It seems that artificial intelligence (AI) has taken over the world. Many technologies, software, and tools are booming and hit the mainstream, creating a booming trend of how to use AI marketing tools for your business growth. Don’t get overwhelmed! All you need to know is just at your fingertips; let’s see! 

With every new AI marketing tool released, the internet, YouTube, and social media channels are loaded with videos telling you it’s time to retire and leave your laptop for robots. Regardless you run a business or work in the creative field, go back home, or maybe your soul-numbing 9-5 job— we’re all doomed because these super-intelligent creatures will replace us!   

Relax! No one will replace anyone. The only people who will be replaced are mediocre copywriters, marketers, and content creators. If you don’t have any ambition to expand your business or even stay competitive by hiring anyone, you’d be in big trouble!


Because anyone now has access to the same tools and would create slightly the same message (at least the same concept and direction) and your business will have a zero chance to stand out! But we need to take advantage of these marketing tools, likewise any other company (big or small). 

AI Marketing Tools

But if you want to try every tool that pops up on Google or watch everyone give you hacks on how to build a marketing strategy from scratch with this brilliant tool, you’d be hard-pressed.  

We have compiled top AI marketing tools to promote your brand and help your business. So, whether you’re a blogger, a marketer, or an entrepreneur, roll up your sleeve to read our comprehensive review of the best AI-powered marketing tools. 

Let’s jump right into it. 

Top Ten AI Marketing Tools

AI technology is right here and ready to improve; while some should be part of your business and marketing game plan, others don’t even deserve the time you’d spend to test its features. With it, you can develop a persuasive marketing strategy with handy tools to help craft a message that resonates with your customers and allows you to hit your goals efficiently and quickly.   

The only thing you need to do before we go is that AI is just a tool, and it still has limitations that couldn’t make it a total takeover— so far! 

AI marketing tools do some writing tasks, for sure. But creative copywriters and marketers do much more than just putting words on a page or creating ideas randomly without speaking directly to your niche. 


Good for: creating a list of keywords, building an outline for an article, writing paragraphs for blog posts, generating campaign ideas, and crafting social media posts.   

Price: Free with a premium plan


  • The free plan is more than enough to serve as an AI marketing tool
  • No output limitations
  • Asking for clarification, ideation or more examples


  • Basic and general information with general questions
  • Mistakes are possible 
  • Outdated and unoriginal content to be added to your blog
  • The disability to handle compounded questions 

Integrating AI in marketing is nothing new. Google had made it years before if you activated the option of dynamiting your ad campaign in Google Ads or type your question on Google Bar and let its technology suggest related topics, questions, and images using Google Analytics Intelligence. But ChatGPT has something different that will make you sigh deeply once the machine starts producing content.

You can use ChatGPT to create any sales or marketing copy format, such as emails, product descriptions, social media ideas, captions, headlines, blog posts, and the article outlines. Before pressing enter to get answers to your enquiries, make sure to describe the particular tone you want (exciting, formal, simple) and the specific persona you target to help the software choose the best-matched message. 

Also, you can explain why you need this writing piece, such as an SEO-friendly copy to post on a website for travelling and beautiful destinations worldwide. But please note the outcome quality depends on the input and how you ask your question. General dull questions will create dreadful content.  

Expert tip: it’s not a good idea to ask the chatbot to create a whole blog post from scratch. In contrast, ask for the outline and subheads you include in your article. 

A bad quarry: create a marketing campaign to promote a new bag

A good quarry: create a marketing campaign to be posted on Instagram and target ladies to buy a new purse for special nights.  


Good for: blog posts outline, emails, marketing copies, long-form articles, press release, social media ad generator, and Google ads copies, 

Price: starts from $40 monthly  


  • Good writing structure 
  • Specific templates for marketing copes to use
  • Boost productivity and end writing block


  • Slightly expensive 
  • Limitations on the number of words created 
  • No free trial 
  • Spending more time editing and double-checking how accurate the information is 

Recognised as one of the best and most advanced AI marketing tools, Jasper can be your assistant in your marketing activities thanks to its impressive features and efficiency. But first, you need to seed the application with the main idea of the post and the article you need to write about.

The application will take care of your input, analysing words before creating high-quality documents, ad copy, landing pages, or just paragraphs if you put the squeeze on your head trying to find a connection between meaningless words and your marketing campaigns. Also, you can determine the tone of voice before leaving the AI software makes it magic. 

Noting to mention, Jasper can create a 1500-word piece in less than 10 minutes. The platform is developing and adding new templates for the best outline, including social media ads, Google ads, meta descriptions, SEO titles, and more.  

Surfer SEO

Good for: Creating content optimised for search engines

Price: starts from $59 monthly  


  • Help you in creating SEO content in no time 
  • Create a content strategy based on the keywords you’re targeting 
  • Optimise word count based on the keyword volume


  • Slightly expensive 
  • Limitations on the number of words created 
  • No free trial 
  • No advanced keyword research 

As AI tools are revolutionising everything around, human-sounding text SEO content is one of the areas they master. Smart teams cannot sit aside watching this without benefiting from its capabilities to grow fast. Surfer SEO is one of the best AI marketing tools to write a piece the search engines would love— which is a goal for any marketing department when crafting a content strategy

While you have a website or more than one, you need to publish frequently on your blog. Not all content will work for you! You need content that will rank on search engines. Surfer can do a great job in that. It writes new articles along with assessing and scoring your existing content according to different aspects, which search engines depend on to order the pieces, just as keyword density, length, and readability.

But the most important feature is that the system will suggest insights, including the top-ranking keywords, an entire structure for your upcoming posts and more. That’s why this brilliant tool has become a mainstay in the content creation process.  


Good for: Creating images from text

Price: A free plan is available for 50 images, then you have to upgrade your account, paying $15 for 115 images.  


  • Create original professional images  
  • Use AI-powered images to resell, print, or use as it is
  • Own the copyright of any images you create


  • The software understands only English  
  • Not really photorealistic images
  • Serral mode that couldn’t suit your brand proposition
  • Biased results caused by the database it depends on to create the artwork

Since AI affects all aspects of creative work, images have taken their fair share. DALL-E quickly gains popularity due to its innovation to produce images from a few lines describing what you want based on a significant dataset of text-image pairs. 

The application is getting more and more important, not just for producing an image within no time— but at least you can get inspired and start working on your more relevant design. 

So, how does the application do that?

It was trained on more than 12 billion parameters to understand your words and build a wonderful picture. Of course, you own all the copyright to reuse, reprint, or merchandise.  


Good for: scaling customer satisfaction, tracing campaign success, generating product insights.  

Price: Many packages start at $69, and an annual plan is available to save 20%.


  • Create an ad campaign relevant to customers based on data 
  • Help skyrocket conversions by developing products or services 
  • Better response rate


  • Slightly expensive
  • High-end software that needs professional IT to make integrations
  • Pageview limitations 
  • Limited to the number of emails analysis

As a marketer or a business owner, you are probably searching for shortcuts. Nothing wrong with that. And our job here is to help you find alternative ways to streamline your marketing activities. This tool tracks and analyses your customers’ activities and interests so that you can work on developing your offering and recommend the perfect solution at the right time. In addition, the tool uses high-advanced technology to generate reports you’d use to enhance the response rates.

It’s built upon a model that helps you explore the top interests of each person listed in your database.


Personalize will do its best based on your customers’ digital footprint.

Why is it important?

Many companies of all sizes need to launch a product development plan or offer a new service to promote their brands and businesses. It can be possible by insights the app will help you generate reports by crunching data such as visit frequency and time spent on each web page. It’s one of the must-have AI marketing tools. 


Good for: email marketing for more customisation, building a more relevant database.

Price: You will request a demo and one of the sales executives to craft a package that suits you. 


  • Allow your emails to be hyper-personalised
  • Create different customer databases based on interests 
  • Track your business activity 


  • A clunky interface (can be simpler)
  • Difficult exporting-data process 
  • Lack of industry specifics 
  • Price cannot match your marketing budget 

While discovering the best AI marketing tools is imperative to help you smooth your promotion process, some online tools might complicate the workflow if you don’t have enough knowledge to use them. Today, you can only survive with predictive analytics that helps you understand your segment and recommend what they really want. 

Optimove is one of the top applications some big brands use to create custom models, track activity, and leverage personal optimisation on each buying journey by an AI-powered CRM. 

How can Optimove help you?

You’d witness an increase in total order value and the number of orders. But not just that, the tool will be your assistant in improving customer retention and engagement. Eventually, you have the power to drive sales. 


Good for: Video creators or marketers who are planning to produce explainer videos or any other types for YouTube

Price: Different plans are available with a free account with limited features 


  • Edit videos with simpler, super easy steps
  • Fully powered podcast editor with remote capabilities 
  • Easy screen and webcam recording 


  • It takes a long time to upload high-quality videos
  • Poor transcript for non-native speakers
  • Too many updates with no value added to the end user 
  • Hard to manage more than one account

Instead of being afraid of AI tools or making them an excuse to stop brainstorming because they’re more intelligent than you, you can focus on honing your skills and offering a unique product to your audience using the right tools to help you. 

Furthermore, as a marketer, you should learn to work smarter, not harder. Descript will enable you to do so as one of the best AI marketing tools. It will help you streamline the creating video process and cut your time in half. It will give you access to invaluable software to edit videos as simple as playing with slides, ending the hassle related to creating podcasts by easing the technical part and collaborating with different platforms along with audiograms. 

The platform also offers webcam recording and adding transcription with seamless collection tools. After using Descript, you will never want to live without it. 

Compose AI 

Good for: Copywriters to help you write faster, marketers to find new ideas for content campaigns, and SEO-specialities to find out the different scopes to build content clusters for better positioning in the market. 

Price: FREE 


  • A free tool that helps you in any writing tasks
  • Easy email replays to save your time to more creativity 
  • Rephrase sentences and draw inspiration when finding ideas 


  • Lack of personal touch  
  • Bland content without adding a new perspective 
  • It’s not the best option for a niche market
  • You might be penalised by Google because of the possibility of plagiarism

To boost your productivity, unlock new opportunities and increase creativity, you need to understand your time is more valuable than doing repetitive tasks such as replying to emails or spending long hours staring at the screen trying to find the right words. Compose AI is an effective rephrasing Google Chrome extension that will help you save 40% of your time.

It’s an excellent tool for anyone who consumes much time sending emails, whether you’re running a business or wants to send your CV to an employer. You just install the extension, and a blue dot will show on the left side of your screen. Open and give it the order to help you level up your business using the right email marketing strategy


Good for: Creating SEO content, blog ideas, paraph generations, keyword research, easy Chrome extension 

Price: Different packages start from $29 with a free trial for 5 days.


  • Affordable AI-generating content tool
  • Easy to use with multiple ways to access through the website or enable Google extension.  
  • A comprehensive tool for SEO content, from conducting keyword research to adding hyperlinks


  • Lack of personalisation and customisation 
  • A limited number of paragraphs you can generate  
  • You cannot rely on it alone for SEO tasks 
  • Limited data and insights to make an informed SEO strategy

GrowthBar is an AI tool designed for marketers to analyse data with ease. This incredible tool is perfect for those looking for an efficient way to conduct keyword research, create content that drives traffic to your website, and do SEO or competitor analysis. Developed by OpenAI, GrowthBar can suggest links, images, and more to enhance your website URL authority. 

As a digital marketing specialist, this means that by using GrowthBar, you can quickly identify relevant keywords and optimise your content accordingly. Not just that, but GrowthBar also provides some insights about your competitors’ website traffic and backlink profiles to improve your digital strategy. However, if you’re willing to create a comprehensive SEO audit, you will still need to invest in SEO-driven tools for more informed decisions. 


Good for: automation customer service with a humanlike tone of voice.

Price: Advanced features such as email integration and analytics tools are offered within a $15-monthly package. Otherwise, you can enjoy a free plan.


  • Automate conversations about saving time for more creativity
  • Expand your customers’ reach using growth and analytics tools  
  • A cost-effective AI marketing tool to handle customer concerns and enquires 


  • Technical support is not the best 
  • Creating communication sequences needs improvement   
  • More features that might cause confusion for beginners 
  • Documentation to generate analysis can be simpler  

ManyChat will help ease your lead generation, transforming it into a breeze process. It will communicate with your audience based on keywords you picked to send a gift or link for your followers on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

For example, you would encourage your followers to leave a certain word (let’s say: YES), and they will receive a link, a PDF file, or a customised session to learn more about your product. That would maximise the conversion rate and help you establish a relationship with your customers without spending long hours communicating personally with each one. 

How Can Profiletree Help You?

We connect the dots to help you create a meaningful word. We understand how to harness the magic of AI marketing tools and make them work for us by rocking the status quo. The market moves fast, and we are ready to compete with it with a well-laid strategy to untapping revenues that will drive sales directly to your pocket. AI writing tools can create content as good as an average writer who has yet to learn who you’re and what makes you unique, but we hope you’re not here to be an average brand.
You need to write retable stories and build relationships with your customer by igniting an emotional resonance in a way that no one but you can do because you’re the only one who understands the uniqueness of your offering.   
 Our team will help you build an inspiring website that combines three things in one place: functionality, metrics, and mojo. Whether startups or large enterprises, we will help you create more value for your audience through content marketingvideo production, and gaining more visibility on search engines (SEO).  
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What is an AI marketing tool?

An AI marketing tool is an app, platform or online software featuring a package of advanced technologies that will ease your martech stacks, relying on artificial intelligence to automate part of your work or even create suggestions with a minimum degree of human interventions. Most importantly, AI marketing tools help in decision-making because they have collected data that have been assessed and interpreted together, aligned with market trends.  
These platforms represent a new era of technology development. 
And why wouldn’t they?
You’d have all capabilities to develop a marketing strategy and can take the right direction based on your buyer’s interests. From writing catchy captions to creating videos, images, and human-sounding customer service, many marketing tasks can now be handled through one platform, making AI-powered solutions formidable.   

How is AI used in digital marketing?

AI has changed the rules of the game, and this, of course, affects digital marketing methods and trends as well. 
Let’s take a few steps back. Since 2022, marketing has become more focused on data— which means information about your customers (what they’re saying about your product), competitors (how they perform), and potential customers’ problems (what solutions you offer).
AI solutions use machine learning technology to gather more data about any market trends, your prospects and customers. But not just data; AI employs that data to predict customer behaviours and future trends to help marketers develop more relevant messaging, optimise campaigns, and cut off unnecessary costs that would be spent on the wrong target audience on the wrong channel. 

What is an example of using AI in marketing?

As we reviewed how AI marketing tools represent cost-effective solutions, many biggest brands found how this technology can enhance our daily life by adopting initial diagnosis, fitness devices, entertainment platforms, voice assistants, and more.
Not only is AI proven to push productivity to more than 40%, but also companies streamline their workflows, exceed customer expectations, and magnify conversions.
Any examples?
Yes, of course. Sephora is one of the optimal examples of using AI in marketing. The brand has kicked into place AI power early on, optimising chatbot technology to improve customer engagement and offer a personalised and informational experience.
The thriving-cosmetics brand also masters AI potential by offering consulting-shopping service on Facebook Messenger powered by a chatbot. 
Another example of AI in marketing is Lowe’s, an appliance and other home development retail company. This forward-thinking brand has adopted a new approach to enriching the customer experience based on patient-AI software, LoweBot, to offer customers personalised recommendations to get want they’re searching for without feeling compelled by a salesperson.
Not just a seamless shopping experience, the leading company runs its tracking stock system with automated software as an AI product generating invaluable insights from rolling kiosks to understand new consumer trends.   
Eventually, Netflix is an excellent example of companies immersed in AI to tailor their service for each consumer based on what they’ve watched and enjoyed.   

What apps are like AI marketing?

Many apps are like AI marketing, such as Jasper, ChatGPT, Surfer SEO, Optimove, DALL-E, and more. Need to know more about the best AI marketing apps and tools? Then, check the list we’ve created for you to be ready to improve your yield. 

Can AI replace human copywriters?

Copywriters who produce bland content without personality and precision are, yes, being replaced by AI. But great content writers and copywriters should do more than gather information to sip out a copy without adding anything new!
Great content creators should be storytellers (build connections between real stories and the subject of matter), strategists (craft content based on their company objectives and data), and marketers (understand their market and customers’ needs). They take time to understand the market needs deeply and what customers care about. Great marketing writers plan a whole complex brand and product launch and mastermind the ideal positioning before you take your offering to the market.
So, if you’re looking for freelance or in-house copywriters and think AI marketing tools are sufficient, please don’t think like that! Professional copywriters are artists of their craft who are fearless and generous to put in what it takes to transform any writing piece into a compelling copy.

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