Snapchat for Business

Snapchat for Business

Snapchat is a popular social media tool that people all over the world have embraced for personal use. However, there are also many professional uses for it, as Snapchat for business has become increasingly used to target consumers. It is useful for businesses because it prevents them from being able to bombard consumers with relentless sales pitches. This social media tool allows videos and pictures to be posted for a short period of between one second and 10 seconds. The newest feature of Snapchat is its stories feature, which allows users to keep a post up for as long as 24 hours. 

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Ways In Which Businesses Use Snapchat 

Businesses can and do use Snapchat for material such as:

  • mobile coupons
  • giveaways
  • sneak peeks
  • product previews
  • holiday event and sale previews

Snapchap is every brand’s best friend with its ability to help bring mobile coupons to consumers. Many brands will offer their customers mobile coupons in exchange for product loyalty and promotion. For example, an ice cream company may reward consumers who post a picture to Snapchat of them enjoying the company’s products. This creates a more personal relationship between businesses and their customers.

Everyone appreciates giveaways and businesses can utilise Snapchat to profit from this appreciation. Something as simple as a hashtag makes it easy for fans of any particular brand to encourage their families and friends. A giveaway campaign runs using Snapchat allows businesses to get their products in the hands of consumers who want them and need them the most. Snapchat can be used by a business’s customers to promote the business’s website and more. Using it for giveaways has been effective in helping businesses gain additional customers.

With its video capabilities, Snapchat allows businesses to give consumers a behind the scenes look at their operations. Photos and videos can be combined to create an entire presentation for consumers. This can be used to direct consumers to a business’s website, Youtube channel or other social media sites. It can also be used to build anticipation and excitement for upcoming sales promotions and advertising campaigns.

When a business is preparing to launch a new product or service, Snapchat is often used to give a preview of it. Snapchat lends itself well to product teasers and has been successful in turning consumers on to new products and services. This becomes even more crucial in the months and weeks leading up to seasonal events and sales, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, it can also be used to mark any kind of special event or occasion that businesses want their customers to embrace.


Marketing With Snapchat

One of the most significant ways that businesses can use Snapchat is to provide them with effective marketing strategies. Forbes Magazine has been instrumental in teaching businesses how to utilise Snapchat for marketing purposes.

The first step in successfully using Snapchat for business marketing is understanding the audience that will be reached. Since this app has a reputation for being casual, businesses must use it carefully in order for it to be effective. Any posts a business broadcasts for marketing purposes must be easy to understand and interesting to watch/listen to. The more carefree and fun a Snapchat post is, the more likely that it will gain the attention of its target audience.

The short time limit of Snapchat posts is one that businesses must adjust to. It requires them to get their message out to consumers as quickly and efficiently as possible. The more engaging a business’s Snapchat posts are the more they can use it to their advantage. Any business that can use this opportunity to share their personality with the world will find that there is value in being able to do so.

Businesses that are looking to target younger consumers will find that Snapchat is an effective way to get their attention. Today’s younger generation of consumers has become used to relying on social media apps and sites to help them make purchasing decisions about products and services. They want to give their hard earned money to businesses that reach out to them in ways they can appreciate.


The Real-Time Appeal 

In today’s world, consumers are focused on the concept of real time. This is partly due to the fact that society has gotten people accustomed to expecting immediate action and results as soon as they decide they want or need something. Snapchat can be a valuable tool for businesses when it comes to communicating with consumers in real time that they often demand. Marketing needs to be relevant to consumers in order for them to embrace it and when a business can offer Thanksgiving deals and specials the week of the holiday they show that they are providing content that matters at the moment.


More on Snapchat Stories

As useful as this app is to businesses it is even more useful now that the stories feature has been added. This allows users to string together videos long enough to cover basic subjects. Many businesses have found that they can use this to offer consumers video snippets that include tips and advice on using their products or services. When consumers can get new ideas on how to use an existing product or service from the business they purchased it from they are often encouraged to keep frequenting that business. The perceived value becomes evident to consumers and they feel like the businesses they frequent value them more.


Snapchat Success Story 

Businesses throughout the U.K. have already used Snapchat with great success. One example of a U.K. business that put Snapchat to work for them is Co-Op Electrical. Using the app the business created an ad targeting students. In the ad, students learned they could take advantage of a £30 off coupon on the purchase of a laptop, a necessity for the majority of today’s students. The coupon was awarded to any student who became friends with Co-Op Electrical on Snapchat, creating a win-win situation for the students and the business alike.


Snapchat Controversy

Though Snapchat has been successfully used by U.K. businesses the app has not been able to completely avoid controversy. After the horrific attacks that took place in Paris during the summer of 2015, David Cameron declared that Snapchat and other similar apps may be putting the people of Britain at risk. He was backed up by Boris Johnson after Johnson stated that any type of electronic communication needed to be monitored carefully in the event that terrorists attempted to use it to harm the people of Britain. This declaration was not well received by those who objected to having their privacy invaded simply to prevent a terrorist from doing any harm. It has been argued that if intelligence agencies did not have access to the information transmitted through Snapchat, the use of the app must not be permitted. Those that opposed this argument have stated that terrorists have existed longer than the technology that enables Snapchat and that if they couldn’t use Snapchat to cause harm they would find an alternative way to.



Used correctly, Snapchat can be a tool that helps businesses motivate consumers to purchase products and services from them. Despite the issues surrounding its use, Snapchat is a success story all on its own.  Many of the businesses on Snapchat have been able to greatly benefit from its use.

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