Content Strategy: A Guide to Maintaining Interest

Content Strategy A Comprehensive Guide to Maintaining Interest

Now that you have set up your online marketing plan which aims at attracting views, your next step should be providing content that maintains those viewers. A proper content strategy allows you to build a base of followers which will benefit your business. Having content that caters to your viewer base will provide you with that edge you need to flourish your online presence. Understanding these factors will allow you to adopt a content strategy, otherwise known as a website content strategy or a content marketing strategy. Now let us identify the factors that will ensure the popularity of your content.


Building a Content Strategy

Before you can adapt your content, you need to first identify the nature of the content you create. Every business has a niche that they cater to and you need to identify and understand this niche in order to create a sound content strategy. Embracing your niche allows your business to gain followers at a tremendous rate. Here are some simple steps to identifying your niche.


1- Identify Why You Create Your Content

Clearly knowing your reason for creating content allows you to set clear objectives for your content creators. Whether that be in the form of video, text or images, having a coherent aim will allow for the creation of consistent content that maintains its consumer’s interest. People expect consistent content from each brand and they can often experience unrest when faced with unfamiliar content than what they expect. The nature of your content will vary according to your reason for creating them. Sometimes, you might find it necessary to create informative content to raise awareness. Other times, you will find that your best option is creative content that generates more hits. It is very situational and it is all up to the type of brand you are looking to establish.


2- Find Your Medium

Once you have found a successful formula, you should stick to it. What works in video form might not be so interesting when converted to text and vice versa. Expanding to several mediums might always seem tempting but remember not to spread yourself too thin. Users tend not to transfer very well across mediums and chances are, they already prefer the current medium. We tend to avoid change unless it is absolutely necessary and when that’s the case, make sure that the transfer brings several improvements to its predecessor. You may refer to our list of viable content marketing strategies to figure out your most suitable type of content.


3- Know Your AudienceContent Strategy - Analytics

Having a good knowledge of your target audience allows you to better adapt to their needs. A younger audience might prefer more flashy, technologically advanced content. On the contrary, an older viewer base might opt for simpler, more informative content. Unfortunately, it is impossible to adopt the needs of all focus groups; however, the proper balance must be struck. To better understand your audience, an in depth analysis of your analytics will allow you to identify crucial statistics like your average age group, the majority of your viewer’s gender and their nationalities.


Define Your objectives

Now that you have identified your niche, the next step of your content marketing strategy involves creating objectives that compliment your online marketing plan. A business plan for content marketing should involve all objectives (both new and already accomplished ones) as well as hurdles and obstacles that might face your online entity during its growth. Having the proper documentation for your digital marketing plan will allow you to accurately track your team’s progress. This also allows you to identify any hiccups that may have occurred like certain content that did not appeal to the viewers.


Content Strategy - ResearchDo Your research

A big part of why someone will choose to consume your content over others is that they find it useful. A good content creator should always be up to date with all the latest trends and topics of interest. This allows you to stay relevant in this incredibly fast-paced electronic world. Staying relevant will ensure that rising trends reach you before they are oversaturated with content which ultimately helps in your content “going viral.” Always keep an eye on social media and relevant discussion in order to find what people are regularly discussing. Catering to this trending topic will generate a lot of hits for your brand, exposing potential consumers to your content.

Content Is Key

The field of digital content production is incredibly competitive. Content consumers want original content, so creativity is your friend. The Internet revolves around celebrating originality and that is why you should move away from trying to mimic others. Your best course of action is to choose topics that you are well versed in. Something that you are able to provide a lot of insight into. This is exactly what consumers want, something that is simple to digest yet, they are still able to learn from. Remember that only when you have mastered the topic are you able to explain it simply. Find your own style and embrace it, only then will content consumers recognize your efforts and consistently follow you.

You may find our article about creating content that pleases customers useful.


A Quick Look at the Available Tools

Now you should have identified your audience and started producing viable content. Here are some tools that may help you gain the exposure you need.

1- Search Engine Optimization will allow you to ensure that you rank high on related search results. This is incredibly powerful in attracting new potential consumers.

2- Social Media is another great tool that you will use for various purposes. The first being, monitoring rising trends and topics of interest that you know will attract traffic to your online business. Afterwards, social media may be of use to further the discussion as well as to analyze people’s reaction to your content. A good strategy involved business interaction with their content consumers in order to get feedback. This not only helps the business improve the content but also increases the consumer’s brand loyalty towards you.

3- Content management system is what allows you to create an interconnected hive of content creators that are in complete sync. This allows room for your businesses to expand its content creation team with little effort when it comes to integrating the new members. Staying organized is not only great for efficiency, but it also allows for easier documentation of the whole process which is necessary when you need to evaluate your company before your next big decision.


Cornerstones of Any Content Strategy

For the sake of simplicity, let us recap on the cornerstones of your content strategy.

First, you must identify the nature and purpose of your content. Then, you must decide on the most suitable channel on which you will be delivering your content. Afterwards, you need to observe your target audience and why they consume your content (otherwise known as a niche.) This should all be well documented, your objectives should always be clear to yourself and your employees. Finally, you need to realize that creativity is what gives you an edge in this highly competitive market. Observing trends and doing lots of research will show on your work and your audience will greatly appreciate it. But remember not to lose your identity amongst this storm. Before you can create something that interests the potential consumer, it should at least be interesting to yourself. Consistency and hard work are an essential part of the success of any plan and remember to capitalize on any sudden generated interest as it carries a huge potential for growth.

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