Bespoke Website, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing for Independent Gin Distillery


Belfast Artisan Still are a true representation of a regenerating Belfast: an independent local business with foundations built on friendship, fraternity and a passion for gin craft. With a brand new distillery in Belfast, Artisan Still combine the finest local produce with traditional gin botanicals to produce the smoothest of premium gins.

Whilst their expertly-crafted product attracted praise in Belfast and beyond, Belfast Artisan Still struggled with a challenge faced by many modern businesses: establishing a presence in the digital world.

Successful sales and a growing brand were created thanks to word of mouth and a great product. However, without an engaging social presence or a strong website, our client didn’t feel that they were reaching their full potential. Our team quickly identified that a strong website, social media strategy and content plan were crucial to the ongoing success of Belfast Artisan Still.

With challenges recognised and a plan confirmed, ProfileTree were happy to guide our clients’ digital transformation.


ProfileTree guided Artisan Still in plotting their path towards digital transformation. As part of this process, it was identified that a stable, secure and sleekly-designed website was essential in growing our client’s brand. That’s where our UX designers came in: our team of experts created a streamlined, user-friendly and visually appealing website from scratch, reflecting the true character behind the business.

Efforts to grow this brand didn’t stop at web design. Social media is key to the success of any modern business. That’s why our team took over social media management, guiding our client’s path towards increased sales, brand recognition and a formidable social following. This was achieved with new cover imagery, planned advertising campaigns, bar reach-outs and competitions launched across Facebook and Instagram.

Growing a modern business, however, requires efforts both inside and outside of digital. That’s why our gifted design team designed a label that our brand can be proud of: fine lines, intricate colouring and carefully-selected wording have created a label to truly match the product.


  • Digital strategy
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Social media management


  • A strong, user-friendly and visually engaging website, built by a dedicated team of developers and web designers.
  • An enhanced and organically-grown social media following, thanks to engaging content and effective management.
  • Improved sales conversion, brand awareness and digital presence for our client.

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