What Is Gmail? Google’s Own Competing Email Service

Google Mail (Gmail) is one of the worlds leading email providers. Competing with the likes of Microsoft’s Outlook (formerly known as Hotmail) and Yahoo’s own Yahoo Mail. 

It has been around over a decade since 2004 and was initially seen as a joke due to being announced on April 1st 2004. A day many of us know as April fools day. This led to the service being announced by major players of Google the same day to clarify that Gmail was not a hoax/prank. 

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Great Features of Gmail

Gmail have many great features, some of which you may already know about if you’re a frequent user of Gmail or other Emails. Some of the features link to other Google apps such as the Google Calendar, which makes a users Gmail account a full platform filled with opportunities. 

Connected to your Google Account and Other Google AppsGoogle-Task,-Keep-and-Calendar

As said above, users Gmail can connect many different Google Apps. This allows users to keep on top of their life easily and all in the same place. One of the apps that can connect to Gmail is Google Calendar. From within gmail users can then add events to their schedule easily without needing to access a separate app. Users can then setup emails to remind themselves of events within their life. Driving tests, weddings and much more will never be forgotten again, once a user gets a grip with making events within Gmail.

Users can also connect Google keep to their Gmail. If you have never used Keep before, it is a great place to keep of record of notes. It is more or less a sticky note app. One of the great features of Keep, is users can keep notes, lists, photos and even audio within Keep. Something you can’t do within sticky notes. There is also a place to create tasks within Gmail.

With all the three features (Calendar, Keep and Tasks), users will get notified within their emails about, deadlines from notes and tasks and about events from their calendar. 

Different Folders and Categories

Another great feature of Gmail is the different folders and categories, all your emails can be added and moved between folders. Overall there are three categories emails can go into. These are the Primary, Social and Promotions categories. They help to filter emails, making it easier to find and prioritise emails. With the only possibly changes being the name of the categories. For instance within outlook instead of the three categories there’re two, a ‘focused’ and an ‘other’ category.

Within Gmail you can add your own folders. Adding folders can be one of the most helpful features of an email. Having different folders for different types of email or for emails from a certain address can be very helpful. This allows for users filter different content within their email. For instance if  user gets emailed their payslips, they could then make a folder named ‘Pay’. This could then be a folder the user can move all their payslip emails into. Similarly if a user is subscribed to a newsletter, they could create a folder for each of the newsletters.

Being able to create folders and having categories is the most helpful feature of any email system. It helps to filter content a lot more, making finding emails easier and keeping your email tidy and clean. Especially if you’re emails are filled. 

Search Email
Search- Magnifying Glass

Search your Mail

Within almost every email, you will find a ‘search email’ bar. Again it is a very helpful feature. If you’re anything like each one of us at ProfileTree, your emails are probably filled. Not that its filled with important emails because you’ll find more and more emails could be considered spam. To help with this always have a backup email you use to help filter emails even more and your main inbox isn’t littered with random emails. 

With the search bar, users can then search their thousands of emails for one specific email using a keyword. For instance a user could search for ‘Payslip’. If the user has their payslips within a separate folder, all the payslip emails will be shown separately. The only problem would be any email featuring the word payslip will show also. Although it is still a good way of filtering emails to find a certain email easier. 

Drafts and Trash

Other great features of Gmail are the draft and trash features. They’re more than likely features you have heard about, but lets take a look at them in a little bit more detail. 

Very much like Microsoft Word and other office features, there is a draft feature. It is an ideal feature for anyone who likes to loom over details before sending. It can also be used to write up a email before adding any material that is needed such as documents. As they might not be ready to send just yet. 

The trash feature is another great feature. Some might think how is a trash feature a great feature? Well one of the best parts of a trash feature is that once you trash a email, it doesn’t get deleted. So, if you accidentally trash an important email, you can get it back quite easily. (Unless you delete your trash). So always double and triple check your trash! 

Starred Feature

Having a starring feature is also very ideal. It allows users to prioritise their emails within the folders and category’s. The best part of being able to star emails, is that Gmail has a folder for starred content. 

Having a separate folder for starred emails means finding prioritised emails is very easy, otherwise there would’ve been no point in starring the email. 

This is one of the features on Gmail, that can save a user time when searching for specific emails. It works brilliantly alongside the folders and category features. 

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Add-ons and Marketplace

How does Gmail Compare to Other Email Providers

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