Ever since the introduction of the world wide web, people have been focused mainly on reproducing content. A good portion of the internet users turned to what is known as blogging. Articles of all sorts and lengths flood the internet daily in various niches you didn’t even know existed. Not only that, but blogging has become a big part of large corporations and businesses. The effect and outreach of a simple blog proved to be too big an opportunity to pass by digital marketers. Although the concept is the same, the blogging scene differs in every country, city, or area. Of course, you can blog about anything you like, but in order to capitalize on your words, you need a plan. This plan starts with studying the current tides of the blogging community. This article is about how to become a Belfast blogger.

belfast blogger

Blogging as a Practice

The world is much more supportive of innovative ideas today. Actually, more people are bringing home the bacon by directing their interests. And keeping in mind that it might appear to be impossible, beginning a blog could be synonymous with beginning a business.

Blogging can be a promoting strategy for your independent venture or a source of income on its own. Before learning how to become a Belfast blogger, you need to familiarise yourself with blogging in general.

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Types of Blogs

There are many types of blogging styles you can adapt, and it all depends mostly on two things: what you’re good at, and what is getting more views at the moment, but mostly the former. You don’t want to start a video blog when you don’t even know how to compress video.

Become a Belfast Blogger - Belfast Underpass

Traditional Blog

belfast blogger

A few bloggers simply need to compose. There are various potential points, going from interests (for example, heating or angling) to self-improvement. In many cases, these sites may highlight media, similar to a photograph or video, that fits the bit of composing.

Systems administration is a vital element for achievement in the blogging business. Making associations with different bloggers, which can bring about coordinated efforts and approaching connections, enables increment to movement and validity for your webpage.

Photo Blogs

As content turns out to be progressively visual, a photo blog is an incredible method to connect with your intended interest group. Locales, for example, Tumblr enable clients to post or “reblog” pictures and offer caught or carefully made photographs of their regular day-to-day existences.

Like conventional web journals, photograph web journals can have words alongside pictures, for example, subtitles or words that supplement the scene. Be that as it may, the page is essentially fixed with pictures instead of word sections.

The most critical segment of a photograph blog’s prosperity consistency. On the off chance that you discover an idea you like, continue dealing with it. Individuals won’t discover you overnight.


Vlogs, or video online journals, enable you to share your knowledge through recordings, as a rule of yourself. YouTube has a great many maturing vloggers, from cosmetics craftsmen to comics, who make up this quickly developing section of the blogging group.

Act naturally. By making recordings that energize you and express your gifts and energy, you emerge. Moreover, you’re ready to draw in your group of onlookers and appreciate the procedure.

Top Blogs in Belfast and Northern Ireland

Now that you have a lay of the land in general, it’s time for the second step in your journey to becoming a Belfast blogger. You need to know your competition. Of course, these bloggers are all well established and each in their own little corner of the internet, with their own audience. However, what they have in common if nothing is one thing: They all have successful blogs. You need to follow them and learn how they influence the public, not only in Northern Ireland but all over the world.

1.      Ivona Moore

Classroom right-hand Ivona Moore has turned an enthusiasm for excellence and nourishment into a lucrative business on account of her 64,000 or more devotees on Instagram and the time and exertion she puts resources into her blog.

The Lithuanian-conceived mum-of-one, who has lived in Northern Ireland since she was 13, set up the blog a year back in light of the fact that she was routinely utilising Instagram to look for form, make-up and home insides motivation.

Her outwardly striking photos are taken by her significant other Gary and Ivona says her USP is genuineness — she just surveys items she prefers.

She has worked with brands including Garnier, Boohoo, Elizabeth Arden, AX Paris, H&M, Wallis, Quiz, Jack Wills, and Pandora. She was even welcomed to go to Paris Fashion Week. Benefit relies upon the brand and spending plan for each battle.

Ivona is as of now as yet filling in as a classroom aide — a vocation that she cherishes — however as her influencing business develops, she may need to rethink her future.

2.      NI Gossip Guy

NI Gossip Guy was set up by Newry man Neil Cole in 2013 as a diversion and way of life blog. It is consistently refreshed.

On Twitter, NI Gossip Guy is a confirmed profile with 19,300 supporters and a week by week reach of 60,000. The readership breakdown on Twitter is chiefly male (65pc to 35pc female) and the age aggregate 25– 54.

On Facebook, NI Gossip Guy has a week-after-week reach of 100,000 and more than 30,000 preferences and supporters. The breakdown of perusers on Facebook is fundamentally female (60pc to 40pc male) and of a comparable age range to Twitter.

On Instagram, Neil (above) has 11,500 adherents and 90,000 impressions for each week (excluding Instagram stories, which get around 4,000 perspectives). The age assemble is more youthful, 18– 45, and devotees are for the most part male.

Among the huge brands Neil has worked with are Heineken, Diageo, Aer Lingus, River Medical, Martina Collins Dentistry and a few attire brands. He intends to extend the blog one year from now.

3.      That Belfast Girl

Set up by Belfast blogger Gemma Louise Bond, That Belfast Girl started life as an understudy blog called Champagne Lifestyle, Student Budget.

It offered tips to kindred understudies on everything from mold to magnificence to ordinary issues influencing high school young ladies.

In any case, the blog developed gradually after some time to That Belfast Girl, and Gemma Louise, who’s currently 25, expounds on issues affecting young ladies.

Her blog is especially content-driven, and she cooperates routinely with perusers. Her productive nearness crosswise over online networking stages helped Gemma Louise get an occupation in showcasing while as yet taking a shot at her blog.

In the vicinity of 30,000 and 40,000 individuals read the site every month, while on Facebook she has 12,000 supporters.

Brands Gemma Louise has worked with incorporate Marks and Spencer, Aviva, Benefit Cosmetics and Diet Coke.

4.      Gluten Free Fi

At the point when Belfast blogger Fiona McCartan was determined to have coeliac ailment, she chose to record her sans gluten travel in a positive light by posting formulas on Instagram. A sharp cook, she needed to demonstrate that sans gluten nourishment could be nutritious and delectable, and her formulas soon won her supporters in the US, UK, Ireland and Australia.

Fiona at that point set up her own site, Gluten Free Fi, and extended the substance to incorporate way of life, eatery proposals, lodging and travel surveys.

Her site has a month to month readership of around 11,000, however her principle stage, Instagram, has developed from 1,000 supporters in the initial couple of months to around 36,500.

She has worked with various sans gluten nourishment brands including Mash Direct and the natural skincare and sunless tanning organization Vita Liberata.

5.      Tiffany Brien

Previous Miss Northern Ireland Tiffany Brien set up her first Facebook blog to archive her year as a glamorous lady, before propelling her massively well-known wellness blog, Peanut Butter Girl. Originating from a cruising foundation, Tiffany had dependably been keen on wellness and set up the blog to offer guidance on adhering to a good diet and exercise. It took off rapidly and as of now has around 95,000 adherents.

Tiffany says Instagram is presently the best online networking promoting stage as the visual effect tends to attract more individuals. She has around 48,500 devotees on Instagram, hoarding many ‘preferences’ for each post.

Her following is 80% female and her posts cover subjects, for example, wellness, sustenance, excellence, mold and home insides.

Tiffany works for a bequest operator, yet her blog has turned into a major cash making wander. And also having a year-long contract with Dale Farm, she has additionally worked together with Linwoods, Argento, the Home Show and CastleCourt.

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6.      My Sister’s Closet

This famous boutique, form name and blog was set up by Co Tyrone sisters Anita and Donna Ross. The Dungannon sisters’ blog has been such a major hit, to the point that RTE moved toward them about their own form online arrangement, named after their blog.

The arrangement sees them offering shopping exhortation to ladies from ordinary wear to how to dress to awe for exceptional occasions. The blog has more than 100,000 devotees on Facebook and around 30,000 on Instagram, and the sisters have fabricated up a dedicated fan base of fashionistas crosswise over Northern Ireland and past.

How to Blow Up as a Belfast Blogger?

Now you have your inspiration and your basic knowledge to start your blogging career. After having a good idea on what you want your blog to look like, and where you will host it, it’s time to think content.

In order for your blog to blow up, not only in Belfast but anywhere in the world, you need to offer something unique. This is why (at least in the beginning) you’ll find that the most popular blogs serve a particular niche or demographic.

The idea is to become an essential resource to a group of people that will become your most loyal fans. And it only starts from there; Once you go viral, your traffic will increase exponentially, and so will your income. Which brings us to our last piece of the puzzle.

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How to Monetise Your Blog?

Blogging may appear like an unlikely vocation decision, yet with the correct mentality, commitment, and exertion, you can prevail as an outstanding and very much regarded blogger.

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1.      Selling a Digital Good/Service

One of the main sources of income to a blogger is selling something on their blogs directly. An e-book for example, is a product you can readily find on most blogs and websites.

Another thing you can sell is your experience. If you are a resource in writing for example, you can give courses and seminars on how to write. If you are good with a certain program, like Adobe Photoshop for example, you can sell just that. The idea is to capitalize on your success immediately.

2.      Selling Affiliate Products

As a Belfast blogger you don’t need to make your own items to make profit. With a fair number of endorsers, you may draw in organisations searching for associations to advance and sell their products.

3.      Display Ads

Showing advertisements is an exemplary method to win a benefit on your site. While they aren’t the most beneficial decision, you can profit in the event that you have moderately high traffic. Google Adsense, media.net and Infolinks are famous promotion systems, to start with.

From Belfast Blogger to Legitimate Business

The one thing all successful bloggers have in common is that at some point they start to think bigger. When you are finished with the preparation, it’s an ideal opportunity to scale: contract authors, virtual partners, tech experts (for keeping up the blog, taking a shot at your site’s security, dealing with your blog, customization, and issue determination), planners, and advertisers for your blog

A few web journals develop into media fat cats, for example, TechCrunch and Mashable. Others transform into web based business commercial centers. A few online journals fill in as a showcasing vehicle to other manageable organizations. Most websites, be that as it may, stay put as individual diaries.

The approach you take to blogging figures out what leaves a very long time of thorough exertion. From a strict financial aspects perspective, you’ll should be remunerated somehow for this exertion. Without an arrangement and the correct approach, no measure of hurling and sweating gets you where you need to go as a Belfast blogger.

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