Twitter marketing has remained one of the most powerful social media tools for online users to communicate with each other and keep up-to-date with current news and trends. Twitter is a fantastic platform for businesses to enhance their online presence and increase brand awareness.

How To Improve Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

In this article, we’ll take you through the following three powerful ways to enhance your Twitter marketing strategy:

  1. Optimise your Twitter profile.
  2. Post a variety of content.
  3. Engage with other Twitter accounts.

These Twitter marketing strategies will help boost engagement on your Twitter profile and build trust with your followers through brand awareness.

1. Optimise Your Profile To Improve Your Twitter Marketing

It’s very important that your social media profiles reflect your brand’s identity. For your Twitter profile, ensure to optimise your bio so that social media users can discover you easily. In your Twitter bio, include relevant keywords that relate to your products or services, the industry that you’re in, and where you are based. These types of keywords are factors which the Twitter algorithm utilises to determine how the platform will recommend profiles to social media users.

As you have 160 characters available for your Twitter bio, strategically select your target keywords to maximise the opportunities for SEO on Twitter. If you have some characters left over, insert a call to action to encourage users to interact with your profile or your business website. You can also add a URL link to your Twitter bio, meaning that users can click on an external link and be directed to another website. 

twitter marketing

When deciding which URL link to add to your Twitter bio, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What webpage would I like to see gain more traffic?
  • Does my URL link align with my goals?
  • Is there an event that I could promote through my external link?
  • What action am I hoping the user will take on my website?

These questions will help inform which URL link you should include in your bio to align with your Twitter marketing strategy.

Representing Your Brand Using Twitter Marketing: Profile Image and Cover Photo

On social media, your profile image and cover photo influence first impressions of your business page. To enhance your Twitter marketing strategy, ensure that your profile image and cover photo are the same across all of your social media channels. Maintaining consistency with your branding online ensures that your business is easy to identify for the consumer. For your profile image, consider setting this as your company logo which should be clear to the user and fits the sizing of 400 x 400 pixels. Formatting your logo to the appropriate size ensures that your logo is not cropped at the edges and conveys professionalism.

When selecting your cover photo, choose a graphic that represents your brand, services, products, and seasonal campaign if relevant. We recommend using Canva to design cover photos which include text to advertise your business. Ensure that your cover photo is 1500 x 500 pixels to maintain a high resolution and the information is not cropped at the edges.

2. Post A Variety of Content Using Twitter Marketing

Twitter is utilised by social media users to remain up-to-date with current news and trending topics. Because of this, Twitter marketing is a fantastic way to share relevant news within your industry and provide your insight and expertise. 

Why is this important for Twitter marketing? The Twitter algorithm utilises likes, comments, and retweets to determine consumer interests and how to reach other profiles. With this in mind, utilising current news and industry trends is not only a great way to increase brand awareness but also to encourage social media users and businesses to get involved in the conversation.

Similar to LinkedIn, be sure to include company updates and news within your Twitter marketing strategy to build a positive reputation online and demonstrate the expertise of staff members.

So, how can you keep up-to-date with the latest news and trending topics within your industry? Some methods that you can use to inspire your content include:

  • Search for a target keyword related to your products, services, or industry on Twitter and Google, and identify topics that are frequently discussed.
  • Follow other business accounts within your industry and check what type of content they’re currently posting. 
  • Sign up for newsletters that produce information about trends within your industry.
  • Utilise Google Trends to search for a keyword related to your business and monitor the popularity of different search terms.
  • Search for a target keyword on Google and go through the ‘News’ section. Check this section regularly to identify useful articles that you can link within a tweet.
Twitter Marketing: Content marketing strategy

Utilise Pinned Tweets To Enhance Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

Pinned tweets are an excellent way to increase the visibility of your most important tweets as these tweets will display at the top of your profile. This means that when online users land on your Twitter page, you can control which tweets you want them to see first.

Examples of how you can utilise pinned tweets for your Twitter marketing strategy include:

  • Promotions or discounts: Pin tweets with a promotion or discount to increase sales and conversions as users recognise the tweet at the top of your profile.
  • Product launch: If you’re launching a new product or service and want to generate as many sales as possible, pin a tweet that contains some information about what is being launched, any discounts, and the date of the launch. This will inform social media users to anticipate your new offer.
  • Blog posts: Browse through the blogs that are currently live on your website and select one that you would like to see gain more traffic. Include a link to this blog post in a tweet with a call to action to encourage users to check out your content.
  • News or announcements: If you have any company news or announcements, such as earning special awards, project updates, or staff achievements, pin this tweet to increase the authority of your page and establish your credibility.
  • Upcoming events: If your business participates in or hosts any events, webinars, or charity events, you can increase sign-ups by pinning a tweet that outlines event information and a relevant URL link to sign up.

This a great Twitter marketing tool for businesses to control when social media users view important tweets and generate engagement.

Checking Trends For Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a brilliant social media platform to remain up-to-date on industry trends and news. When you go to the Explore tab, you will see a Trending tab which will list the most popular topics being discussed online. We recommend checking this tab for any opportunities to expand your reach by engaging in trending topics and conversations.

You can also search for a target keyword related to your industry and review the top tweets that appear. In this section, Twitter will display tweets which are receiving the most engagement. When searching for trending topics, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What links are users including with their tweets?
  • What content is included in the images and videos?
  • What hashtags are people using?
  • What type of content is generating the most retweets?
  • How can my content contribute to the conversation?
twitter marketing
Twitter Marketing: Trends on Twitter

How To Remain Consistent With Twitter Marketing

A consistent posting schedule is incredibly important for your Twitter account to grow online. However, this may be difficult to manage for business owners and marketers if they have multiple social media channels to manage. We would recommend utilising a scheduling tool to ensure that important news and updates about your business are posted within good time.

Some benefits of utilising a scheduling tool include:

  • Saves time for business owners when organising important tasks.
  • Supports the creation of a content calendar and a visual overview of your content.
  • Allows you to determine the best days or times to post when your audience is most active online.
  • Posts can be designed and drafted, meaning that you can return to a post and complete your content at a later stage.
  • Allows businesses to encourage other staff members to get involved with content creation.

Scheduling your content for Twitter is a brilliant way to ensure that you have content ready to go even during your busy business periods. Once your content is posted, you can dedicate more time towards monitoring performance, engaging with your target audience, and checking recent trends and news related to your industry.

3. Engage With Other Twitter Accounts

Like all social media platforms, the Twitter algorithm relies on user engagement to determine the success of social media posts. Examples of user engagement include:

  • Liking tweets.
  • Commenting on tweets.
  • Retweets.
  • Replying to tweets.

On your Twitter account, your content will be divided into the following sections:

  • Tweets.
  • Replies.
  • Media.
  • Likes.

In the Likes tab, this is where social media users can find all of the tweets that your account has liked and engaged with. As social media users can browse your liked tweets, utilise this Twitter marketing tool as an opportunity to increase your brand awareness. Your liked tweets can demonstrate your company values and relationships with other business accounts. 

As you engage with other Twitter accounts, your account becomes more visible to social media users and increases the chances of gaining new followers!

To make your content stand out, add external links to your website, relevant articles, and blog posts. This will encourage social media users to engage even more with your content.

Utilise Polls For Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

Polls are a fantastic feature on Twitter to increase engagement on your Twitter account. This Twitter marketing tool allows you to ask social media users a question and create selected answers for users to vote for. You can also select how long you would like your poll to run to ensure that your existing online polls are relevant and up-to-date.

twitter marketing
Twitter Marketing: Utilising polls on Twitter

Polls are also an accessible way to conduct market research and consumer research! For example, you can utilise the Poll feature to ask your consumers what motivates them to invest in your brand. Or, you could create a poll to engage with other business accounts by asking them their opinions on recent industry trends and news. This Twitter marketing tool is very inviting and easy to use for social media users who may not frequently comment on business accounts but still want to engage with your content!

Twitter Marketing: Developing your digital strategy

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