Increasingly, people want to know how to set up affiliate advertising in WIX When it comes to affiliate advertising the first thing to know is that there are two different kinds: the first is affiliate marketing and the second is an affiliate shop.

We’ll explore the differences and explain how to create these for your WIX website.
In simple terms, the two types either advertise a publishers/company’s service online or their actual products.

Many online websites offer affiliate programs whether it’s for an affiliate shop or affiliate advertising. Websites such as Grammarly, Amazon and Shopify are just a few just a few offering this type of service.

The video below, just one of our WIX video series, includes information about creating an affiliate shop using Amazon affiliate.

What is Affiliate Selling?

Affiliate selling is when you find leads for a company, in exchange for a commission. Typically, this works by setting up marketing campaigns which direct users towards a product or service page on the company’s website via a special affiliate URL.

WIX affiliate advertising featured image

This benefits everyone. Shrewd marketers can make a steady income without the need to develop or even carry products of their own. Brands receive new customers, with essentially no effort.

Some SaaS brands even offer 100% commissions and higher during product launches. This might seem counterintuitive, but they’ll make this money back once they’ve hooked users into their ecosystem.

For Amazon affiliate sellers, the commission is generally fixed at about 10% of the item’s price.

However, WIX allows you to create your own affiliate shop, giving you more control over your landing pages as an affiliate marketer. This is crucial, as it lets you put your CRO and UX skills to good use, boosting your profits.

Affiliate Shop Setup

The first step to creating an affiliate shop advertising on your site is to make a new page. Give this page an appropriate name such as ‘Amazon Affiliate Page’. For this tutorial we used ‘Affiliate Shop’.

Also add it as a secondary page to the main shop primary page of your site.

Within our tutorial we created another button, which is very similar to the button in our guide to adding an online store to a WIX site. To do this we added another image to the site, in this case an Amazon image.

We then edited the image appropriately matching the other button. The next step was to create a link between the button and the ‘Affiliate’ page.

WIX affiliate screenshot
The first step is to set up a store on your WIX site. Image credit: WIX

Make sure to test the button and that it works. If it does it should bring you to an empty page as this hasn’t been designed yet.

In our tutorial we have used buttons in the main shop page to take you to ‘Our Shop’ and the ‘Affiliate Shop’. This was for the purpose of the tutorial.

You don’t need to have buttons to take you to other pages, you can use the main navigation to bring you to the main ‘Our Shop’ page and the affiliate page can then be put within the ‘Our Shop’.

Creating an Affiliate Page

The next step is to then design your affiliate page. This is easily done. First, you need to be signed up to the affiliate program you’re interested in. When on the affiliate page, create a button that says ‘Buy Now’.

This tells the users of the site that they can buy whichever product is listed above the button right now.

Once you have a button created, you will need to add an affiliate link. The link you will need to be attached to this button is a link to a certain product within the associates. Amazon makes this very easy to set up.

To add a link, you need to be signed into Amazon associates or whichever associates you would like to link. When you’re in the Amazon associates, search for a type of product you would like to link.

When you find an appropriate product, select the item. You will get a personalised link to add to your button.

This link is personalised as it includes your associated name within it. This way Amazon can give you credit for the purchase and can then give you earnings from this.

WIX affiliate with Amazon screenshot
Next, you can select a product from Amazon, or any other marketplace offering an affiliate program. Image credit: Amazon

People also need to see what they’re going to buy, so an image is needed. To add an image we’re going to add an image directly from Amazon. To do this go to Add Element at the left hand side and select More.

The first choice in More is the HTML iFrame. You need to choose this and drag and drop it into your page.

Hit the following buttons:

  1. Add Element,
  2. More,
  3. HTML iFrame.

We then need to link the image from Amazon. Head back to your associates account and click the Build link. This is when you will get the HTTPS link for the image. Once in the build link, you can choose between text only, image only or text and image link.

Copy the link for whichever option you choose (we just used the image link). Paste it into the HTML iFrame. The image will then show on your site. Repeat this system over again, for more products.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select Associates Account,
  2. Press Build Link,
  3. Choose a Link (Text/image or both),
  4. Copy,
  5. Paste into iFrame.
WIX affiliate product page screenshot
It’s straight forward to create affiliate marketing pages in WIX. Image credit: WIX

Affiliate Advertising with WIX

Affiliate advertising is all about allowing independent marketers to create leads for brands, in exchange for a commission. This allows savvy marketers to generate an income by boosting revenues for existing companies.

Most often, this is administered through special affiliate links, which lead to the merchant’s website. This is the classic method of affiliate marketing.

However, WIX affiliate advertising makes this an awful lot more sophisticated. Specifically, affiliate sellers can set up their own customised sales landing pages, in order to boost their chances of success.

This is vital, as the increasing popularity of affiliate selling also means more competition for leads within a given niche. In this way, WIX helps to ensure the profitability of your affiliate marketing efforts.

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