ProfileTree is a marketplace where you will work and deal with people from your local community and even worldwide. We want to make ProfileTree as safe an environment as possible - it is essential that you use common sense in all your dealings with people when using ProfileTree or in your day to day life online or offline.

In our safety section we outline some common practices and best ways to ensure that the person you are dealing with is a genuine person. These are guidelines that you should not just use when using ProfileTree but in all situations online and offline.

What does ProfileTree do?

While we do not personally verify every member of ProfileTree - which would be impossible to achieve. We do provide you with the tools to help make informed decisions about the service provider you are contacting.

  • We do not operate like classified adverts online or in print. We promote the use of real online identities and profiles to help ensure people are who they claim to be.
  • A real person reviews every new profile that has been added to the website to ensure it is appropriate. We do not verify the details in the profile and profiles are constantly changing - which make it impossible to continue to monitor them.
  • We give service providers an opportunity to add relevant professional qualifications or memberships they have.
  • We show you when the service provider has added a verified email address.
  • We show you when the service provider has their name and address verified by PayPal.
  • We show you when the service provider has verified their account by adding their own social network to the website - such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and more. Every additional network added to a profile adds additional verification to it. To add another check - we suggest that you ask the service provider to see their Linked-in account or contact you via their social network if one is linked to their ProfileTree account. This way you will be able to see a lot more information on them and verify their details further.
  • We allow the service provider to add their own website to the Profile - so do go and check this if available so again you have more verification options.
  • We also suggest you read any reviews that have been written by previous customers, to give an overall idea of the level of service and care offered by this provider.
  • We allow a rating service - so previous customers can rate the service provider - generally a good indication of their work standards and service levels.
  • 'Report a Problem' option - we offer and promote a community alert scheme. If you suspect something is wrong with a profile or have had a bad experience we ask you as a community member to alert us to this fact and we will review your complaint in detail and let you know the outcome.

If a profile has been filled with quality information and has good links to external sites, many recommendations and uploaded media information - then this service provider does indicate that they are more focused on giving all the relevant information and want open and honest communications.

What does ProfileTree not do?

ProfileTree is an online advertising platform - we provide a service for two parties to meet. We do not personally get involved, vouch or verify any online information or profile that has been posted on the platform.

You need to make a best judgement the same way you would when using a telephone directory or newspaper to find a service provider. We do offer you a lot of tools to help verify and make a better judgement on the service provider than would otherwise be possible.

In regards to any service contract entered into - the customer needs to be satisfied that the person providing the service is who they are and can provide the service agreed. The tools provided on the webs platform ProfileTree are in place to help provide a safe environment for customers and service providers to have a long and fruitful relationship.

General Guidelines

We suggest you do not share private information such as your address, email, phone number or any other personal information with anyone in the community unless this is needed to complete a service agreement.

Ensure no one else has access to your account passwords and use a reputable virus protectors on your computer at all times. We will never ask you for your account password.

We require you to only communicate through the ProfileTree web platform so you can record all communications and maintain your safety and privacy.

If paying by credit card - do not give these details to the service professional directly unless you see them processing the payment as an authorised merchant. If you want to pay by credit card we suggest you use the secure environment provided to you by ProfileTree.

Do not carry large amounts of cash with you to pay a service provider - this puts you at greater risk.

We would advise that you do not accept payments by any other means - than that provided by this website. This includes checks or money orders. We cannot support you or get involved if there is a problem with a service and a payment method we do not control.

If you arrange for a service provider to call to your house, ask them to bring ID and check this before allowing them to enter your home.

Dishonest people would often offer services at bargain prices to try and secure work - ensure you get multiple quotes. If sometime seems too good to be true - it often is!

If you feel threatened or that someone is making offensive or rude comments through the ProfileTree platform - leave the conversation immediately and inform us through either or

Not allowed on ProfileTree

Under 18 years. While under 18 year old you can use ProfileTree website with a guardian permission - you cannot advertise or post a service for yourself. This is for your own safety.

No Accommodation, Products or Events are allowed to be offered through this platform - We specialise only in Services offered.

No Get Rich Quick Schemes or Offers selling 3rd Party Services - we do not allow these features on the website.

Nothing may be advertised on the website with Sexual Connotations.

What to do if you have a complaint

If you have an experience that would be considered inappropriate or would like to give us some feedback on how we can improve our service - please let us know the details at

Service Contract

A service contract is agreed when you agree a service through the ProfileTree system. This service agreement will contain the key parts of this contract - including price, personal details, suppliers details. Some jobs will require a more complete contract that goes into a lot more detail that allowed in this Platform. The service provider may have their own contract that they would like you to sign, which can often be a positive step as it will set clear guidelines as to what is included and what is not. The following points are what are normally included in a contract. In complicated dealings it is always wise to seek the advice of a solicitor. They will ask you for the terms of the contact and they will perfect the wording and format taking into account local law.

Main Parts of a Simple Service Contract

  • Heading/Title
  • Description of the Service
  • Date
  • Parties Involved - Name and Address
  • Period of the Agreeing - Time
  • Pricing
  • Responsibilities of the Service Provider
  • Responsibilities of the Client
  • Payment Terms
  • Confidentiality
  • Dispute Process
  • Prevailing Laws
  • Signatures / Witnesses

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