Project Manager to join Digital Marketing Agency – ProfileTree

We’re looking for an experienced Project Manager to join our talented team at ProfileTree. Work within a competitive digital marketing business, managing project lifecycles from the initial implementation phase, right through to the delivery phase.

The ideal person will have the core essential project management skills such as excellent communication, planning, scheduling, time management, negotiation and persuasion, risk management and problem solving.

Project Manager

Project Manager – Job Description

The Project Manager will oversee clients strategies and internal projects in their initial development phase right through to the delivery phase, requiring the Project Manager to delegate tasks efficiently and ensure a smooth running operation of the overall project.

Day to day the Project Manager will be helping align our client’s projects with our internal capacity, layering on top effective work plans, milestones, quality controls and deadline management.

The Project Manager will oversee clients strategies and internal projects in their initial development phase right through to the delivery phase, requiring the Project Manager to delegate tasks efficiently and ensure a smooth running operation of the overall project.

Day to day the Project Manager will be helping align our client’s projects with our internal capacity, layering on top effective work plans, milestones, quality controls and deadline management.

Project Manager – About the role

ProfileTree is a digital marketing agency that helps SME and large businesses compete within the online environment. As a Project Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing clients projects that will benefit their business and help to raise their digital profile.

As a digital marketing business, ProfileTree is a team with a wide range of talent, from videographers, animators, web developers, content writers and more. The role will require you to have a sound knowledge of the abilities of each position and understand how their contribution benefits the client.

The role may require you to meet with clients and develop an initial digital marketing strategy with clearly defined goals. You will need to manage the clients expectations and explain why different strategies would be the most effective approach for meeting their goals.

Once the digital marketing strategy is agreed upon, the Project Manager will create a timeline and set tasks that need to be completed. The Project Manager will be responsible for delegating those tasks and overseeing the overall project. They will manage a wide team of employees and report to the Company Director and Office Manager.

The Project Manager role may include:

The following responsibilities are indicative of what the role may include. This is not an exhaustive list of duties and the Project Manager will be expected to undertake additional duties that fall under the responsibility of Project Manager. Your role may require you to:

  • Manage the project lifestyle of client projects. 
  • Manage the project lifestyle of internal projects. 
  • Meet with clients to develop a digital marketing strategy. 
  • Manage the client’s budget and offer the best return on investment. 
  • Devise a project timeline that meets the clients goals and expectations.
  • Delegate tasks to the wider digital marketing team e.g.) content writers, web developers, videographers etc. 
  • Provide the digital marketing team with the necessary tools and information that they may require for completing set tasks. 
  • Track the completion of tasks and manage individuals schedule.
  • Ensure tasks are completed to a high standard of quality. 
  • Provide the client with updates on their project.
  • Manage client feedback and assign alterations to tasks if required.
  • Ensure the clients are satisfied with the overall quality and outcome of their digital marketing project. 
  • Ensure that the digital marketing team feels able to complete tasks to the best of their ability. 
  • Track and collate data on the impact of the client’s digital marketing project. 
  • Compile reports of clients projects and deliver them to the client and the Company Director.

Project Manager – Essential skills and experience

For the role of Project Manager, we require the following experience and essential skills:

  • Degree level qualification (degree not specified).
  • At least one year experience in a Project Management role, or similar position.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills.
  • High standard of writing ability.
  • Strong leadership skills. 
  • Strong negotiation skills.
  • Ability to develop and nurture professional relationships.
  • Track record of Project Management responsibilities.
  • Able to delegate tasks to a wide team of digital marketing professionals.
  • Experience of successfully overseeing an entire project lifecycle. 
  • Independent and driven.
  • Strong work ethic. 
  • Consistently upholds professional standards.
  • Maintains industry awareness.
  • Able to work collaboratively and ensure project cohesion. 
  • Able to work under pressure and manage the workload of a wide team.

Project Manager – Desired experience

Although not essential for the role of Project Manager, we are also actively seeking candidates with the following desired experience. As with any role within our digital agency business, as a fast moving business there will be incredible opportunities to grow and develop new skills as well as an opportunity to work with amazing businesses.

  • Degree level qualification in a communication or business based degree or similar field.
  • 2 years’ experience in a similar Project Management role.
  • Experience working within a digital marketing agency – or similar business.
  • Experience managing a wide team of employees.

About the Digital Marketing and Website Agency

ProfileTree is a digital marketing agency based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We help local, regional and international businesses grow their digital profile and compete within the online marketing environment.

Competition online is tough for business, but with ProfileTree in your corner, success is just a click away.

We provide expert digital marketing services for small and large businesses from a range of different industries. We transform web traffic into actual sales and offer a strong Return On Investment for our services.

At ProfileTree, we help businesses carve out their own niche on the web and build upon their own digital marketing skill set for long term success.

We are a team of digital marketing professionals including content writers, videographers, social media specialists and web developers – to name just a few of the services we provide.
As a full service digital marketing agency, we are a one-stop-shop for businesses seeking to build a strong and successful digital presence.

Company values

At ProfileTree, we have strong company core values that represent our brand and guide our work ethic. All positions within ProfileTree embed these values in their work and it’s something that we are very proud to uphold. Our core values include:


  • To be passionate
  • Hard working
  • Bring attention to detail


  • Open communication
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Good with people


  • Strive to be an expert
  • Commitment to deadlines
  • Proactive

As a member of ProfileTree, you will strive to pursue each of these core values in your work and professional interactions.

What we offer

ProfileTree is a company dedicated to ensuring employee satisfaction and job fulfilment. We prioritise our teams wellbeing and ensure that we create a positive and encouraging working environment. For the role of Account Manager we offer:

  • Opportunities for vertical career growth.
  • Opportunities for horizontal development within the company. 
  • Opportunities to develop individuals skills and knowledge. 
  • Regular feedback and check-ins regarding career progress.
  • Blended / hybrid working, with the opportunity to come into the office based in Belfast.
  • Fully remote working if requested. 
  • 30 days’ holiday (5 inclusive bank holidays) 
  • Flexible working hours. 
  • Competitive salary.
  • Employee laptop device.

Further information and reading on the role of Project Manager

For tips on increasing your Profile Manager profile, check out this article on, ‘How to Become a Project Manager?’ As a content marketing agency we produce a range of content to help educate our team and others on the core skills and practices around Project Management.

For further reading on industry trends surrounding Project Management, check out this article that explains what you need to know about Project Management Apps.  

Check out the importance of people management skills in this video!

How to apply for the Project Manager role

If you’re interested in the role of Project Manager and if you meet the essential criteria, we’d love to hear from you. 

Send us a CV and Cover letter explaining why you are the right fit for the position, find other opportunities via our Career Page.

Also check out this article for some tips on creating an attractive and appealing cover letter.

Max. file size: 100 MB.

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