At ProfileTree we have put together this tutorial to share how to use coupons with WIX. To get started using WIX coupons, you first need to be logged into your WIX dashboard and select the website you wish to create WIX coupons on.

Similar to the email marketing of WIX, coupons are located within the marketing tools options on WIX. This is located within the left-hand navigation of the dashboard.

When you’re on the marketing tools, there are marketing home options. On here scroll and you will find an option called ‘offer coupons’. This is the place to create your WIX coupons.

Coupons with WIX – Options

On WIX Coupons, there is a range of coupon options. Overall there are five which are as follows;

  • Number Discount – The number discount is simply a discount in terms of a number. This is a fixed discount and can’t change. Examples of this could be £10 or £20 off.
  • Percentage Discount – A percentage discount is similar to the number discount except it isn’t a fixed discount. A percentage is a rate discount which means it will change depending on how much you spend. For example, if a product costs £50 and has 25% of it would cost only £37.50 whereas if there was a fixed rate discount of £10 off it would cost £40. The more you spend the more you will save.
  • Free Shipping – A free shipping coupon is quite self-explanatory. It just allows the user to receive delivery of their product for free. This can be set up for different regions. For example, an online store may offer free shipping to the UK except for Northern Ireland. This would be due to shipping costs. Shipping to Northern Ireland compared to other regions of the UK will need to either travel by air or seas as it is not part of the UK mainland.
  • Sale Price Discount – A Sale Price discount is a discount that can be applied to a full collection of products or to the full store.
  • Buy X get Y Free – This discount is a discount you would see a lot. This discount entices people to buy more than what they were originally going to buy to be better off. The only exception being, a buy one gets one free discount. Other examples could be, buy two of a certain product and get a third free.
WIX coupon code infographic
There are five different types of WIX coupon codes. Image credit: WIX

Creating a Coupon in WIX

To create a coupon of WIX, you need to choose one out of the five options from above.

Creating Coupons with WIX featured image

Options will then appear underneath the coupon. Here is where the coupon is created. Details you will need to include for a number and percentage discount would be a coupon code, a coupon name and the amount of discount to be applied.

The code will be entered by a user at the checkout. This is where the discount will be applied. You can also add specific options to the coupon such as a limit per order, does it apply to everything or just one product. You also need to set the date for the code.

To create other coupons such as the free shipping, sale price and a buy X get Y free coupons, select that specific coupon and edit all the details such as the offer, what products it applies to and its name.

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3 Tips for Using Coupons with WIX

Now that you know how to create a coupon in WIX, the next step is understanding how to make the most of them. There are a number of strategies out there to drive sales using WIX coupons.

Of course, this is your ultimate goal if you’re reading this.

Here are three concrete strategies you can begin using today to drive traffic, gain email signups and skyrocket your sales.

1. Using Coupons with WIX as a Lead Magnet

Lead magnet graphic
WIX coupons can be used as a lead magnet to gather users’ contact details. Image credit: Search Engine Journal

The reality is that most people who visit your site won’t make a purchase, and certainly not on the first session. One strategy to combat this is to try and attract repeat traffic. The key to this is building an online audience.

Lead magnets are essential here.

A lead magnet is anything that you offer to your site visitors in order to gain an email signup or social follow. For example, many brands give away premium content, like ebooks or webinars.

For most ecommerce brands, the best solution is generally to use coupons. This might be a percentage of the user’s first order, or free shipping. In either case, you can use the above steps to create a lead magnet coupon.

You can then use a drip fed email campaign to continue marketing to your new audience.

2. Cart Abandonment Emails

Cart abandonment email screenshot
Coupons can be used to push hesitant customers over the edge. Image credit: WIX

Another challenge for ecommerce stores is users who begin a purchase, but don’t complete it. This can happen for a number of reasons. For example, the user might get distracted by someone coming to the door.

More often, your checkout process might be under-optimised for CRO.

Essentially, cart abandonment emails are automated messages which are sent out when a user leaves your site without completing their purchase. In a basic example, they might get a reminder that they can return to your site to complete the purchase.

However, WIX coupons add an extra string to your bow, by allowing you to push leads with cold feet over the edge. In other words, you can offer a percentage discount to users, in order to entice them into finishing their purchase.

This can make a significant impact on your overall sales figures.

3. Referral Marketing

Referral marketing graphic
Referral marketing is a great way to turn your existing customers into a sales army. Image credit: ProfileTree

The basic value of adding coupons to your WIX site is creating incentives to make your users perform whatever action you’d like them to do. Referral marketing is all about getting your existing customers to find you more leads.

In other words, you can reward customers who refer a friend with a coupon. You can also offer a discount to the friend, to maximise the chances of them actually making a purchase.

To supercharge your referral marketing, you can also use a leader board system. In essence, this is where you reward the customers who refer the most new leads to your site. This element of competition is an excellent lead generation strategy.

Creating Coupons with WIX: How to Maximise ROI

Creating a coupon in WIX is simple. Like all WIX admin tasks, basically anyone who can use a computer can do it. Following the steps above, you can have your choice of five types of coupon in a matter of minutes.

Of course, the real challenge is achieving ROI from your coupons.

The key to this is understanding the main challenges that ecommerce stores face. Specifically, using WIX coupons can help you to gain new leads, and increase your conversion rates. Some of the most popular strategies for achieving this are using lead magnets, cart abandonment emails, and referral marketing.

Why Coupons Matter for Customer Acquisition and Retention

Coupons are a powerful tool in the marketing arsenal, driving both customer acquisition and retention. They offer immediate value and incentivize purchases, encouraging first-time buyers and rewarding loyal customers. Let’s delve into the reasons why coupons matter:

Customer Acquisition:

  • Attract new customers: Coupons act as enticing offers, attracting new customers and encouraging them to try your brand for the first time.
  • Increase brand awareness: By offering coupons through various channels, you reach new audiences and raise awareness about your brand and its offerings.
  • Boost website traffic and sales: Coupons drive traffic to your online store or physical location, leading to increased sales and conversions.
  • Lower barriers to entry: Coupons overcome hesitation and lower the perceived risk of trying a new brand, nudging customers towards their first purchase.
  • Target specific demographics: Tailor coupon offers to attract specific customer segments based on age, interests, or purchase history, maximizing their impact.

Customer Retention:

  • Reward loyal customers: Coupons show appreciation for existing customers, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases.
  • Drive repeat business: By offering exclusive coupon deals, you incentivize loyal customers to return to your brand and explore new products.
  • Boost engagement: Coupons encourage customers to interact with your brand, whether it’s signing up for your email list or engaging with social media promotions.
  • Gather valuable data: Through coupon redemption tracking, you gain valuable insights into customer preferences, purchase behavior, and campaign effectiveness.
  • Combat customer churn: Targeted coupon offers can incentivize at-risk customers to stay with your brand, reducing churn and retaining valuable relationships.

Beyond the immediate benefits, coupons can contribute to broader marketing goals:

  • Strengthen brand image: Coupons can be designed to promote specific brand values, such as affordability, exclusivity, or community engagement.
  • Increase brand trust: By offering genuine value through coupons, you build trust and credibility with your customers.
  • Gain competitive advantage: In a crowded marketplace, coupons can differentiate your brand and attract customers with enticing offers.
  • Measure marketing effectiveness: Coupon campaigns provide valuable data points for measuring the success of marketing efforts and making data-driven decisions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Configuring Coupons with Wix

1. Setting Coupon Parameters:

A. Go to Coupons:

  1. Log in to your Wix account and go to your dashboard.
  2. Click on “Marketing” in the left-hand menu.
  3. Select “Coupons” from the sub-menu.

B. Create a New Coupon:

  1. Click on the “+ New Coupon” button.
  2. Choose the type of coupon you want to create:
    • Percentage Discount: Reduces the total order amount by a specific percentage.
    • Fixed Amount Discount: Reduces the total order amount by a fixed dollar amount.
    • Free Shipping: Offers free shipping on all orders.

C. Define Coupon Details:

  1. Enter a descriptive name for your coupon.
  2. Set the discount value based on your chosen type:
    • Percentage Discount: Enter the percentage discount (e.g., 10%).
    • Fixed Amount Discount: Enter the dollar amount discount (e.g., $10).
  3. (Optional) Set a minimum purchase amount required to redeem the coupon.
  4. (Optional) Choose a specific category or product to apply the coupon to.
  5. Set the start and end dates for the coupon validity period.

2. Customizing Coupon Design:

A. Access Design Options:

  1. In the “Create a New Coupon” interface, scroll down to the “Design” section.
  2. Click on the “Customize Design” button.

B. Choose a Template:

  1. Wix offers various pre-designed coupon templates.
  2. Select a template that aligns with your brand identity and campaign goals.

C. Edit Coupon Design:

  1. Change the background color, image, and fonts.
  2. Add text elements and edit the coupon code text.
  3. Preview the design and make adjustments as needed.

3. Promoting Coupon Strategies:

A. Choose Promotion Channels:

  1. Wix offers several ways to promote your coupon:
    • Email Marketing: Send email campaigns to your subscribers.
    • Social Media: Share the coupon code on your social media platforms.
    • Website Banners: Display the coupon code on your website.
    • Pop-ups: Show a pop-up window with the coupon code when visitors enter your site.
    • Print Materials: Include the coupon code on flyers, brochures, and other printed materials.

B. Create Compelling Message:

  1. Craft a clear and concise message that highlights the coupon benefits.
  2. Include a call to action to encourage users to redeem the coupon.
  3. Use visuals and graphics to grab attention.

C. Track Coupon Performance:

  1. Use Wix analytics tools to track coupon redemption rates.
  2. Analyze the data to understand which promotion channels are most effective.
  3. Use the insights to refine your coupon strategies for future campaigns.

Additional Tips:

  • Create urgency: Set a limited-time offer to encourage immediate action.
  • Personalize coupons: Offer targeted discounts based on customer data.
  • Track coupon codes: Use unique codes for each campaign to track performance.
  • A/B test different designs: Experiment with different design options to see what performs best.
  • Combine coupons with other marketing efforts: Use coupons in conjunction with other marketing channels for maximum reach and impact.

By following these steps and tips, you can configure visually appealing and effective coupons in Wix that will help you acquire new customers, retain existing ones, and achieve your marketing goals.

Coupons with WIX: FAQ:

Q: What types of coupons can I create in Wix?

A: You can create a variety of coupons in Wix, including percentage discounts, fixed amount discounts, free shipping offers, buy one get one free (BOGO) deals, and minimum spend discounts.

Q: How do I customize the design of my coupon?

A: Wix offers a variety of pre-designed coupon templates that you can customize. You can also upload your own images and fonts to create a unique design.

Q: How do I promote my coupon?

A: Wix offers several ways to promote your coupon, including email marketing, social media, website banners, pop-ups, and print materials. You can also partner with influencers or issue press releases to generate additional interest.

Q: How do I track the performance of my coupon?

A: Wix analytics tools provide insights into your coupon’s redemption rate, which channels are driving the most redemptions, and the overall effectiveness of your campaign.

Q: Are there any best practices for creating effective coupons?

A: Yes, here are some best practices to follow:

  • Set clear and concise goals for your coupon campaign.
  • Choose the right type of coupon for your target audience.
  • Offer a compelling discount or offer.
  • Make the coupon code easy to remember and use.
  • Promote your coupon across multiple channels.
  • Track your results and make adjustments as needed.

Coupons with WIX: Conclusion:

Coupons can be a powerful tool for online businesses, helping to attract new customers, boost sales, and increase engagement. By following the steps and tips outlined in this article, you can learn how to configure coupons in Wix, customize their design, and implement effective promotion strategies.

Remember to track the performance of your campaigns and make adjustments as needed to ensure success. By using coupons effectively, you can achieve your marketing goals and drive growth for your online business.

To learn more about WIX for email marketing, check out this article: WIX Email Campaign Tutorial and 3 Tips for Success

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