What Is Reputation Management?

What is reputation management? If you haven’t checked lately; simply Google yourself or your company to see what appears in the search engine results (SERP).

If the information is outdated or negative this indicates the need for personal reputation management and/or corporate reputation management. Read on to find out all you need to know…


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What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management takes a proactive stance to monitor information to be found about a person or company online. After all, things said in the digital word are almost always online on a permanent basis. It makes no difference at all if what is said is true or not.

The Internet Archive even maintains a history of internet web pages that are no longer online. This system dates back to around 1995 when the internet first became a commercially viable service and of great interest to the general public. They stored over 330 billion web pages since then. Which means managing your reputation online is an essential.

What is Corporate Reputation Management?

Corporations that interface with the public may have significant amounts of both positive and negative feedback on the internet. Any company that deals with the public will have complaints. That is inevitable. However, it is how a company deals with those complaints shows the rest of the public something important.

If the complaint seems like a legitimate one and the company does its best to publicly deal with it in a way that an average person appreciates, then a complaint and the resolution of it can be a positive thing. This is not necessarily a negative item in the company’s online history. This is one reason why proactive management of an online reputation is an important strategy.

Reputation Management Tools

Software tools are available that search the internet for any references to a person, company, brand names, keywords, and any other criteria that may affect an online reputation. For example, setting up notifications in Google and tracking review websites is a good idea.

Many companies find it so much easier to outsource this work to an expert that can track this information about reputation management and respond accordingly.

Online Reputation Management Tips

There are some standard strategies that any business or person can implement to manage their online reputation. They can either do these things themselves or hire an expert company to do this for them. The basic steps to take include

Create an Online Profile on Relevant Websites

This means establishing accounts on all social media systems and any review websites that relate to the business. Additionally, establish accounts on trade associations, business credit bureaus, with the Better Business Bureau, with the Chamber of Commerce, and any industrial associations that relate to the business

Regularly Update Postings on Social Media

This includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, and perhaps even Pinterest, Flickr, Snapchat, or Instagram depending on the company’s products, services, and public profile

Place Content Marketing on Websites with High Authority Ratings

There are many websites that have a high authority rating such as Forbes, Barron’s, IBT, TechCrunch, and others. Whenever possible, get quality content articles about the company to appear on such trusted resources. It is actually fairly easy to do this. For example, contact a Forbes contributor and ask them to post an article that mentions the company on Forbes in exchange for pay.

Be flexible about the content of the article because the Forbes contributor needs to maintain a positive relationship with Forbes and not be a PR machine for others. However, this is an effective strategy for many companies, because Forbes does not pay its contributors

Track Mentions of Brands, Products, and/or Services

Every time your brand, product, and/or service is mentioned on the web you should get a notification about it

Protect the Reputation of Individuals Associated with the Company

If your CEO has a negative online reputation, this reflects poorly on your company. To be effective, you want to track any mentions of anybody associated with the company in a powerful away and that includes major investors as well.


Every person, company, or organisation relies heavily on maintaining a good online reputation and can benefit from engaging a company like ProfileTree to help manage their online reputation.

After all, it is vital to have a system in place to both monitor online reputation and respond appropriately to any derogatory information and/or complaints. The reassurance, prevention of damage to your reputation and understanding of what’s being said about you or your company online could become an essential asset to your business.


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What is Reputation Management?

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