If you ask any successful person about their secret, they will almost always tell you that the key to success is to constantly have a vision. Having a clear understanding of your goals will allow you to efficiently achieve them. This is called positive thinking. It is a well-known fact that what you think you become. This is why you should always maintain a positive mindset that will help motivate you to achieve your dreams. Today, we will be discussing the importance of positive thinking in helping you achieve your dreams since the mind is everything when it comes to turning dreams into reality.

The Power of Positive Thinking in Achieving Success

There are many pessimists that believe that a person can only achieve so much in their life. They choose to believe that your brain has limited resources and that it is simply impossible to achieve everything they desire. Thankfully, this is not the case as, as has been proven several times by many successful individuals. Positive thinking is simply an attitude in which you expect happy endings and the best to occur. It is creating thoughts in your mind that are capable of transforming dreams into reality. The more you adapt your lifestyle towards positive thinking, goal setting, and mapping out your vision, the more likely you are to become a successful person both personally and professionally. In order to convince you of the importance of positive thinking, here are some of the benefits of positive thinking you can expect:
  • Provides you not only with absolute self-confidence but also deliverance from suffering which allows you to focus on becoming successful.
  • Allows you to live a longer and happier life with more friends.
  • Reduced daily stresses, therefore improving your health.
  • Increased ability to manage problems and important decisions providing you with a better quality of life.
Positive thinking stats
Positive thinking and personal wellness are a major industry today, highlighting their importance. Image credit: Global Wellness Institute

What You Think You Become

It is extremely important to apply positive thinking when trying to “become what you think about” However, there are certain steps that need to be taken. First of all, you have to let go of your negative thoughts and the negative thinking patterns that you have been using throughout your life. You should utilize the power of your mind in order to help you achieve your dreams. It is a common belief that thinking positively will lead to better outcomes. Here are some of the steps you should follow in order to turn your thoughts into reality:
  • Use positive words in your vocabulary to persuade yourself (and others) that everything is possible and that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Use words that encourage yourself rather than negative words that imply incompetence or failure.
  • Have a clear vision of the person you want to become or your future achievements which acts as a great motivator for you to think and remain positive.
  • Do not let negative thoughts control your mind when you are in a bad mood.
  • Positive affirmation where you repeat to yourself positive sentences. For example, “you deserve to be successful” or “you deserve the best”.
  • Redirect your thoughts when you have negative emotions like depression or anxiety by holding on to a positive image in your mind which makes you feel better and helps you control those negative feelings.
  • Never deny failure, instead analyze your situation, and forgive yourself for your faults to be able to improve upon yourself for the future.
  • Understand that failure is a minor setback that gives you the unique opportunity to improve yourself.

The Mind is Everything

Naturally, we pay a lot more attention to negative emotions like bitterness and disappointment than we do with positive emotions like happiness and gratitude. Repeated thoughts stimulate certain synapses inside our brain associating those thoughts with other behaviors turning them into habits. For example, if you work in a chocolate factory and you are unhappy at your job, over time the smell of cocoa will be associated with a feeling of depression. That is because your neurons which are stimulated by the smell or taste of chocolate will connect with other neurons which are stimulated by depression. Similarly, you can choose to feel happy. All you have to do is take the decision to feel happy which will require focusing to be able to rewire your brain with the power of positive thinking allowing you to truly utilize the concept of “What you think you become”. This can be fulfilled with the help of the following steps:
  • Meditating to clear the negative thoughts helps you to get rid of the stress and anxiety.
  • Take time to focus on your passion and take care of yourself.
  • Feel grateful for everyone and everything, this will attract better things to be grateful for as like attracts like.
  • Never give up on yourself and be your biggest fan. Tell yourself daily how awesome you are. Keep inspiring and motivating yourself.

Best Books for Positive Thinking

Now that you have chosen to adopt the positive mindset, it is important that you also alter the content you consume to reinforce that idea. This means that you should be watching and reading content that promotes positive thinking. We’ll get you started with some popular content that discusses ideas like ”You are what you think”. These books will not only provide you with a positive perspective of the world, but they will also introduce new ideas that will help you achieve your dreams while also becoming a much better person.

The Secret

This extremely popular self-help book was written by television writer Rhonda Byrne and was later adapted into a movie by the same name. This book discusses the importance of positive thinking. The secret encourages readers to always hold onto positivity which will allow them to achieve anything through the sheer strength of their will. The book has many great ideas for maintaining positivity while also providing you with several examples to help you hold onto hope in those tough times of doubt.
Positive thinking the secret
The Secret is one of the best known books about positive thinking. Image credit: TheSecret.TV

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Another great self-help book that will help you achieve your full potential. This book aims to convince you of a few basic principles that the author considers to be “timeless”. These traits include Independence, continual improvement, and adaptation. More importantly, the book reinforces the idea of mental abundance which implies that there is enough success in the world to share with others. This essentially means that you should be focusing on yourself, trying to be the optimum person you’d like to be instead of looking at others and trying to be better than them. This form of inner peace is extremely important in reaching your fullest potential as it allows you to focus your mental prowess on improving.
Positive thinking 7 habits
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is an international best seller. Image credit: OKDork

The Power of Positive Thinking

This is the ultimate supporter of positive thinking. This book aims to change the way the reader thinks in order to become more constructive and optimistic. The author believes that by consciously being positive, you will achieve higher levels of satisfaction in life. Unlike other books that preach about the power of positive thinking, this book provided the reader with more practical advice that you can use in your everyday life in order to achieve happiness.
The Power of Positive Thinking cover
The Power of Positive Thinking is the book which started it all. Image credit: GoodReads

How to Utilise Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is the secret to living a satisfying, relaxing life. Through the power of positive thinking, you can eliminate stress which not only helps you remain healthy but also allows you to make better decisions by having a clearer mind. Many Life coaches will tell you that “what you think you become” which is quite accurate since you’ll only be able to achieve what seems possible in your head. That is why it is important to work on your mental state because the mind is everything and it will pave the path to your success and satisfaction. We hope that this article has provided you with some insights regarding the power of thinking positively and if you’d like to further improve yourself, check out our article about the art of communication.

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