileTree // 25th January 2024

It is a legal and ethical necessity that companies have governing policies for different aspects of their business. This would include an internal code of conduct, health and safety policies as well as a code of conduct for any networking. Having a social media policy set in place is extremely important to protect your business, […]

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Purchasing Company Insurance: Ultimate Guide

ProfileTreeProfileTree // 21st January 2024

There are many different kinds of business risk. Image credit: Purdue.edu

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Unlocking the Secrets of YouTube New Rules: Optimizing Your Content for Success

ProfileTreeProfileTree // 21st November 2023

Image credit: CardMapr.ni

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What Is Copyright Infringement? A Complete Guide to Identifying and Preventing Violations

ProfileTreeProfileTree // 3rd January 2024

Google faces over 2 million copyright infringement claims every week. Image credit: Statista

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Non-Copyrighted Images: How to Use Them Without Getting into Bother

ProfileTreeProfileTree // 7th December 2023

Creating visual content is one of the biggest priorities for marketers today. Image credit: CloudFront

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Master Fair Use Copyright Laws for Content Creation

ProfileTreeProfileTree // 26th March 2024

Copyright law is a complex field. Most business owners don’t fully understand it. In particular, fair use copyright confuses many businesses. After all, how can there be situations where it’s okay to use someone else’s copyrighted works? Fair use copyright ensures the protection of intellectual property, but it allows other creative people to build on […]

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What is Copyright Statute of Limitations? Basic Guide

ProfileTreeProfileTree // 17th November 2023

These days, most copyright claims online are in the music industry. Image credit: StatCDN

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How to Copyright Assets: 5-Step Guide

ProfileTreeProfileTree // 14th November 2023

There are several stages to registering a copyright. Image credit: BiatConsultant

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Ethics and Legalities of Digital Marketing 101: Safe, Secure and Responsible Practices

ProfileTreeProfileTree // 26th December 2023

In this article, we are going to discuss the ethics and legalities of digital marketing. As a business, it is of utmost importance to ensure that your digital marketing operates within the boundaries of ethics and legalities in digital marketing, otherwise it could spoil your reputation and damage your brand.

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GDPR Training: What You Need to Know

ProfileTreeProfileTree // 17th December 2023

Data Protection is a fundamental right of all European Citizens. Image credit: European Commission

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