We Want To Share Your Business Online through our Business YouTube Show

 Join our mission to showcase the best businesses, strategies and ideas to an audience of fellow business owners and customers in Ireland and around the world.  

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Business owners and managers, we want to hear your story.

We are a content marketing agency based in Belfast, specialising in content marketing. We work with businesses to make amazing websites and support them with written and video content that engages and excites audiences in this new digital age. 

Our audience of small business owners, managers and marketers are always coming to us for useful content, advice, tips and guidance. We want to showcase amazing companies like yours to our audience, and we would be thrilled if we could share a video of your business story on our platform.

We were holding these in person – but sadly due to the current Covid19 situation – we have moved fully to zoom video interviews for the time being.

We have over 200 Business Leaders Interviewed on our Youtube Show

We have gained over 6 million views on our YouTube channels in the past 3 years. From the Business Leaders series, we have pasted over 1 million views for our Business Leaders Interviews on YouTube, then we have  more incredible numbers from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more!

We are inviting you to share what you and your business does online, share your expertise and talk about current trends and opportunities. We have a passionate audience who love to hear what other businesses are doing and we believe after reviewing your profile, you will have some amazing stories to share. There are no costs or catches, we just want to share interesting stories that others will find useful and entertaining. We also know it will be interesting to hear about your business as well. All in all – it can only be good for you and the brand you represent.

We have been honoured to have CEO’s of companies employing over 600 staff join us as well as people fly in from London to appear on the show in our Belfast office. We have had amazing people drive from Cork and Dublin to be here – but we also have video interviews via Zoom with interesting people from around the world with countries such as Canada, Austrailia and the United States already crossed off the list.

To ensure you are comfortable throughout the interview process:

  • We agree the questions in advance and you sign them off.
  • We provide you with the edit before we publish and you can request any edits –  you have full control of this process.

We believe it is an amazing opportunity for extra PR, branding and SEO for your business and many of our guests have reported sales directly from their interview.

Video is the hottest way to share your story today
What better way to do achieve this than through this platform?


  • We will have our video editors polish up the zoom video to make it as professional as possible
  • We will provide your video to you free of charge via YouTube and you can share anywhere or embed as well
  • Helps you build a portfolio of videos online about yourself and your business
  • Sharing your story with our network will generate brand awareness and exposure for your business
  • It will give an excellent return on your investment of time
  • Great for SEO for your website and business
  • An opportunity to help others learn from your journey
  • Serves as a great positioning piece for you as an expert in your field


  • We book a time and day for a zoom interview – it will be quick, maybe 30 minutes in total
  • We send you the core questions in advance, so you can prepare
  • We connect via zoom and go through the questions – pausing at any point we need to
  • We produce an edit and share with you for final approval
  • Once you are happy with the video, we will post on all our social media channels and our website as part of our video series blog
  • You can share the video on your own digital channels, and you can use it to as a marketing tool for your business.


ProfileTree is an award-winning content marketing agency based in Belfast. We specialise in creating optimised websites that are focused on lead generation. From SEO through to one of Ireland’s leading video marketing companies, we specialise in creating revenue-generating digital strategies for companies around the world.

Basically – we help grow revenues of business by driving traffic through content marketing and we currently specialise in Video and Voice (as these give the best ROI).

We are also different from all other agencies as we operate our own media brands – which generate millions of views, web traffic, engagements and finally for our company. We operate our own brands in Travel and TourismEducationFood and DrinkCars and of course Business.

In the last 3 years, we have posted more than 1,000 videos on our own YouTube channels which have generated more than 6 million views for our business and many revenue opportunities for our business. We practice what we preach and deliver for our clients. This video show is part of our current strategy to grow out our own business brand. 

Why just share our content when we can share your story? Its a win-win for everyone!

Each week, our website visitors continues to grow and with our planned revamp of our website, our goal is to increase this number even further. We have an email list of more than 16,000 business leaders and hundreds of thousands of fans and followers across all our networks. We are big on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. We will get your view interview seen – as this is our specialism!

We would love to share this opportunity with you – just reply to our invite and either Gabbi or Ciaran will be in touch to answer any questions and get you booked in.


As of November 2018, we have published our first Business Leader Interviews. Take a look at the videos below to see how business leaders are promoting their business via our channel at this link!

Shane O’Connor – CEO at Eldron Property Consultants

Tracey Robinson – Business Development

Naomh McElhatton – Digital Innovation

Tony Macauley – Conflict Resolution

Kate Taylor – Challenges in Tourism

Ben Crawford – Protection Insurance For

Sean O’Connor – Benefits of Self Storage

Cian Landers – General Manage at Fitzwilliam Hotel Belfast

Warwick Brown – Account Management

Miceál O’Kane – Mastermind Groups

Ryan Kinnear – Sports Hospitality

Gareth Quinn – Digital Technology

We aim to publish a video interview with a new business leader every day moving forward, and it would be great to have a video with you too.

In regards the output – we place the video on our YouTube channel and in our website, we strip the audio out and place in a podcast and publish on all our social media channels at regular intervals. We have been asked to send some guests a copy of the video or audio to add to their own channels. This would be duplicate content and would cause the content not to rank as high as it would if fully original. Hence we try to keep the video published on one location on YouTube and share from there. This really helps the number of people who see the video and helps the video rank well in search engines.

There is no charge – we record the video, edit it and market it like crazy everywhere! 🙂

We invite you to embed the video on your own website if you want and share it across all social media as we do – to get as many people to see it as possible. Our aim here with all the video embeds and shares it to actually rank the original video in search engines. Hence the combined effort of your social network and ours will ensure that it will rank over time and get your company in front of new clients time and time again.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. If taking part in our video series does not appeal to you, no problem at all – but if you know someone in your network who may be interested then we’d love it if you could share this page with them. Thanks again! Ciaran https://www.linkedin.com/in/ciaranconnolly/