What Is Influencer Marketing?

What is influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is popular for good reasons and, if done right, it may end up having unparalleled growth, sales and results for a brand. Let’s take a closer look at the basics…


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Influencer Marketing Defined

Influencer marketing involves two terminologies; influence and marketing.

Influence involves the capacity of having an effect on development, character, or behaviour of something or someone, or the full effect itself while marketing is the action or the business of promoting and selling some products and services.

Influencer marketing is therefore defined as the process of promoting or selling goods and services through other people (influencers) that posses the capacity of having an effect on a brands character.

Simply put, influencer marketing involves the process of identifying, undertaking research, supporting and engaging with individuals with the ability of creating high-impact dialogue with customers about a given brand, services and other services.

Even though influencer marketing appears to be fashionable right now, it is important to note that it is not a new concept as such. This is an exercise that has been taking place for a long time. Athletes, celebrities, and influential leaders have been one of the main influencers in their respective fields with a lot of brands willing to command a huge market share partnering with such people for purposes of promoting the services and products that they are offering.

Why Influencer Marketing?

Ever wonder why influencer marketing has turned out to become unique in the present age? Social media communication has gone has gone ahead to level the playing field while giving everybody a chance to share their voice. Anybody with access to internet can go ahead to share their content and opinion, and if they do it well enough, then they become influencers.

Today, big and small brands are beginning to allocate a significant number of their budgets to their respective influencer marketing initiatives. A lot of companies are scrambling to create divisions while hiring staff with sufficient experience to execute influencer marketing as part of their individual service offerings.

Influencer marketing is an important and one of the best strategies that companies can use, and if done correctly, it can single handily be one of the biggest catalysts for the growth of a business.

Social Influence Marketing

Influencer marketing entails a lot of aspects. It is important to note that social influencer marketing is, somewhat, a relatively new marketing form that goes along to utilise the social influence of a number of personalities such as bloggers, celebrities, and thought leaders among others for purposes of influencing consumer behaviour.

Influencer marketing may be defined as some form of marketing that emerged from a number of studies and practices whereby focus is placed on a specific number of key individuals as opposed to the target market.

However, influencers are the people who make everything possible. Influencers are typically blogging and social media mavens who command a massive and loyal following that have the power to affect customer decisions to a one of the highest degrees. Influencers are almost found in every social platform and in every niche that is unimaginable.

Today more than ever, companies willing to remain relevant in the face of increased competition realise that in order to do so, social media influencers are necessary. As mentioned earlier, social influencers are crucial to successful and increased brand exposure in addition to sales. Influencers go ahead to take a significant number of routes aimed at collaborating with brands on a number of influencer campaigns.

Why Social Inflencers?

If you wonder why a significant number of companies rely on social influencers for purposes of promoting their products and services, then consider that among other reasons, a lot of people may find themselves purchasing or seeking the services of a certain company based on social influencers that the said company chooses to use.

There are a lot of people who are most likely to purchase goods or seek the services of certain companies based on the social influencers that are used. There are a number of influencers who have managed to gather huge followings based on aspects such as their dress codes, quirkiness, authority, and their voice among others. Luckily, a majority of companies willing to capture a significant market share have tried their best to use such people to promote the goods and services that they offer.

There are a host advantages associated with working or establishing connections with social influencers. With social influencers in place, companies have higher chances of cultivating or building positive relationships with their client in enabling a firm have the control of its social influence campaign coupled with the ability of enabling companies direct their content where they wish.

As of today, there are hundreds of influential persons across the society that companies and other brands have relied on for purposes of selling or promoting their products and services. A lot of companies have resorted to such means for selling more of their products and services.

Social Media Influencers: How Much Do They Make?

Publishing and blogging across several social media channels can be a hobby to a number of people, and a full-time career for other people. Most social media influencers that are in business today have discovered that there are a number of ways that they can take if the intention is to monetize their passion in addition to turning it such a passion into a professional and profitable profession.

The amount of money that influencers get paid for their marketing initiatives depend on a number of factors such as their terms and scope of work, their chosen platform on which they use, their category or niche, and their reach or the number of people who visit or follow influencer’s platforms or sites. Influencers make a significant amount of money that enables them feed their families. There are some people who believe that social media influencers make little money.

So, how much money do social media influencers make? Some of the most prominent social media influencers make good money. For instance, some of the most sought-after influencers make more than £20,000 while others make or rather more than £2,500 to £4,500 per post.

Furthermore, others are known to charge between £20,000 and £100,000 in a single campaign only. As of now, among other sites, YouTube is regarded as one of the most supreme sites with one of the most followed influencers with more than 7 million subscribers that are able to command slightly more than £300,000 for video partnerships only.

Influencer Marketing Examples

Influencer marketing is established as one of the most important types of online of online internet or online marketing strategies, and it has transformed to become more than just an initiative used by business regardless of their sizes that cannot afford traditional advertising revenues/fees.

A number of business entities are lately realising that influencer marketing assist them reach their respective target audiences. The following are apt examples of influencer marketing done right.

Inspiring Use of Influencers

One of the best examples of influencer marketing include Subaru’s campaign that feature that featured three superstar influencers. Here, Subaru went ahead to solicit the assistance of three most influential influencers that assisted them for video expertise with such an advertisement reaching millions of people across the globe.

Wal-Mart and Tinder are also apt examples of firms that have employed influencer marketing in a bid to promote or market their products to their customers. Wal-Mart, the retail giant once partnered with more than five Instagram influencers for purposes of raising funds aimed at Feeding America.

On the other hand, in a bid to advertise and market is growing and most preferred online dating service, Tinder sought the help of six Instagram influential and meme and the help of Whitney Cummings to do so. This is a campaign that subsequently bolstered Tinders’ reputation as a conscious, self-aware, and modern company that is caring of its users.

Summary: Influencer Marketing Strategies And Statistics

Influencer marketing is an exercise that is lately being a lot of companies across all industries. The benefit of influencer marketing is that a company can tap into a ready market that is being held by the influencer.

Regardless of the market segment that you are targeting, there will always be an influencer that will resonate well with them.

Of course, a company needs to carry out a comprehensive data collection exercise to understand the market needs vis a vis its products.

This is referred to as marketing analysis.

Through varying out this marketing analysis, a company will have the data that it needs in order to carry out a statistical analysis to ensure that its product(s) will be received well in the market.

Statistical analysis will ensure that any relationship between the different influencers can be identified. For influencer marketing to be effective, a person needs to identify the influencers that will best serve their business.

Data analysis from your target market recognises the influences that will best resonate with the target market that you are looking to exploit. Good luck!


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