Every online business presence wants one thing: sales. To achieve sales, one must have a website that is intuitive and responsive to your customers wants and needs. Using Wix apps for lead generation helps you track their interactions with your website to allow you to modify your marketing strategy where necessary.  Whether you are wanting to understand how your customers are responding to your eCommerce efforts, what products on your online store are viewed most favourably, or what content is performing well, Wix apps for lead generation take the guesswork out of marketing.  If you apply Wix apps to your website, you will see your customer base grow with powerful analytics tools that help aid your marketing efforts. Nurture leads and convert prospects with smart and intuitive apps. 

1. Get Google Ads by Kliken

Building a business can be stressful, particularly if you have no previous marketing experience. Kliken’s Get Google Ads is the perfect tool for business owners who need extra help with their marketing efforts. Kliken helps grow your business online using Google to build a marketing campaign when people search for your products or services. This marketing campaign helps increase your leads and improve your sales.  Get Google Ads is a renowned app that has proven worth for generating sales, bookings, and leads. You can fully integrate it with your which means your marketing campaigns can be built and managed directly from the app. 
grey background with Google, Kliken and Wix logo
Get Google Ads by Kliken allows you to advertise your business on Google quickly to help your site generate leads. Image credit: Wix

2. Social Media Widgets by Elfsight

When hosting an app on your website, you want something that is going to ensure leads are generated and nurtured. Elfsight offers a wide range of tools that aid business development and enhance marketing opportunities online.  With social media widgets spanning across Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, Elfsight allows you to showcase your feeds on your website and even allows you to converse with your customers via chat boxes. This increases interaction with your visitors across multiple platforms and allows customers ease of access to your products and services. Another great feature offered by Elfsight is their Testimonials Slider. This allows visitors to see reviews of your products and services from their peers – something that builds brand trust and authority, as well as credibility. In this slider, you will be able to feature customer testimonials by highlighting a person’s name, their pictures, and even their own words. 
red to orange gradient background, white text saying 'Facebook Chat' and an example chat box window
Elfsight’s widget apps are designed to help you initiate conversations and generate leads. Image credit: Wix

3. MailMunch for Email Marketing

One of the major ways to grow and nurture your audience is by using email marketing. MailMunch is an app that has been designed specifically to help grow your email list and increase conversions on your website.  A great feature of MailMunch is its ability to help you create discount coupons. These can be used to incentivise your target audience to subscribe to your email list or newsletter. You can also create opt-in forms through a selection of creative templates that include pop ups, scrolls, and embedded forms that can be fully customised to match your brand.  Using these types of templates and materials creates a sense of brand awareness and authority in the product or service you are trying to sell, meaning people are more likely to convert and drive your sales. 
black background with laptop with mailmunch logo
MailMunch provides the tools you need to grow your email subscribers and convert them into customers. Image credit: Wix

4. Visitor Analytics for Audience Statistics

Every website needs their performance monitored and one of the best apps that does this for Wix apps is Visitor Analytics. Designed to monitor website statistics, user behaviour analytics, and visitor interaction features like surveys and even polls.  Designed with user experience in mind, it is to navigate with user friendly features that are responsive without using cookies. You are able to check your website overview and visitors, while also monitoring website performance in comparison to competitors. Another incredible feature that Visitor Analytics provides is heat maps. These give a visual for what parts of your site are interacted with the most, giving you valuable insights and feedback from user activity by integrating target-based feedback bubbles in your website pages. 
Top 6 Best Wix Apps for Lead Generation 1
The Visitor Analytics app gives you advanced visitor statistics, analytics and feedback to help you better understand your audience and curate conversions. Image credit: WIx

5. Form Builder and Payments by 123FormBuilder

Form Builder and Payments is another fantastic app that allows you to create custom contact forms, order forms, payment forms, request forms, donation forms, and every other type of form that you can think of. Having this type of app on your website ensures that anyone who is involved in administration for your organisation has less work to do in the backend.  It also can connect to Mailchimp to sync newly acquired contacts and can securely collect payments. This integration with Mailchimp increases lead generation by collecting file uploads, eventually allowing you to create your own autoresponder emails for new signups to your site. Another tool it offers is prompt responses via email notifications to your inbox every time someone signs up on the app.
Top 6 Best Wix Apps for Lead Generation 2
Use the Form Builder and Payments app for an all-in-one solution for collecting leads, submissions, files and payments. Image credit: 123FormBuilder

5. Smart Pop Ups by Poptin 

When building a business, every owner wants to be able to expand. To do that, generating leads and engagement is crucial for success. One smart way of encouraging this movement is using Poptin’s Smart Pop Up app. Poptin is a Wix app that captures more leads, boots email subscribers, and increases visitor engagement.  What makes Poptin unique is its ability to offer a wide variety of tools that help engage customers. Poptin can conduct surveys, improve subscription rates, and it is intuitive enough to employ pop ups to visitors at the right moment to encourage engagement. This is an incredible feature that can add tremendous value to your marketing efforts as you can realign your target audience from the data you collect.  Another tool that Poptin offers is using automated sales offers to intercept and reduce shopping cart abandonment – a perfect way to convert prospects. Poptin also offers customised popups which do not require any previous coding experience, a result for those who want a strong brand presence with little skill. 
Top 6 Best Wix Apps for Lead Generation 3
Create beautiful pop ups, forms, and widgets with Poptin’s Smart Pop Up app. Image credit: Poptin

Gain More Conversions with Wix 

Wix apps offer your website the opportunity to make more conversions by using apps that enhance your marketing, providing you with analytical tools to better understand your audience and provide them with solutions to their problems.  If you want to know more about lead generation and nurturing, and need a hand getting started, call ProfileTree today. One of our experienced digital marketers will help you come up with a strategy using Wix apps and beyond. 

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