How to Improve Your Health?

Talking Supplements with Dáithi O’Connor

How to improve your health? Many people need a helping hand to stay as healthy as possible in today’s fast-paced, digital world.

That’s where Dáithi O’Connor’s business Revive Active steps in: with specialist supplements designed for healthier living.

During a ProfileTree interview, designed to explore how we can all feel healthier and fitter during our day-to-day lives, Dáithi explained how supplementation can make a very real difference to modern living.

The Revive Active Founder and Managing Director began by outlining how his childhood  helped him start his journey to creating a successful health product business.

“I’m originally from Sligo, the youngest of six boys, so I got my survival skills early!

“I always worked as kid: I used to go salmon fishing, lobster fishing, pulling pints and things like that, so I’ve always had a work ethic.”

He also explained the ethos followed by Revive Active with the aim of keeping ahead of their competitors.

“Revive Active is both a company and a brand and is also the name of our original product. We’ve always tried to instil trust in the brand, we’ve looked at every product that’s on the market and tried to make products that are better for the consumer and deliver the most amount of benefits to the consumer.

“For us they are number one, the product has to be the best and we pull in whatever expertise we need to formulate the best product.”

To demonstrate how supplementation can make a real difference to a person’s everyday life, Dáithi gave the example of the benefits of taking L-arginine “if you’re in business or you’re exercising or you just want to feel healthier and protect your heart”.

“You simply feel so much better, everything improves.”

He explained that Revive Active had worked hard to make sure their products could be used by as many as people as possible.

“We went to a lot trouble with how we sourced our ingredients to make sure they’d be covered under the Vegan/ Vegetarian stamp. A lot of people are diabetic, or borderline diabetic, so we wanted to make sure we have no processed sugars.

“Quite a lot of people are coeliac, and don’t even know they are coeliac, so there are the restrictions they have on the food they can eat and that’s important too.”

Dáithi experienced pointed out that “in every business the challenges and opportunities come in equal measure”, using Brexit to illustrate this effect.

“We have contract manufacturers in Wales so we’ll be able to supply the UK. We have 50 retailers in London who are very good supporters of ours, people like Selfridges or John Bell & Croyden, and we sell online all over the UK.

“If it happened that there were customs and tariffs we don’t want to be involved with that. So if we can have two identities and service those two markets that’s what we hope to do.”

Revive Active also plan to launch their Zest Active brand in the US, specifically New York and Boston, in July 2019.

To discover more about Revive Active and Dáithi’s work see our full ProfileTree Business Leaders video interview.

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