The Importance of Strategic Planning? Strategic Development with John McKee

What is the importance of strategic planning in business? And how does this link to making sure leadership teams are equipped to deliver on that strategic plan? We asked a strategic development expert to share his views.

John McKee, Managing Director of Linkubator, visited the ProfileTree studio to pass some of his insights and explain more about his company and work.

Before his current role with Linkubator, a business consultancy bsed in Belfast, John built his career in the medical devices sector as a salesperson.

However, he now spends much of his time working on leadership development and strategic development for clients.

How does John help companies? He explained that he spends the bulk of his time with clients in their own businesses.

“Normally I work with their senior management team or with middle managers within the company. How our work manifests itself is that we facilitate sessions to help them to plan where they want to go as a business.

“It is a pretty common challenge, particularly in SMEs, that the business can run the management team rather than the management team run the business.

“That daily grind of emails coming in, product to get out the doors, supplier issues and customer issues quite often can absorb all of the thinking time from the senior management team.”

Why is it important, then, to take time away from that day-to-day workload?

“It’s an important responsibility for anybody in a senior role to ensure the business achieves its goals in the long-term. It isn’t just about getting product out tomorrow or making sure the lorries get filled by Friday, it’s to ensure the shareholders see the return in the business that they want from their asset.”

John’s work on leadership development also has a substantial business benefit in a different way.

“We work with companies to facilitate cohorts of managers to look at their own leadership capabilities, their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to leading other people.

“We help them to come up their their own action plan and things that they can try to adopt to ultimately get the best out of their people.

“Managers who have responsibility for perhaps five or six people on their team can become so absorbed in that executive frontline that it’s easy to neglect their pastoral role to make sure that everybody on their team is achieving their best and doing their best, is motivated, is loyal and knows what they are doing and why they are doing it.

“Whilst those might sound like fundamental questions, I think the real world sometimes pushes those questions to the back of manager’s minds. The noise in a day-to-day business can sometimes drown those questions out.”

To find out more about John, Linkubator, strategic development and leadership development watch our full video interview.

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