What Is Grey Hat SEO?

What is Grey Hat SEO? Simply, the promotion of content through unclear or debatable techniques or tactics.

Grey Hat SEO involves methods that neither belong to White Hat nor Black Hat SEO category since the relevant terms of service haven’t taken a well-defined position on the technique being used.

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What is Grey Hat SEO? Identification of Grey Hat SEO.

Grey Hat SEO, or Grey Hat Marketing, can be challenging to understand. However, some notable examples can help introduce the subject clearly and easily:

Link Purchasing

Even though it could be controversial for business entities to purchase links leading to their websites, many brands across the globe have found ways of beating the odds and engaging in Grey Hat SEO by going ahead to purchase sponsored articles found on third-party websites that ultimately include some contextual backlink that leads people back to their brands.

In most cases, search engines find this exercise hard to detect and subsequently restrict.

Product Reviews

This is another typical Grey Hat SEO that a lot of brands in many places across the globe employ to promote their brands.

Even though search engines have tried their level to clamp this exercise down, paradoxically, this is an area that a lot of customers always look at especially if they are on the verge of purchasing a new product.

A lot of brands will always have a section of product reviews on their websites that act as the cornerstone of their businesses. Again, just like the purchasing of links, product reviews are another Grey Hat SEO tactic employed by a lot of companies/brands.

Paying for Listings 

A significant number of organisations across the globe are willing to make advance payments for premium business listings. For instance, insurance companies are known for paying huge premiums so as to be featured on some well-known aggregator comparison sites, since – without getting the exposure – they end up losing on business to the competition.

The service industry is well-known for having greatly benefited from this type of Grey Hat SEO marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Surprisingly, a good number of such businesses often have no idea concerning the number of websites out there marketing their products so as to earn an affiliate commission regarding the sales they make. Affiliate marketing websites exist in their hundreds, with a lot of them earning decent commission from what they do. 

What is Grey Hat SEO? Other Grey Hat SEO Techniques

The above are not the only Grey Hat SEO tactics or techniques out there. There are more than ten such main tactics that business entities willing to drive sales and increase traffic to their websites have always used.

Other known techniques include cloaking, duplicate content, and article spinning just to mention but a few. A lot of companies willing to increase traffic to their sites are resorting to these and many other tactics and, on closer examination, a lot of them have benefited from this type of marketing.

What is Grey Hat SEO?  Does Grey Hat SEO Matter?

It’s important to be aware that issues around Grey Hat SEO are, at least to some extent, debatable.

However, on a closer examination, the number of advantages surpasses the disadvantages or challenges associated with Grey Hat SEO. 

A common advantage associated with Grey Hat SEO is that the punishment is not as harsh as it could be imagined.

In an ethical community, Grey Hat SEO is arguably neither bad nor good but can be seen as a collection of tactics and strategies that take advantage of search engine loophole policies to build traffic.

What is Grey Hat SEO?  Should Business and Brands be Implementing Grey Hat SEO Tactics and Strategies?

It is imperative for every marketer to first sit down and evaluate the risks versus the rewards that they may receive or get before engaging in Grey Hat SEO.

The only way of being absolutely certain of a good reputation and avoid penalty from search engines, in the event that this, happens is to move away from Grey Hat Marketing and engage in traditional means of internet marketing that are few of risks.

Summary: The Future of Grey Hat SEO

It is evident that companies are competing for traffic and conversion rates. Grey Hat SEO comes into play as one of more preferred choices for a number of companies in response to this environment.

There will always be loopholes in the guidelines found across several search engines and, for this reason, Grey Hat SEO will not relent anytime soon.


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