What is Facebook Live? With live video streaming becoming a mainstay of social media, Facebook Live is a main player in streaming and watching live broadcasts.

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What is Facebook Live? 1, What is it

Facebook Live allows anyone to share live video with their friends and followers on Facebook. Any Facebook user can create live streaming content and upload it to the Facebook Live system.

When the video is streaming live there is a notification in the upper left-hand corner that says “Live” and shows the number of viewers. After the live video is finished, it is automatically archived so that those who missed it still have a chance to watch it later.

What is Facebook Live? Live stream on Facebook

What is Facebook Live? 2, How it works

Facebook users have the option to decide who can see the video, they can remove it like any other post, or they can make it available for all Facebook users to see it if they want to. Live video can be up to four hours in length.

What is Facebook Live? 3, How do I get it

Any Facebook user can find live streaming videos by looking at the general news feed. If there is an interest in a particular channel of content, then a Facebook user can subscribe to the channel by selecting “Live Subscribe.”

When this is done, the user will get a notification every time a live streaming event is happening on that channel that they are interested in watching.

If a Facebook user frequently interacts with a Facebook page that has live streaming events, then they may automatically get a notification of a new live-streaming event that may be of interest to them.

What is Facebook Live? 4, Reporting videos

If a user believes that a Facebook Live video violates the Facebook community rules of conduct, then there is a reporting tool that can be used to have the video content reviewed. The Facebook staff makes the ultimate determination for any violations. Videos that violate the Facebook policies and community standards will be removed by the Facebook system.

What is Facebook Live? 5, Essential tips

For those that are uploading live streams of video/audio content to Facebook Live, here are a few tips that will make the content more enjoyable to watch and help build an audience and a following:

  1. Let everyone know ahead of time what you will be broadcasting and when they can see it live. Send notices ahead of time to all your Facebook followers and to those on other social media. If you have an email list, let them know as well. Don’t be annoying; however, let them know in advance what the broadcast will be about and send gentle reminders for followers to “tune in” right before the live streaming event is happening.
  2. Write a detailed narrative about the event. Give some background information about it if possible. Make compelling reasons for viewers to watch it and explain why watching it live will be exciting. For example, if your live stream will be an extreme sporting event, tell potential viewers things like this is their chance to experience what it is like to do the sport in a very exciting way. They can get a live-action view from the comfort of their home as if they are doing the challenging thing themselves. Tell potential viewers if this is the first time such a live event has been featured on the Facebook Live channel or if this is an exciting follow-up event.
  3. Be sure of your connection to upload the live stream. If using a WiFi connection, the signal will work best on a 4G mobile network connection. Be sure your connection is good because nobody likes watching anything if the signal is broken or poor quality because of a bad connection to the Internet.
  4. When the Facebook Live streaming is going on, have someone respond to the live comments in a personable way. Use the name of the person making a comment when responding and say things that encourage them to stay involved and to tell their friends about the event.
  5. Make the Facebook Live broadcast for longer periods if possible, without being boring. For example, giving a live broadcast about experiences at a three-day rock concert that lasts for many hours will naturally build up an audience.
  6. If the broadcasts are shorter, then do them often and on a regular basis. For example, authors and book lovers might have a regular reading at the same time and day of the week of a chapter of book with a discussion period afterward. People who enjoy broadcast television shows might want to organize a live meet-up after the show airs each week. Sports fans may want to form a streaming club to follow their favorite teams, especially if there is no television broadcast of the game. There are many ideas that are interesting.

Summary: Broadcast YOUR Business Today

With Facebook Live, virtually anyone can now become a global broadcaster.

All it takes is a decent camera or smartphone and a good internet connection to bring your business direct into the hands and screens of your potential customers.

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