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Current Digital Agency Openings

We’re hiring. If you fancy an exciting new challenge, let us know!

Do check out our current or most recent digital agency career vacancies on this page. We enjoy working with ambitious team players who seek to be experts in their space and care about their clients. If this sounds like you might fit the bill – then we would be delighted to hear from you.

We have a range of departments – from digital marketing, website design and development, content marketing and SEO, video creation and video marketing, as well as support services such as project management and client services.  Do you think you would fit into one of these? As of 1st May 2023 we have no open positions, but do expect new opportunities to be available soon.

Even if you don’t find a suitable vacancy at our web design agency, you can still send your CV to [email protected]

Recent Agency Vacancies:

Account Manager

We’re looking for an experienced Account Manager or Account Supervisor to join our talented team at ProfileTree. Work within a fast-paced, digital marketing business to help retain and grow the agency’s key accounts.

View Account Manager Job Role

Client Services Representative

We’re looking for a dedicated Client Services Representative to join our talented team at ProfileTree. Work within a prominent digital marketing business and handle a wide range of client queries and needs.

View Client Services Representative Job Role

Content Writer

ProfileTree is seeking to recruit a talented content writer to join our team of digital marketing professionals. Work for a fast-paced digital marketing agency and create exciting and engaging content on behalf of our clients.

View Content Writer Job Role

Project Manager

We’re looking for an experienced Project Manager to join our talented team at ProfileTree. Work within a competitive digital marketing business, managing project lifecycles from the initial implementation phase, right through to the delivery phase.

View Project Manager Job Role

Shopify Developer

We are seeking a talented Shopify Developer to join our team at ProfileTree. Work for a prominent digital marketing agency and help clients compete within the online market by creating fully functional and appealing ecommerce websites on Shopify.

View Shopify Developer Job Role

Social Media Expert

We are seeking to hire a talented Social Media Expert to work within our award-winning digital marketing agency. Your role will involve managing social media accounts, creating engaging posts and delivering successful social media campaigns.

View Social Media Expert Job Role

UI-UX Designer

We’re looking for an experienced UX-UI Designer to join our talented team at ProfileTree. Work within a prominent digital marketing company to create bespoke websites with excellent user functionality.

View UI-UX Designer Job Role

Perks & Benefits

Reasons to Work at ProfileTree Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency:

Hybrid Work Environment

We’re a close group of talented people who enjoy working together in person and virtually.

Inspiring Work

Every day offers the opportunity to create something amazing. New challenges guaranteed!

Professional Development

We foster career path growth and support continued education to keep our team at the cutting edge.

Unlimited Opportunities

Your career with our digital agency is only limited by your own hunger and potential.

Be an Expert

We provide opportunities for you to become the leading expert in your field.

Helping SME’s Grow

We deliver incredible digital services that result in major impacts for our clients.

Placements & Internships

Looking for an internship?

Are you an aspiring web designer/digital marketer or project manager? Well look no further, send us your details and upload a CV. We place a range and number of students every year to help develop their skills, as well as hoping to connect with future talent! It is an excellent opportunity to be part of a team delivering real project and learn incredibly valuable skills that will help you stand out when you are seeking a full time role after your study.

If you are seeking a placement – why not connect. We look forward to hearing from you.

Max. file size: 100 MB.

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Working at ProfileTree Digital Agency

The Benefits for You

  1. We have an incredibly friendly, helpful team of digital experts on hand to help guide you on your career ladder.
  2. We provide unlimited opportunities for growth and development within the business
  3. You will work directly with clients, helping them create amazing websites, and digital content or understand how the internet works.
  4. You will learn new things every day by being exposed to a fast-growing team aiming to deliver special projects for our clients.
  5. You have the opportunity to become the expert in your field, we are always seeking individuals who want to lead.
  6. We will challenge you to be the best you can be from practical experience, coaching and on the job development.

The Interview Process

  • We review your application and any details supplied to create a short list of candidates.
  • If successful we reach out to confirm the next stage which maybe a test or interview.
  • We book a time and day for an initial zoom interview that works for everyone.
  • We will review our notes from the interview and grade the application.
  • We revert back with a decision or possibly a follow-up interview to go into much more detail and answer more questions you may have.
  • We let you know how the interview went and if we are all lucky, we can move to make a formal job offer.
  • You get started and help us make a real difference for our digital agency clients. The start of an exciting career in ProfileTree.

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