How to Add an Online Store to Your WIX Site

How to add an online store to your WIX site

How to add an online store to your WIX site? You may want to add a store to your website after it has been set up for a range of reasons. We’ll show you how.

For example, a trend in 2018 for Youtuber content creators was to set up their own clothing range focusing on their identity on YouTube.

Some of the biggest names such as PewDiePie, Jake Paul, Markiplier, Dodie and many others have their very own clothing range as a result of being able to add an online store to their websites.

Therefore, following this trend, it could be essential to add a shop/store to your website even after the site is already established.

Let’s explore how to add an online store to your WIX site.


How to Add an Online Store to Your WIX Site

To add a store to your existing site, it is very easy which is typical for WIX. Which is why its one of the most used web builders in the world for amateurs.

The first step to adding a WIX store to your site is to go to the WIX apps element on the left hand side of WIX. There’re between four and eight elements here and the apps element is the circle with four squares within it.

Once you click on the element, a new window will show, showing a range of apps including the likes of WIX forms and WIX chat. In the search bar, search for store and the first app shown in the list would be WIX stores. Beside the app you’ll see a button reading ‘Add to Site’. Click this button and a new page will be create din your site. A new element will also appear in the left hand side.


How to Use the Online Store

Whenever the store has been added, you will see that WIX has inserted examples of products into the store. You have full control of the design and the products of the store.

Within the new ‘My Store’ element there’re five more elements. There is the store manager element which allows a user to manage their entire store. You can also add a new product to your store from here. Another element within My Store is the Store pages. Here you can edit the design of the different pages of your store by adding different elements such as store elements that best suit your site.

How to use the online store in WIX

The last elements include ‘Add Store Elements’, ‘Learn More’ and upgrade to accept payments. Whenever you have setup your site and store, you would need to upgrade your WIX plan to start accepting payments online once your site is published. Some of the accepted payment methods include Visa, Mastercard and American Express. The upgraded plan is very much a premium plan and comes with a range of benefits.


How to Add a New Item to the Store

One of the most important aspects of an online store is to sell products.

There are many ways to manage products on the store. One of the best ways to add a product is to go to Manage Products when on the element within the editor. This is the method shown in the video. In the window that is shown, in the top right there is a button which says New Product. When adding a new product, WIX will then ask is the product a physical or digital product as each type of product has a different setup.

Most people will chose Physical Product. When clicked on, a new window will show. Within this window you’re able to add the name, images of the product, information of the product such as the price and description. Once the product is complete, click save. When done you will see the new product within the list of store products.

New Product —> Physical/Digital Product —> Product Information —> Save


Editing the Items Page

Whenever you have added a shop to the site, you will see the cart and items pages. It is essential to edit these pages to your sites theme. This makes the site look more professional and it makes the buyer of products feel more comfortable using your site to buy products.

To edit the items page, head to the ‘My Store’ element and then store pages. Click on the items/products page. This will make the items page appear. Then click settings and then customise page.

How to edit the items page on WIX

My Store —> Product Page —> Settings —> Customise Page

From here, the user can edit the layout of the items page, change the colour and fonts used, to make it consistent with the rest of your site.


Store Tips and Tricks

Depending on your website you may want users of the site to be able click to get to the shop. This is done mainly on sites that don’t offer too many products such as the example site we used. To do this create a new shop page and place the store page as a hidden secondary page. Link a button to the store page from the shop page, just like in the example video.

Another tip would to be, always add a SKU code to every product. By having a SKU code it can help you understand stock levels a lot easier and it also makes it easier for the customer to reference certain products. For example a SKU code of  ‘CHAIR127890‘ could mean a type of chair and it makes it easy to identify the type of product. This would be the same for ‘TABLE127890‘.


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