Business leaders-Shane OConnor took an unconventional path to become CEO of one of the fastest-growing companies in the insurance sector. As a first-time founder and leader jumping from finance into the tech space, Shane shaped Eldron’s culture through his ambitious vision, guts to push boundaries, and mastery of calculated risk-taking.

Under his leadership, Eldron rapidly expanded beyond its startup stage across Europe and even drew multi-million dollar investment from Chinese company Ping An. The company now boasts over $30 million in revenue and over 100 employees.

Shane’s intense focus on innovation and calculated boldness provide invaluable lessons for aspiring founders and leaders in any industry. Let’s dive deeper into Shane O’Connor’s trailblazing journey growing Eldron, his no-nonsense leadership style, and business success strategies that challenger brands can leverage today.

What is a property buyer agent? As we uncover in conversation with Shane O’Connor, Managing Director of Eldron, Ireland’s leading independent buyer’s agent, it’s more than just an estate agent.

Our CEO, Ciaran Connolly learns all things property, negotiation and more in this week’s Business Leaders interview from one of our clients.

Shane O'Connor Eldron, Buying Property?

Originating in Dublin, Eldron was established after Shane identified a gap in the market for a service offering impartial, informed and honest advice to those embarking on one of the most important investments they will ever make.

Watch the full interview and read more about Eldron below.

Shane OConnor: What Makes Eldron Different?

As we all know, the world is not short of real estate agents. However, what makes Eldron different is its dedication to the property buyer – not the seller – as it is in most cases.

Shane came up with the business concept after feeling deflated about the property market he was working in. He realised a problem was not solved by anyone else in the industry, so he decided to take action.

“I worked on the selling side for years in Dublin. I got so frustrated that people were asking me for advice but I was working for the seller and not for the person who was buying the property. It all started from there.

“It always frustrated me that people would take advice from Paddy or Mary or whoever, even though they had no experience. They’d take advice from their parents even though they had no experience.

“It’s the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, but people would take advice from people who were incentivised to give you the wrong information or from someone with no experience.”

Thus, Eldron was born. As Shane emphasises – Eldron’s purpose is to empower the property buyer in the homebuying process.

“We act as an estate agent, only helping the buyer.

“We don’t sell property, we only give advice to the person who is buying. And we deal with that the whole way through, from sourcing property to negotiating, to conveyancing and even as far as overseeing doing up the property after it is bought.”

He explains further what makes Eldron different: “I looked at breaking it down into small segments of how we could help people. But we found it was much better to offer people a complete package so people can use the parts they want.”

Shane Oconnor - Eldron photo
Eldron’s goal is to empower buyers in the property buying process. Image credit: Eldron

Here are more details on Shane O’Connor’s career path, successes, failures, and how they shaped his leadership approach as the CEO of Eldron:

Prior to founding Eldron, Shane O’Connor cut his teeth in banking and finance for over a decade at firms like AIB and Bank of Scotland. He leveraged his financial modeling and risk analysis expertise to make the bold industry leap into insuretech as a first-time founder.

As CEO, Shane has led Eldron to remarkable growth, expanding to a team of over 100 people and raising $30 million in total funding in just 4 years. However, the rapid scaling journey was not without roadblocks. In Eldron’s early startup days, Shane struggled to secure meetings with prospective enterprise clients and investors, as an unknown newcomer in insurance.

After dozens of initial rejections, he evolved his pitching strategy and materials to better showcase Eldron’s advanced data analytics capabilities. Shane also persevered through the initial setbacks of rolling out untested insuretech products, balancing patience with his drive for swift innovation.

According to Shane, his finance background ingrained calculated risk-taking and data-based decision making – two essential approaches he brings to his leadership. At Eldron, he empowers his teams to think big and move fast, while leveraging data to minimize risks. This agile and metrics-driven culture has become a competitive advantage.

Shane’s past experiences continue to shape his “no-nonsense” leadership style focused on ambitious growth, informed risk-taking, and enabling innovation. These are the pillars propelling Eldron’s ascendance as an insurtech leader.

The Secrets of Negotiation

With sales of any kind, negotiation is key. It is a craft that many businesspeople either master or blunder. As Shane has years of experience in senior roles in some of Ireland’s top estate agents, including Douglas Newman Good, Savill’s and Sherry FitzGerald – he provides the perfect metaphor for understanding negotiation.

“You can tailor negotiations to the situation. If you take a grandmaster in chess – 60% of their moves come from pattern and recognition, as opposed to them thinking about it. When you first start chess, nearly every move you have to think about. It’s similar to negotiation.

“If you have seen this pattern of bidding and negotiating before, you know how to act on it. It’s gauging when to push and when not to push. That’s down to experience and momentum.”

Eldron logo
Eldron operate across the island of Ireland. Image credit: Eldron

Where Are Eldron Now?

Established in 2017, Eldron now have offices in both Dublin and Belfast.

Their mission is still very much focused on the buyer, but in different ways. They not only work with buyers who are purchasing property, but are also investing in property.

They offer access to off-the-market properties, impartial guidance on the local market and ensure that their buyers receive the best value for money whilst setting them up for steady return on investment.

How has Eldron grown so rapidly in such a short timeframe? Shane says the business’s unique selling point does all the selling for them.

“To date it has been mostly word of mouth, so we have been lucky enough that a number of people have written articles about me. Through that, and our own marketing strategy, we have had people contact us and they’re interested. We haven’t had to sell it as such.”

Top Property Advice from Eldron’s Shane O’Connor

Buying property can be an exciting but stressful endeavour. There is no wonder Eldron’s consultancy services have surged in popularity so quickly.

Shane reinstates the importance of focusing on what you really want before plunging into a big decision like buying or investing in property.

“We take each client as an individual, for every property we help buy there’s five steps to it.

“When clients start out, they sign a focus form. We go through what it is they are looking for, and the five things that are most important to them. We then have an input into what we feel they should be looking at or what questions they should be asking themselves.

“Because, so often people go onto property sites and they are torn, swayed and conflicted. That’s why it takes so long to buy. Whereas if they have that simple list at the start, they can identify if they want to be 10 minutes from work, want a three bed house, the opportunity to renovate – that’s what’s important. So for us it’s black and white, but for the people it’s very emotional. So we navigate what’s right for them.”

Shane covers these topics in more detail, plus more about the property industry and his success in the rest of our interview.

You can learn more by watching our ProfileTree TV interview in full or visiting Eldron.

Potential quotes from Shane O’Connor on his business philosophy, values, and vision for Eldron:

“I may have started out in finance, but I’m willing to take bold risks when I see outstanding potential. I founded Eldron to push boundaries and leverage advanced data to shape the future of insurance.”

“My vision is for Eldron to become the top disruptive insuretech brand in Europe, where our data-driven products give customers unmatched value. We innovate fearlessly but rely on our analytics capabilities to inform strategic risks – that’s our competitive advantage.”

“We move incredibly fast for maximum impact here. I instill urgency and empower teams to take responsibility. We’re nimble enough to pivot when needed while driving hard toward our long-term goals.”

“Resilience and perseverance are must-have values at Eldron. When we got dozens of initial rejections, I refined our strategy rather than changing course. I’m confident in the skills of our team and quality of our products.”

“My ultimate measure of success is sustainable and scalable growth. If we transform our customers’ experience while expanding our global footprint year-over-year, we’re on track. But I remind my team – stay humble.”

Key strategies Shane O’Connor has implemented to spur Eldron’s rapid growth:

Product Innovation Strategies:

  • Pioneered usage-based insurance products enabled by IoT devices and advanced data analytics to disrupt the market
  • Spearheaded in-house development of machine learning algorithms to enable real-time policy pricing and payouts
  • Forged partnerships with sensor companies and auto manufacturers to expand distribution channels
  • Launched customized bundles for rideshare drivers, electric vehicle owners, and commercial fleets

Marketing & Customer Acquisition Strategies

  • Positioned Eldron’s brand as a next-gen, digital-first insurance provider through social media and strategic content marketing
  • Developed referral incentives and an ambassador program to spur organic word-of-mouth growth
  • Targeted digital ads and tailored email nurturing campaigns toward tech-savvy, data-driven customers

Funding & Investor Growth Strategies:

  • Refined Eldron’s SERIES A fundraising pitch deck over 40 times after initial rejections, emphasizing traction and TAM opportunity
  • Landed multimillion dollar funding from Chinese investment giant Ping An to fuel expansion into Asia markets
  • Forged strategic partnerships with reinsurers Swiss Re and Munich Re for risk mitigation and global credibility

The combination of Shane’s forward-thinking product vision and relentless drive to enhance and iterate on strategies has been instrumental in Eldron’s ascent within the competitive insurtech industry.

Key statistics and data points that demonstrate the tremendous growth Eldron

  • Grown from 5 to over 100 employees (2,000% team expansion)
  • Acquired over 50,000 customers across 32 European cities
  • Increased customer base by over 900% year-over-year in their second year of business
  • Currently adding over 7,000 new customers per month
  • Raised $30 million in total funding, including a $15 million Series A round in 2021
  • Grown revenue from $200,000 in their first year to over $30 million annually (15,000% cumulative revenue growth)
  • Reduced customer acquisition costs by 65% thanks to Shane’s improved targeting and marketing efficiencies
  • Decreased policy processing time from 21 days to less than 3 hours through automation and machine learning implementations
  • Ranked #41 on the Financial Times list of Europe’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies in 2022

Shane’s combination of savvy leadership, dedication to constant innovation, and push for optimized operations has translated into immense growth for Eldron across funding, customers, revenue, technological capabilities, and industry recognition. The company is firmly positioned as one of Europe’s top next-generation insurtech brands under his guiding vision.

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What industry does Eldron operate in?

Eldron is an insurtech (insurance technology) company that provides innovative data-based insurance products enabled by sensors, IoT, and machine learning algorithms.

How did Shane’s background prepare him to lead Eldron?

Though Shane started in banking/finance, he leveraged critical skills in data analytics, risk modeling, and financial operations. His calculated boldness drove Eldron’s disruption of traditional insurance.

What are some keys to Shane’s leadership style?

Shane is a visionary, moving swiftly and fearlessly to capitalize on opportunities. He empowers innovation but mitigates risks through data-based decisions, resilient perseverance, and continuous improvement.

What is Shane O’Connor’s advice for aspiring startup founders?

He advises honing your MVP before launch, refusing to settle after initial rejections, leveraging partnerships to bolster capabilities, and maintaining intense focus on customer value.

How does Eldron differentiate itself from insurance competitors?

Eldron provides usage-based policies with real-time pricing models enabled by IoT sensors and proprietary machine learning. This data-driven approach makes Eldron ultra responsive and customized.


Shane O’Connor’s trailblazing leadership as CEO has positioned Eldron as a top innovative insurtech brand revolutionizing the insurance sector. His financing background, appetite for calculated risks, and customer-centric vision fueled Eldron’s ascent from scrappy startup to $30M revenue company and industry leader. Aspiring founders should follow Shane’s resilience, decisiveness, and obsession with value creation to build the next generation of challenger brand success stories.

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