Building Confidence and Network Marketing Success

Self-Confidence Tips with Bernie Allen – Business Success Academy

How to build confidence? Our video interview with speaker and coach Bernie Allen is filled with self-confidence inspiration.

Bernie, of Income Lifesaver, talked about her 30 years of entrepreneur experience and how her knowledge has helped others to achieve their goals.

Our Business Leaders video interview explores these topics in full and also includes valuable network marketing advice.

Bernie began by drawing on the early part of her business expertise to explain how it shaped her overall entrepreneurial life: “My traditional businesses were the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, I had a restaurant in Carrickfergus and I had a newsagents on the Upper Newtownards Road.

“My restaurant was in a mall…and it was going to be the mall of the future. Unfortunately shop after shop after shop closed down, so I’m sitting with a 60-seater and no one coming through the door. My little newsagent wasn’t going to make me rich but it was going to pay the bills. Six doors up they opened the first garages in Northern Ireland where you could get your lunch and your diesel and your coffee and get your everything. It literally swallowed me up.

“That was roughly about 25 years ago, and it left me in business debt of just under £80,000…but it was a blessing for me, because I would not have looked outside the box where I was thinking, like a lot of people, that traditional business is the only avenue to go down.

“I was introduced to the world of home-based businesses, and asked if I wanted to have a look at it. I had no money to get started in anything, and I didn’t know if I wanted to do business or not because it was hard. Thankfully I looked at it.

“That was the start of my journey and over the past 25 years I have helped people make millions, I have turned over millions in the home-based, network marketing industry. From that I was asked to do motivational speaking, keynote speaking and private coaching.”

This also led Bernie to set up her own ‘confidence academy’ where she teaches people the importance of “being confident, speaking on stage, how to go and speak to people” as well as coach people in success through home-based business.

The motivational specialist looked at self-confidence with a fascinating, fresh take on lack of confidence: “People think they are born that way, people think ‘oh, I was never a confident person’.

“Well, it isn’t you. It’s the environment you were in that you took on. It’s the things people say to you, you hear it in a different way…you believe it and you don’t know where it comes from. It’s developed, it’s not there from birth.”

For a much deeper dive into motivation, working from home and more see our full video.


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