Growing your community and connecting with your network is one of the important things to establish within your business. Building brand awareness and developing relationships with your target audience creates trust and authority in your brand, products, and services. Wix apps allow you to connect with visitors and establish a rapport with them.   There are plenty of methods and approaches in marketing strategy to connect with your users but many take time and effort. Wix apps take the hard work out of connecting with customers, giving you more opportunities to focus on conversations and interactions. With a wide range of ways to connect with your customers, find out our recommendations for using Wix apps for communications.  Whether you want to chat to site visitors live, gain data from forms, gather testimonials, or connect with your target audience, Wix apps have something for everyone. Here are our top four recommendations to help you connect with your customers: 

1. Wix Forum to Create a Community

Arguably the most obvious app in Wix to build connections with your customers and visitors to your site, Wix Forum offers a great platform for people to connect and share information around your brand, products and services. With distinctive and attractive design, you are able to customise this app and choose any layout that suits your brand – giving you an opportunity to showcase your brand and build a strong aesthetic as well as awareness.  Another useful tool offered by Wix Forum is the ability to build discussion boards through it. This allows you to answer questions around your brand, products, or services and connect with customers in a very real way. You can also use this space to run polls or even post job vacancies.

Why is Wix Forum Good for My Business?

  • You can offer subscription plans and manage to make money from your forum.
  • With Wix Forum, you can build up your online community through discussions.
  • You can create Q&As and even post job vacancies.
  • There is a tool to build private categories for selected members. 
homepage of the wix forum app to connect visitors
Wix Forum acts as a place for your website visitors to connect and share information. (Image Credit: ProfileTree)

2. 123 FormBuilder to Obtain Information and Payments

Something every eCommerce store should have, 123FormBuilder offers an array of versatile forms for every sector and industry. Their forms include things like job applications, volunteering, registration for courses, surveys, and even events tickets.  With incredible integrations, you can use 123FormBuilder to connect to a variety of payment processors, companies like Stripe, Square, and PayPal making payment for your customers secure and easy.  Being fully customisable, there are over 1000 templates available really allowing you to create striking content for visitors. To round it off, you can get submission alerts over email and SMS, meaning you will be able to respond to customer queries promptly and with ease.  123FormBuilder offers plenty of opportunities to connect with your customers and enhance lead generation. One of the ways this is done is through setting up auto-responders, enabling file uploads, and being able to create multilingual forms. With over 30 integrations, 123FormBuilder allows you to communicate effectively through shareable surveys, quizzes, and questionnaires.

Why is 123FormBuilder Good for My Business?

  • You can connect safely and securely to a multitude of payment providers.
  • You can collect automatic payments, set up personalised confirmation messages, and even configure alerts.
  • You can link data to your Wix Contacts, Google Sheets, and Mailchimp among others. 
Create any type of custom contact form that highlights your brand to customers.
orange background with wix logo, white text and half a webpage with an online form
Connect with your customers, obtain valuable information and collect payments using 123FormBuilder. Image credit: Wix

3. Formilla Live Chat to Connect with Your Customers in Real-Time

An integral way of communicating with your customers for any business is having a live chat. Formilla Live Chat offers one of the best live chat software integrations for any website. Visitors and customers can use this tool to converse about your business’s products or services or query anything else that they want to know.  Having a live chat option creates domain authority as it shows you are willing to listen to customers and respond promptly to their questions. This also builds brand trust and encourages customers to return and engage with your offerings. 

Why is Formilla Live Chat Good for my Business?

  • You can converse and see visitors and customers in real-time. 
  • Chat with your customers anywhere in the world – all you need is an internet connection. 
  • Send live chat messages to your customers on your site automatically. 
  • Quick and easy to install and set up. 
Live chat directly with customers in real-time using Formilla Live Chat. Image credit: Wix

4. Wix Blog to Share Your Expertise

Creating a blog is a great way to promote your business and connect with your audience on a more personal level. As an effective marketing tool, a blog helps you rank higher on search engines, drive traffic to your site, engage with your audience and build an online community. With Wix Blog, you can give your brand a dedicated platform to voice your knowledge. Blogs allow you to have conversations around topics related to your business. Plus, you boost your chances for readers to share your content organically around the web. With this app, you can also make your website stand out with beautiful, up-to-date layouts and customisation tools. 

Why is Wix Blog Good for My Site?

  • Drive traffic to your site with advanced SEO.
  • Achieve a professional look with different customisation options.
  • Monetise your blog with ads and subscriptions.
  • Post on-the-go with the Wix mobile app.
Share your expertise and grow your traffic with the Wix Blog app. Image credit: Wix

Communicating with Your Customers

Whether you develop forms, want to have live chats with social integrations, or gather surveys to understand what your customers need and want, Wix apps have something for you. With apps that focus on building relationships, developing brand awareness, and establishing domain authority, you are guaranteed to be able to make connections.  Developing a digital marketing strategy and wanting to activate your brand? Get in touch with ProfileTree today to find out how you can transform your business and develop connections with your customers. 

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